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  1. I'll stick up for XRT a little on this one. While of course they do tend to gravitate toward the older, best-known songs, they gave both "Evicted" and "Meant to Be" very good runs of pretty much daily (if not twice-daily) plays when they were released. They also sprinkle in cuts like "What Light" and "Love is Everywhere" enough to keep us honest.
  2. Amazing night top to bottom! Really wish I could make it back tonight. It was a rocking setlist, and the band was hitting on all cylinders. "Can't Stand It" and "Levee" were very pleasant surprises to me! And it can't be overstated how mind-blowing "Bird Without a Tail" is. Oh, and I was standing right next to the guy Jeff jokingly accused of asking women to flash him for a photo, and I can vouch that the guy definitely did not say that!
  3. Agree that was a great interview — thanks for sharing! Nels is really eloquent and insightful, and I loved hearing his thoughts about specific songs (writing, recording, attempting to reproduce live, etc.) I wonder what the one deep cut is he wouldn't mention that Jeff specifically doesn't want to play!
  4. I saw the thread title "Jeff Tweedy walks..." and thought this was an update on his hip surgery recovery.
  5. One more I had been hoping for was announced today — Faye Webster on March 1. Wilco tie-in here: She had been playing a new song on her most recent tour with the working title "Wilco Type Beat." Very catch song, like a cross of "Jesus, Etc." and "Impossible Germany." I really hope it's on here.
  6. I liked Five Easy Hot Dogs! But yes, here's hoping for something more conventional* this year. (*conventional for Mac is still wacky!)
  7. I agree 2023 ended up being a pretty good year! Here were some of my favorites: 1. Yo La Tengo - This Stupid World 2. Ratboys - The Window 3. Wilco - Cousin 4. Woods - Perennial 5. Indigo De Souza - All of This Will End 6. Beach Fossils - Bunny 7. Deer Tick - Emotional Contracts 8. Hiss Golden Messenger - Jump For Joy 9. Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You 10. Slowdive - Everything is Alive 11. Cut Worms - Cut Worms 12. Jess Williamson - Time Ain't Accidental 13. Margo Price - Strays 14. Buck Meek - Hau
  8. DiamondClaw


    Yeah, if there's any record the band has been touring since it came out, it's the Kicking Television live album. 20 years later, and those songs are the ones that still stick in the set, along with the Being There encore songs. How many songs from the current lineup's studio output have really stuck? "Impossible Germany," obviously. Otherwise, nothing as permanent. Still, outside of a few truly deep and forgotten cuts, anything is possible during a multi-night stand.
  9. Via some long rabbit hole, I randomly came across this old No Depression article about the short-lived non-Tweedy Wilco side project in the '90s: Wilco – Common Courtesy I remember hearing the name "Courtesy Move" once or twice back in the day, but it's been a really long time. Does anyone recall anything else about this project? Did it ever amount to anything? Any recordings (probably released) out there?
  10. Total sidetrack but, this is why I am puzzled why bands want to go out on tour immediately after releasing a new album. I always thought it would be better to let an album get out there for a bit, settle in and have fans make some connections to the songs. Maybe play a few late night shows, promote the new material a bit, whatever. Then, a few months later, start the tour with the new stuff feeling more familiar. Probably doesn't work with the business and/or logistics sides of things I'd guess. And of course you're never going to make connections comparable to classic, nostalgic, emotional re
  11. Wow, first “Sunlight Ends” and then “Levee” debut on back-to-back nights. Probably my two favorites from the album. Hope they stick! Thanks for great reviews @Brian F.
  12. So, one week in and I am really liking this album! I can't remember liking one right off the bat like this in some time. Usually it takes a while for the growers to seep their way in. CLB really got the elaborate, rich soundscapes I've been missing the past few albums. Overall, maybe not quite as adventurous as it was hyped to be, and not as many up-tempo toe-tappers, but Cousin hits the spot for me so far. Favorites at the moment, probably "Levee" and "Sunlight Ends." Can't wait to see how everything holds up over time.
  13. Only 10 tracks total on the album — maybe they're trying to not reveal too much and maximize the wow factor?
  14. Could've been more. I mean, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Golden Smog, Loose Fur, The Minus 5, Tweedy and Jeff Tweedy are all technically separate names, right?? Seriously though, nice list. I remember a few years ago there was some kind of challenge like this to put together a representative six-song list. Talk about hard choices! I remember thinking too hard and coming up with a definitive six tracks. Would have to come up with 14 more for this.
  15. Don't know if these are official, but track lengths are listed here 1. Infinite Surprise 5:43 2. Ten Dead 3:55 3. Levee 4:11 4. Evicted 3:30 5. Sunlight Ends 3:53 6. A Bowl and a Pudding 4:03 7. Cousin 4:11 8. Pittsburgh 5:14 9. Soldier Child 4:17 10. Meant to Be 3:55 Total length: 42:52 I like that they let these songs stretch out a bit more. At 3:30, "Evicted" is the shortest song on the album.
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