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  1. Wow, he finally played "I'll Never Know"! I've been hoping to hear that song forever. I will have to check it out when it makes its way to YouTube.
  2. Thanks Freedy and u2roolz for the track analysis. Really interesting to see what did and didn't make it, based on what Jeff has been playing on the Tweedy Show. One random thing that struck me today: I really liked the song "Cold Water Falling," which Jeff described as a work in progress on the show, and was a little disappointed it didn't make it on the album. But I happened to listen to Tweedy's "Showbiz Kids" soundtrack on Spotify today, and one of the songs/fragments on there sounds a lot like the music to "Cold Water Falling." It's track 7, called "Burbank, California." Anyone else pick up on that?
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't be as jazzed for a Wilco album recorded separately with them never being together. I'm sure they could do it, and it would probably sound good. But I'd rather they just wait and record together for a better energy, inspiration and direction. The quarantine makes no difference at all for a Tweedy record though.
  4. It looks like Wilcoworld is hinting at something with their tweet this morning: My guess/hope is a Tweedy solo album announcement.
  5. That sounds promising! Thanks as always for the recaps.
  6. Ha, I thought the same thing. I was surprised to see his name in the opening credits, and it made me listen intently throughout. Most of the time, I was wishing the interviewees would just shut up so I could hear the music! But yeah, I wondered if I could have guessed, or at least become curious, because the guitar was noticeably Tweedy-ish. The giveaway would have been when he played a few seconds of "Quiet Amplifier" about two-thirds of the way through.
  7. I was listening to the deluxe reissue of Being There yesterday, and it occurred to me that any of the bonus songs included on there, none of which have ever been played live to my knowledge, would be cool to hear: Late Blooming Son Dynamite My Soul Losing Interest Sun's a Star Better When I'm Gone Any of those would be interesting, but my vote would be for "Losing Interest" or "Sun's a Star."
  8. How crazy is that?! And of course it sounded amazing. Plus he segued into "In a Future Age" and a bit of "Pot Kettle Black," possibly my two favorite solo acoustic songs. Must be something about that tuning! I continue to be knocked out by the subtleties and nuances he performs on all these songs.
  9. Put me down for that one too. Along with: Chinese Apple I'll Never Know Leave Me Like You Found Me
  10. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for posting all these recaps. I don't get to watch a lot of these, but it is great just to read about it even when I can't tune in. Much appreciated!
  11. I wonder what happened to this. I had been waiting all season for a Tweedy appearance on Curb, but the after last Sunday's finale, the season is over with zero Tweedy (there were a lot of other celeb cameos though). Maybe he filmed something that got cut? Maybe plans fell through? Oh well, it was a pretty good season in any case!
  12. On the one hand, I can imagine Wilco coming out with another album this year. On the other hand, Jeff has pretty much put out one album per year since 2014...
  13. As cool as it would be to get another Wilco album this year, I hadn't considered it remotely possible. Please tell me you know something I don't!
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