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  1. I tried! When I saw how this was all going to line up, I concocted a trip to New Orleans for the wife and me. My wife is not a music fan (Wilco or Spoon anyway) but does love New Orleans, so I actually go her on board. Oysters, Cafe Du Monde, she was even willing to go to the Spoon shows... until we found out she had an important work event she couldn't miss. Soo close!
  2. Agree these songs are just made for this format! Sounds super crisp and perfect.
  3. Ah! Well this sounds incredibly cool, but there is just no way I could make it to Carol's in time for what is sure to already be a long line.
  4. Well, day of and still no word. @Chez, heads your house, tails mine? 😆
  5. You are literally living my dream.
  6. If neither your deck nor the Hideout work out, I just redid my patio with a 10'x12' gazebo and am happy to make that available for an intimate Wilco stage. Fire pit reserved for White Sox grumblings and laments!
  7. Still no more info on this, ay? I guess we don't know this is actually a show. It could be some kind of promotion or Cruel Country physical release party/kick off event or an announcement. But with the last show of the year tomorrow, it would be strange for Chicago to get no concerts on the CC tour.
  8. Very intrigued to see what this is! The Riv and the Vic appear to be available that night...
  9. I'm wondering the same thing, but for the Amazon super deluxe CD version.
  10. Ah, that makes sense. (I couldn't picture John calling in to complain about the White Sox refusal to fire Tony La Russa or something! ) I know Spiegs is a big Wilco fan — I actually met him at a Wilco concert at the Riv years ago and talked to him about it.
  11. Ha, really? You’re going to have to explain the context for that one!
  12. I agree with all this. Jeff doesn't need or want any artistic or songwriting direction. Jeff's going to come in with the songs and a general direction, period. But the sound could be developed a bit. Dave Fridmann is a name that intrigues me because he's worked with Spoon, including on They Want My Soul, and I love the sound he gets. As for The Whole Love, it does feel taken for granted in a way. They certainly haven't returned to the meticulousness of that album ever since.
  13. You're right, Tom Schick is not responsible for the artistic direction like a producer or Jeff/Wilco themselves are, so he shouldn't be saddled with criticism really. It's not his task. I would definitely be interested in a bit more of a baroque direction, compared to the barebones approach they've taken recently. I can't see them bringing in a "name" outside producer like Lanois or T-Bone Burnett though. Just handing some of those duties and details back to Pat would be nice. He did such a great job on The Whole Love.
  14. I've been thinking about this lately. On the one hand, Wilco has never really had a true outside producer. O'Rourke would be the closest thing to that. And they don't need direction or anything. On the other hand, I do think Jeff needs someone to challenge him on some of his ideas or at least play devil's advocate with him, to objectively tell him to reconsider some of his first-blush choices (lyrics, vocals, arrangements). Tom Schick is a talented guy, but Jeff would benefit from a shaking things up sound-wise a bit, even if that means a more labor-intensive project.
  15. I wonder if part of the reasoning for releasing Cruel Country so quickly was to allow for another new album relatively soon. Something else this year seems unlikely, but maybe something spring 2023? Even though we don't really know much about this other album aside from Jeff saying it's a "sculpted art pop" with "alien song forms," I'm really looking forward to it.
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