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  1. Excited to see that the daily lineup has been posted! I'm hoping Neko Case will do a pop-up in one of the galleries. This'll be our 4th SS -- any advice on staying informed about pop-ups? IIRC, last time the app offered real-time notifications. And maybe some VCers will share intel on this board? Counting down!
  2. I'm a regular booster for Japanese Breakfast on this board, and Jubilee is one of my favorite albums of the past couple years. Michelle Zauner has talked about the influence of SummerTeeth in particular on the sound of that record and on her life -- she walked down the aisle to She's a Jar of all songs. Jeff covered the song Kokomo, IN on a Tweedy Show ep. Here's the original: While it's hard to isolate a highlight or two from an album I love from start to finish, Be Sweet offers a rollicking bass line and a funky counterpoint to the more contemplative sound of Kok
  3. I was lucky to catch JB's tour opener last summer in Silver Spring and have been so eager to see them again. They give an electrifying, generous, inspiring performance. And based on the Wilco-JB mutual admiration, and Michelle's appearance with Wilco at their ACL celebration, it seems likely that they'll share the stage for a song or two at some point over the weekend, if schedules allow. I love Solid Sound's reliable mixture of bands I know and love and ones that I'm encountering for the first time. I wonder what fresh spin they'll put on the Friday night show? Though just to have
  4. Woohoo, hopeful hunch confirmed! Thanks for the scoop, @dagwave! Excited to see Michelle Z and company bring their magic to Joe's Field. And Bonnie "Prince" Billy, too! I've seen him 3 times and each time has been captivating. And Sun Ra Arkestra! The whole lineup looks stellar. Counting down!
  5. Just saw that Japanese Breakfast is playing Boston Calling on Sunday, May 19th, which keeps my posted hope alive that they will be playing Solid Sound earlier that weekend (they have another New England date before SS). Solid Sound's social media account has been teasing the lineup announcement with their alumni posts, so we must be getting close. Also possible that I missed an announcement of the announcement, or an announcement of the announcement of the announcement. Not that there's a contractual or logistical reason for this, but I wonder if they're waiting for SBS to wrap be
  6. Michelle Zauner! Japanese Breakfast was the first show I saw when shows started happening again, and Jubilee has been in heavy rotation this year. Knowing about the mutual admiration between Wilco and JB -- Jeff covering Kokomo, Indiana on the Tweedy Show, Michelle saying she walked down the aisle to She's a Jar, of all songs -- this is such a lovely and fitting meeting of the minds. I'm pulling for a Japanese Breakfast set at Solid Sound '22. One can dream!
  7. That's awesome. Now I'm picturing Pat doing his windmill move while holding a bowling ball.
  8. Relieved to hear for all who attended that Wilco were able to 86 the bowling during the show. My last pre-pandemic show was the Jayhawks at Brooklyn Bowl in BK and the show was punctuated by the clatter of pins and rolling balls and the exclamations of bowlers. You can make the menu fancy and the food pricey and decorate it with all the reclaimed midway carnival clowns you want, but there's no way to disguise the fact that you're watching a band in a bowling alley when ACTUAL BOWLING is going on. In NYC, which fortunately has no lack of similarly-sized venues, I'd only venture to see another s
  9. Sunken Treasure! And How to Fight Loneliness! It took me a few dozen shows to finally hear this one live (at Radio City on the pre-pandemic East Coast OTJ run). So I'm always happy to see it pop up again. Must've made for a lovely, wistful one-two punch with ST. Thanks for the report, Paul!
  10. Thank you, sir! After last Friday's solo show I was feeling particularly wistful about the unusually long gap since I've seen the full band (I had to miss August's show in NYC because I was out of town). But it's like the message board kids say, or should say: A Report from Paul: The Next Best Thing to Being There. I wonder if it's somewhat strange for Jeff -- in addition to the obvious surreal nature of resuming a tour leg sixteen months later -- to have played a pair of solo shows for 500 or so people on one coast, then play a larger concert hall with the full band on the opposit
  11. Thanks for the stellar (as always) reportage, Paul. And welcome back to your old stomping grounds. It was a lovely night in a space that's clearly been designed with careful attention to the audience and performer experience. One of the selling points for artists is the private apartment upstairs that they get to bunk in, which to me brought an extra dimension to Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You. Although I guess technically he was staying there, and the audience was not, so the dimension is a bit forced. As Paul said, Jeff's guitar work was in terrific, sprightly form. After
  12. Thanks for the excellent report, bböp! My wife and I had tickets to this show but had to pass them along after the postponement. We were very sad to miss it, tough weather and all, so your dispatch eases the sting a bit. I've found Forest Hills to be a lovely summer venue with surprisingly good sound (as opposed to Merriweather Post, where I've always found the sound to be lackluster, despite my nostalgic attachment to the place as a native Marylander). Here's hoping for clearer skies ahead.
  13. I love Bruce Cockburn -- Bruce Cockburn Live was on heavy rotation in my dad's house when I was a kid -- but somehow missed that he did a Christmas album. Will check it out! After just a few days, this one has already become one of my kids' favorites. Thank you!
  14. Thanks, everyone! On the jazz side of things I also love An Oscar Peterson Christmas and Kenny Burrell's Have Yourself a Soulful Christmas. And another recent favorite to add: Khruangbin's dreamy, funk-inflected cover of Guaraldi's Christmas Time is Here.
  15. Happy holidays, VCers! I'm on the hunt for some fresh holiday music, looking specifically for things that are slightly off the snow-tromped path. What are some of your favorites? To stoke the fire I'll offer a few favorites of my own: the album Quality Street by Nick Lowe and the song The Week Between by Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick. Recordings of past Aimee Mann Christmas shows are also a staple in our house this time of year -- they are funny and freewheeling and loopy. Her cover of the Snow Miser/Heat Miser song is great fun, and Calling on Mary has a kind of mournful, searching b
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