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  1. If you want a top 10 hit, you'll have to go even sexier than Buble'. The best he's ever done is No. 20.
  2. I like the song "You Never Know" (and love the album on which it appears), but for someone who had read Billboard since the early 1980s and who first saw Wilco in 1995, I was so excited when this happened so many years after the beginning of both relationships that I cut out that entire chart and saved it for posterity. Alas, if Wilco had another Triple-A chart-topper today (which could happen), I wouldn't even be able to do that because they don't publish the chart in the magazine anymore. They don't even publish the whole Hot 100 in the magazine. The magazine is not even worth reading any
  3. A "hit," without more qualification, is a broadly popular song-- one that reaches a wide audience that goes beyond a specific, narrow genre audience. The songs you see listed on Billboard's Wilco artist profile do not meet this definition. Wilco had a number one song ("You Never Know") on the Triple-A (Adult Album Alternative) chart, but that is such a niche genre that the number of streams/spins/downloads necessary to be number one on it doesn't amount to a drop in the much larger ocean of music consumption. Put it this way: the Hot 100 is an all-genre chart. Any song in any ge
  4. There are still plenty of hits. It's just that not everything that's in the top 40 or even top 10 is a "hit" in the conventional sense of the word. But there is no shortage of hits.
  5. What do you mean? The Billboard Hot 100 hasn't gone anywhere. It's formula is broken, but it's still attempting to rank the most popular songs every week. There are actually more charts than ever, as there are now Spotify charts, Apple Music charts, and a slew of genre-specific Billboard charts that didn't used to exist. Hits are still hits. Pop music is what's popular, regardless of genre. Rock music-- at least, new rock music-- is not particularly popular these days. But the pendulum could swing back. Harry Styles' first album ("Sign of the Times") was a classic rock album
  6. When "Touch of Grey" came out, there were other songs similar to it in terms of tempo and instrumentation in the top 40. There is nothing at all like Wilco's recent output in the top 40. They would never get played on top 40 radio-- certainly not with the frequency necessary to climb the Hot 100-- and they would never amass the kind of streaming numbers necessary to get near the top of the chart. In all seriousness, the best chance Wilco has to have a "hit" on the Hot 100 would be for us to recruit 300 people to each buy 1,000 downloads of a Wilco song in the same week. Because
  7. The vocals on "I Am My Mother" sound like Bob Dylan.
  8. Thanks for the reassurance!
  9. Should I be concerned that I have not yet received my tickets for SSF, which I purchased on March 17? It says they'll be emailed closer to the show date, but we're now T-minus 11 days. Have any of you received your tickets yet?
  10. Yes, I assumed it will be available for streaming immediately upon release, but I don't have a streaming subscription. There are multiple reasons for this, but one of them is that I don't have a convenient way to listen to streaming music. I would have to sit at my desk and listen to it on my desktop computer. I completely understand that not having an MP3 player and not having a streaming subscription are choices I made and that I could choose differently. I'm not faulting the band for their approach to the release. I was just noting that, for the outliers like me, the news of
  11. Anybody else hear echoes of "Natural Disaster" in this new song? Maybe it's just the way it's sung.
  12. I agree. I will already be paying twice for the CD and the LP whenever they're available. For someone like me, who doesn't have an MP3 player (and I realize I'm an outlier), the fact that this album won't be available in physical form until some date to be determined puts a big damper on this news. I guess I will hear these songs at Solid Sound and then not again for a while.
  13. I don't think you could get a CD done with artwork on that time frame.
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