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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I bought both the CD and LP boxes, but I haven't opened the LP box and probably won't get around to it for a while. Is there any information in the LP box that's not in the CD box? I really have no idea what I'm listening to on CDs 2, 3 and 4 other than bits I can sort of glean from the essays, but even that's not totally clear.
  2. I just received both the CD and LP sets... just in time for me to pay no attention to them as the Mets play their biggest series of the season over the next three days. Let's go, Mets!
  3. And here's the printed set list. "I Got You (At the End of the Century)" and "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" were not played. Now don't you fall "arart"...
  4. I did not attend this show, but here is the set list for the record: Handshake Drugs I Am My Mother Cruel Country I Am Trying to Break Your Heart War on War Via Chicago* Hummingbird Bird without a Tail / Base of My Skull Jesus, etc. Impossible Germany California Stars Falling Apart (Right Now) Heavy Metal Drummer U.S. Blues * No coda I know coldasgasoline was there, and perhaps he'll share his experience, but he's traveling today.
  5. There was someone in the second row in San Diego with a child that couldn't have been older than five. She was wearing protective headphones. Apparently, they worked because she was sound asleep before the main set was over.
  6. They were done at 10:45 p.m., so they could have played "The Late Greats" if the curfew was 11 p.m. I just walked in the door at 1:10 a.m. after a 138-mile drive. Four hours to get to San Diego; just over two hours to get back. Typical.
  7. Looks like at least half of the tickets in the A-F sections are still unsold as of 2 p.m. day of show.
  8. I'll be there. Section AAA, Row 6-- all the way Patside. As of yesterday, someone had the seats right next to mine up for resale at $745.00 plus fees, each. (My ticket cost $92.75.) If anything, they should be discounting the tickets for having to sit next to me...
  9. But what's the excuse for not having the full-scale CD version out? Are there capacity or supply-chain issues with CD production? They were able to manufacture the "white label" version. I'm such a sucker that I paid for that and will pay again whenever the full CD version with artwork comes out. Even worse, I pre-ordered Eddie Vedder's "Earthling" Deluxe CD and LP last November. I'm still waiting for a release date, even though the "non-Deluxe" CD was in stores many months ago (with artwork, but no lyrics).
  10. Like you, I am a physical-media person. The only way I could even listen to streaming music or MP3s is on my desktop computer, and I am generally not sitting at my desk. When I got the email with the link to download the album that was sent to Solid Sound subscribers, I downloaded it as .wav files and then burned it onto a CD. 77 minutes just barely fits on one CD. I will still buy the CD (and vinyl) whenever they come out, but the burned CD will bridge the gap until then. I also put the album's lyrics into a Word document. If that would be useful to anyone, it's attached. Th
  11. If you want a top 10 hit, you'll have to go even sexier than Buble'. The best he's ever done is No. 20.
  12. And here's the scan!
  13. I like the song "You Never Know" (and love the album on which it appears), but for someone who had read Billboard since the early 1980s and who first saw Wilco in 1995, I was so excited when this happened so many years after the beginning of both relationships that I cut out that entire chart and saved it for posterity. Alas, if Wilco had another Triple-A chart-topper today (which could happen), I wouldn't even be able to do that because they don't publish the chart in the magazine anymore. They don't even publish the whole Hot 100 in the magazine. The magazine is not even worth reading any
  14. A "hit," without more qualification, is a broadly popular song-- one that reaches a wide audience that goes beyond a specific, narrow genre audience. The songs you see listed on Billboard's Wilco artist profile do not meet this definition. Wilco had a number one song ("You Never Know") on the Triple-A (Adult Album Alternative) chart, but that is such a niche genre that the number of streams/spins/downloads necessary to be number one on it doesn't amount to a drop in the much larger ocean of music consumption. Put it this way: the Hot 100 is an all-genre chart. Any song in any ge
  15. There are still plenty of hits. It's just that not everything that's in the top 40 or even top 10 is a "hit" in the conventional sense of the word. But there is no shortage of hits.
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