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  1. Update: Just saw footage of "Forget the Flowers." Some extremely kind soul posted a bulk of the show on Youtube. Wow, don't want to sound like sacrilege, but I think Pat plays it better than Nels. Have to get him out from behind the piano on that one from now on!
  2. I watched those videos this morning too. Is it weird that it felt a little exhilarating? I mean, like you said, no one is longing to remove Nels' virtuosity from this band, but there was something novel yet nostalgic about seeing this more "fragile" stripped back lineup.
  3. Just curious, given your style preferences and expectations, why you rank the new one ahead of Star Wars in the post-Whole Love era. That one certainly has more energy and spunk.
  4. *And by deconstructed I don't just mean "noise" or "weird." I mean a song where a more complex or dynamic arrangement, where Jeff's acoustic strumming doesn't take up quite as much room. I like the bulk of Cruel Country, but I understand the "same-y" complaint from some people, because most of these songs don't sound vastly advanced from Jeff sitting on the couch with his acoustic, except there is some beautiful but soft ambient accompaniment.
  5. I agree the collective process is still there, and the collaboration makes this significantly different than a Jeff Tweedy solo album, even with the more subtle approach. I like both straightforward and deconstructed Jeff Tweedy songs — the straightforward ones are beautiful. I just feel like we've been getting a lot less of the deconstructed ones now, and those are the bold and adventurous sonic statements and deviations that would balance the ledger a little.
  6. It's definitely an arrangement and a mix thing. In addition to the songs' dependency on the vocals, as you mentioned, I notice how all these songs are built so tightly around Jeff's acoustic rhythm guitar (arrangement). Jeff's acoustic strumming is also much more prominent relative to the rest of the band's playing (mix). Their playing is there, very tasteful, but it's subtle and less up front. Jeff's rhythm guitar has always been there in the past, of course. It's just that it wasn't as ever-present as it is these days.
  7. I've read a handful of reviews, and the one that captures the album the best to me, context and all, is this one from Stereogum: https://www.stereogum.com/2187467/wilco-cruel-country/reviews/premature-evaluation/
  8. Wow, I just played that track based on your comments. Beautiful! It really shows how talented Pat is. Hopefully he gets a chance to shine like this somewhere on Cruel Country.
  9. Just heard the new one, and I have the opposite reaction! I liked "Falling Apart" OK, but "Tired of Taking it Out on You" is just exquisite.
  10. I haven't seen all the new songs Jeff has debuted on the Tweedy Show, etc., but there was one that really impressed me a while back called "Sunlight's End." I really thought that would be a great Wilco track, but it doesn't appear to be on the list for CC. For all the dedicated Tweedy Show followers, anyone think there's a chance that one's on here under a different name?
  11. Me too! The fact that they all got together to record at the same time is a big factor for me. And The Whole Love is my favorite "modern" Wilco album, so if your read is right, that only adds to the excitement. Can't wait for the official announcement for all this!
  12. I have two amazing seats for tonight’s show. Second row dead center in the orchestra. Asking $300 for the pair, which is under face + fees, but am open to offers. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the detailed recaps @bböp. Always a pleasure to read these and pore over the details. My head has already exploded from the intersection of my two favorite bands, Spoon and Wilco, in watching the video of Britt singing "Kamera." Here's hoping that performance of "Sunloathe" was taped!! I'd love to see that.
  14. It really was. The whole show was great, and it was cool to see the different spins on Wilco songs, but I was really blown away by how beautiful Roseanne Cash's speech was.
  15. Count me in as one of those appreciative readers of yours, Paul. Always a pleasure! Sub "White Sox" for "Packers," and this perfectly describes me as well!
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