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  1. Going to the Metro show on Monday but was wondering if anyone has a +1 for the XRT pop up show starting at 4. Tried both days, listened to a real radio, and still struck out. I’ll be at Metro early Monday anyways so why not try to see two Wilco sets in the same day! I’ll buy you a beer if that entices the offer! Let me know and thanks so much in advance!!
  2. He just let me know he was able to sell it on AXS. I am sorry. I will cancel it. 

  3. I have been traveling and am in Nashville. I can put you in touch with my pal who has it. My # is 414-223-4843. 

  4. Let me know if you have a pair for tonight! Thanks in advance!
  5. Besides the 7" and the nightly poster, how's the merch looking for these shows? Definitely going to be heading to the Foxtrot pop up to snag some goodies.
  6. How much and where are the tickets located?
  7. Looking for a pair of seats to the show on 8/28 in Chicago! My birthday is 8/20 and my girlfriend would love to buy me a pair so her and I can go. PM me if you have anything available! Thanks so much in advance!
  8. Couldn't agree more. Really thought there was going to be a shakeup in the set but alas, it was the same outside of these two great songs.
  9. Not sure if you guys feel the same way, but I thought last night's show was the best out of the three so far! The row behind me had their talkers, but it wasn't as annoying as the previous nights. Two rows ahead of me, some guy literally passed out. Probably drank too much or maybe just can't handle three nights of Winterlude, but he literally was asleep for more than half of the show. The band sounded super locked in and I just overall had a really great night! Can't wait to see what's in store for the final one tonight!
  10. Great meeting you and sitting next to you yesterday, man! Sorry if I seemed kind of out of it, the three shows on top of not getting much sleep over the past few nights will do that. I promise the next time our paths cross, I'll be more upbeat! I definitely agree with you in a lot of what you've brought up here. Nothing compares to seeing this band in a smaller setting. Those Riv and smaller residency shows (even though we froze waiting outside for doors) were so much better than these last two at the Chicago Theatre. Not that they haven't been great, the band still brings it every night and i
  11. Have tics to the first night, but now really want to go to night 3 or 4 as well because of SVE.
  12. Was able to snag 4R, Row EE, Seat 406 for night 1. Probably will play the secondary market game or see if something decent pops up for night 4 closer to the show.
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