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  1. Thanks for the detailed recaps @bböp. Always a pleasure to read these and pore over the details. My head has already exploded from the intersection of my two favorite bands, Spoon and Wilco, in watching the video of Britt singing "Kamera." Here's hoping that performance of "Sunloathe" was taped!! I'd love to see that.
  2. It really was. The whole show was great, and it was cool to see the different spins on Wilco songs, but I was really blown away by how beautiful Roseanne Cash's speech was.
  3. Count me in as one of those appreciative readers of yours, Paul. Always a pleasure! Sub "White Sox" for "Packers," and this perfectly describes me as well!
  4. I have to believe that Tweedy's anti-Grohl thing is more of a shtick now, right? I can't see him really disliking the guy at this point.
  5. Thanks for picking up with the recaps @u2roolz! I watched part of this today and was blown away by "Moonlight Mile." Just fantastic!
  6. Anybody know this new one they've been playing? Seriously though, can we talk about this song for a second? For all of eternity, I always thought the chords were a straight D-G-Gm throughout. But when I went to look it up for a refresher the other day, that middle G chord has come into question. Some tabs claim it's an Em, which sounds strange to me, but darned if it doesn't look like that's what Jeff plays in some videos (like this one). Could it just look like an Em because he's in drop D and thus not playing the low E string for that chord? Or is he playing something completely dif
  7. Thank you! Those descriptions sound great — I hope we get to hear these soon.
  8. So, has anyone heard these two new Wilco studio tracks yet? It's strange there's been literally no reviews of the songs themselves! I wonder how fleshed out "Half Life" is from the acoustic Tweedy Show version. And seemingly nothing at all is known about "I Can't." I'm hoping, at the very least, these songs make their way to streaming or something soon.
  9. Popping in as a dedicated @bböp reader to say thank you yet again for the wonderful reviews throughout the tour. I thought I was going to sit this show out until I was lucky enough to have tickets come my way at the last moment (even though the torrential downpour in the afternoon knocked power out at my house and I left my wife and kid at home to deal with it while I gallivanted into the city to see a concert ) . Fantastic show by the band. I loved the high-energy approach. When last seen at the Chicago Theatre, they were opening shows with Bright Leaves -> Before U
  10. More than a few! I always look forward to these too. Thanks Paul!
  11. The 1-2 punch of "Shot in the Arm" and "Random Name Generator" really give the shows a different vibe than opening with "Bright Leaves" and "Before Us"! Both ways are good, but this approach feels fresh right now IMO.
  12. This is how I feel as well! I bet there is some interesting AGIB stuff lying around. Those songs went through so many transformations from when they were debuted on the road to when the studio versions came out 2-3 years later. Alternate versions of "Spiders" and "Muzzle of Bees" would be particularly interesting, but who knows if studio recordings of those exist or not.
  13. Ha, no rush man. I didn't mean to put you on the spot, I was just joking around. Your tabs are always great and appreciated though! Thank you!
  14. Has anyone put together some chords/tabs for the new Tweedy album? @chisoxjtrain, I'm looking in your direction! I'd love to take strum at "Natural Disaster," "Gwendolyn" and "A Robin or a Wren," among others. "Guess Again" is up at ultimate-guitar.com, but it's cooler to have the tabs at VC!
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