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  1. I took a quick stab at this. Im positive its incorrect, but it "works". And I have no idea if the chord names are correct. Any and all corrections are welcome. I really like this song Whisper Jeff Tweedy w Spencer Tweedy Starship Casual demo 090222 E 022100 A 002220 G#m 466444 F# 244322 B 224442 We’re gonna love each other There’s nothing that you can do We’re gonna march in the streets And kiss every cop And lick every open wound I’m gonna sing to your broken children Punch it right into your
  2. Anyone start chords chart for Many Worlds yet? Many Worlds When I look at the sky I think of all the stars that have died Many worlds collide None like yours and mine No, not like yours and mine And I always cry When I look at the sky No, not like yours and mine Not like yours and mine And I always cry When I look at the sky I know I’m not the only one Alive I know I’m not the only one Looking up at the sky None like yours and mine No, not like yours and mine Not like yours and mine
  3. Golden Smog - Listen Joe Capo: 3 (Gary home video version) riff 1 e|---------| B|------0--| G|------2--| D|------1--| A|--0-1-2--| E|---------| riff 2 e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------| D|-------------| A|-------------| E|--0-2-3------| Em 022000 C x032010 G 320033 B7no5 x2120x D x00232 Cmaj7 x32000 Am x02210 Am7/G 302210 D/F# 20023x E C Em I touched your face, you were still warm C Em I took my place beside your form C
  4. This is how I try to play it... Its the acoustic version. Which may be different than the full band version fingering. Tuning: Drop D D 000232 Em 222000 Gm x5533x G x20033 riff 1 e|--2-----------2--| B|--3-3-3-3-3-3-3--| G|--2-2-0-0-0-0-2--| D|--0-x-x-0-0-0-0--| A|--0-4-2-4-2-0-0--| E|--0-----------0--| From: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/jeff-tweedy/a-shot-in-the-arm-chords-1746880
  5. Wilco - Hints (Working Title) G B5 Do you remember when we would forget G B5 When we were I guess, an empty continent G C/G We stretched our necks to hear below the decks G Em C/G And our fear was never real enough so we would just project G C/G G C/G There is no middle when other side would rather kill than compromise
  6. Anyone have any new updates for LisK tabs/chords. I am not good at figuring chords out.
  7. Admin notation: Sorry, but we can't allow the posting of videos of Jeff and/or Wilco. I've had to remove this video link. From VC's Rules and Regulations: Wilco has a long-standing policy against the videotaping of their shows, and out of respect for this policy, the posting of such videos on Via Chicago is not allowed. This also applies to solo Jeff Tweedy shows. VC Rules & Regulations
  8. Cant figer the the "flare up chord, Help? Sometime's It Happens - Brian Patten [G]Sometimes it happens [Am]that you are friends And then you are [G]not friends [Am]When friendship has passed [bm]Whole days are lost And a [Am]fountain [D]empties itself into the [G]grass Sometimes it happens [Am]that you're in love And then you are you're not thought off When love is past Whole days are lost And among them a [D]fountain [Em]empties itself... into the [D]grass [F#]Sometimes you want to [G*]speak to her and then [Fsus4]You do not [C#m]want to speak [D]And then the opportunity has [Em]pa
  9. You Are Not Alone - Mavis Staples (Jeff Tweedy) You're not alone, I'm with you, I'm goin' there too What's that song, can't be sung... by two? A broken home, a broken heart Isolated and afraid Open up this is a raid I wanna get it through to you You're not alone You're not alone, every night, I stand in your place Every tear, on every face, tastes the same A broken dream, a broken heart Isolated and afraid Open up this is a raid I'm gonna get it through to you You're not alone An open hand, an open heart There's no need to be afraid Open up this is a raid I wanna get it through
  10. Co-written by JB. No more info. BMI list of Jay Bennet credits and co-writes
  11. Can anyone help with the chords to "Broken Heart", lyrics and link posted below. Ok I "think" I have figured this out. If anyone can improve, please post reply. Thanks Broken Heart - Skip Spence (Wilco w Feist) Broken Heart - Skip Spence (Wilco w Feist) Dm7 = 000231 Cmaj9 = 020010 A [C]broken heart would be lovely [F]Broken on the [C]ground A knife stuck in the ribs of me Would [Dm7]be better be [F]found [C]Hanging tree blowing gently A [F]noose would be ig[C]nored Then to [C]stand [Cmaj9]upon the re[Am]ceiving [G]end Of the [F]right hand [G]of the [C]Lord [G]Like a thirsty [D]c
  12. Below is from the sadly, long-gone altcountrytab.com. Oh i miss that site. (http://web.archive.org/web/20030424062457/altcountrytab.com/golden_smog/gs-v.htm) I've got two versions of this... basically the same chords. The first is my own attempt, the second is another version I've found. The interpretation of the lyrics is a bit different. Not sure which is correct, as I'm English I find the American accents a little difficult. But I've listened again and I still think my lyrics are quite close... anyway make up your own mind chords by Warren Owen ( wozza@altcountrytab.com ) A lyrical am
  13. Looking for someone with an extra for tonights show in DE. Please feel free to e-mail me.. britt.boas@comcast.net
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