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  1. Thanks. For what it's worth, I thought I heard the new lyric as, "Is your heart higher than your mind?" Since I was standing in line outside Largo all day yesterday and not privy to any news, I actually first learned of the death of O.J. Simpson from the crowd interaction described here. Speaking of death and Wilco, I came across an item the other day that I've been meaning to post on the board so I'll mention it here. From the July 1996 Music Issue of Details, in an article about the death of the great Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon, who died on the band's tour bus: "The body stayed
  2. Like I said, "mostly" moved on. Having witnessed the ironclad "Mother"/"Country" early-set bloc about ten times in October, I'm keenly aware that this is primarily how they are choosing to represent that outstanding, sprawling double-album (with the occasional tailless bird and "Falling Apart" sprinkled in). I'm just glad I got to see "The Empty Condor" at Solid Sound because that one may never appear again. (And, really, how could I die in peace without witnessing that syllable-stretching opus?) Of the four one-play wonders from Cruel Country, I feel like "Tonight's the Day" has a
  3. I really find it works best on paper.
  4. I know my opinion is an outlier among a fan base that is content to hear Yankee Hotel Foxtrot ad infinitum, but I would be disappointed in these sets if I were at these shows. Cousin isn't even six months old, and they're down to two songs from it at the March 7 and March 8 shows. Wilco seems to be moving on from it almost as fast as they mostly moved on from Cruel Country.
  5. Thanks. The good thing about this is that the shows are spread out, and two of them are in my city, so it's much less of an undertaking than it would be if I were going from city to city. I don't really like to be away from home and this allows me to keep coming home. I'll be in Vancouver for three days at the beginning, in Vegas for three days in the middle and in Seattle for three days at the end, but the other shows will each be less than 24-hour commitments. I've been to Seattle a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I actually saw Pearl Jam there in 2009 when Backspacer came
  6. Talk about blowing the concert budget: I put in for ten Pearl Jam shows in the fan-club lottery, and I won all ten of them. Ten shows, six cities, two countries, 27 days-- that's how I'll be spending the month of May.
  7. As evidenced by the fact that I've been refreshing the Ten Club message board every ten minutes for the last six weeks...
  8. I had no idea it was coming until Sunday night, but Taylor Swift is definitely on my list (and at least a few other million people's lists).
  9. Pretty fantastic performance by Carey Mulligan, too.
  10. Such a gem. I wish this were the Mermaid tune that was the staple of the live set rather than "California Stars."
  11. I guess this is technically violative of the topic, but Monday night I sent out my annual ten best list prior to the Oscar nominations announcement the next morning. Here it is, if anyone is interested: Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow morning, which means it’s time me to share the list of my ten favorite films of 2023. Of course, only films released in theaters during the 2023 calendar year were eligible for inclusion on this list (and all were actually seen in theaters during 2023). For whatever reason, there is going to be more overlap between my list and the Oscar n
  12. Taylor Swift Whitney Houston Shirley Manson Nina Persson Bjork Sade (the singer, although I also love the band; many people don't realize that Sade is a band named for its singer, not a solo act) Annie Lennox Annie Clark (St. Vincent) I also love every single I've heard by Dua Lipa but don't own anything by her.
  13. Seconded. They really impressed me opening the Port Chester shows.
  14. I had the same reaction, at least with respect to the first part of your post. Regarding the second part, I'm sure bbop has little incentive to be in another video as long as the residual checks are still pouring in from "Everyone Hides."
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