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  1. This was in Boston? Where did they play?
  2. I'm not looking for any artist to make the same kind of music they did thirty years ago, but I could point to Pearl Jam as a bunch of guys in their 50s and 60s who just released a pretty fantastic album that stands up with anything else they've done. The album has gotten strong reviews from critics and even spawned two number one songs at rock radio, which no Pearl Jam album before had done. Even Pearl Jam fans seem to really like it, which is saying something since a lot of them seem to only want to relive 1992-98. I actually think there are a number of aging rock bands that are still making
  3. For those who are unaware, or who are not Starship Casual subscribers, a first draft of "Ice Cream" was shared on the Substack page way back in October 2021: https://jefftweedy.substack.com/p/ice-cream-1st-draft (Also attached below as mp3 for those who cannot access the Substack page.) Ice Cream (1st draft).mp3
  4. Cool. I've always enjoyed them.
  5. Do you know how many people follow them on Facebook/are in the Facebook group/whatever the proper phrasing is? (I'm not on Facebook.)
  6. Neither of these things mean anything to me. The "limited edition" thing is artificial-- before too long, they're going to release it in a more widely available edition that will have the same songs sounding exactly the same. And I don't really care what color it is. It's a gimmick. Obviously, other people feel differently and that's why they jack up the price.
  7. It's funny how, in a sample size of just four or five posters, we run the gamut of opinions on the relative merits of Wilco's last several releases.
  8. I'm paying extra to do their work for them? I really got fleeced then, since I didn't bother with the customization. Then again, I didn't pay thirty dollars. I paid an unknowable price as part of the FotF package.
  9. I really love both Cruel Country and Cousin, especially compared to Schmilco and Ode to Joy, and my understanding is that the former albums were both products of collaboration more so than the latter two (former/latter referring to my preceding sentence, not the release dates of the albums), so I'm not sure I get the pre- and post-Star Wars demarcation. I actually think Star Wars-Schmilco-Ode to Joy is the low point of the band's catalog, regardless of how those albums came together. If I were ranking the albums, those would probably be Nos. 11, 12 and 13, with a big gap between whatever No. 1
  10. To each their own: I think "A Bowl and a Pudding" is the second-best track on Cousin, behind "Sunlight Ends," and I rank both at the high end of Wilco's catalog. "Sunlight Ends" might be one of my five favorite Wilco songs, and "A Bowl and a Pudding" might be in the top 20 or 25. I was about to push back against the "since way back when" comment by bringing up Jar of Flies or Broken, just to name two outstanding EPs of recent vintage off the top of my head, only to realize that both of these are at least thirty years old and thus both qualify as "way back when." This made me feel r
  11. Customizing the sleeve is a feature? I wish I had realized that. I left mine blank since waiting in line to do arts-and-crafts seemed like not the best use of my time. Thirty bucks for a 17-minute EP in a plain brown sleeve is a ridiculous price, regardless of the "limited" nature of the pressing or the color of the vinyl. I'm not sure why white vinyl is something I'm supposed to covet. It makes the dark streaks that were on the record when I pulled it out of the sleeve really stand out.
  12. I watched Man in the Sand the other day for the first time in probably over 20 years, and I was also listening to some of the outtakes on the Being There box, and one of the things that struck me is how much the timbre-- "is it timbre or is it 'tambre'?"-- of Jeff's voice has changed. It was so deep both when he spoke and when he sang in those days. Think of "I Thought I Held You" or "Dash 7" (tape manipulation on the latter notwithstanding). (It was also funny to watch the documentary and see skinny Jeff and chubby John.) Does anyone else hear "Paperback Writer" in the riff for "H
  13. Before the storm abruptly ended things on Sunday, Pat said during the Autumn Defense's set that they were working on a new album, and they played two songs that should be on it, but he did not suggest that it is done.
  14. The poster was the same as the one on sale at the merch booth, as far as I could tell, but it was signed by all six Wilcos. There was apparently a pop-up performance by Nels in the lounge on Saturday afternoon, but I missed it even though it was mentioned in the email they sent us. I think that if I had known where the lounge was on Friday-- by the time I went looking for it, it was closed-- and if I had gone there when the evacuation order was issued on Sunday-- when I asked if I could go there, I was told by someone from MassMOCA (incorrectly, apparently) that I had to either lea
  15. Mine has some dark streaks on it, but it plays fine. The record vendors at Solid Sound really took advantage of their exclusive with that $30-plus-tax price point for a six-song, 17-minute EP in a plain brown sleeve. Wilcoworld is selling it for $20. I got it as part of my Friend of the Festival package, so depending on how you account for the value of the other items that came as part of it, I arguably paid about $150 for it. I think the premium for a FotF package over a regular three-day pass was $200, but the only other thing in the package that I definitely would have purchased
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