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  1. First time hearing the “new” songs live. Drove back to Milwaukee after the show, playing the disc at near max level, and my buddy and I would look at each other and just shake our heads in amazement. Fabulous night.
  2. Why are you so short on long term goals?
  3. I hope we did not get “... from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo.”
  4. Taken from a Milwaukee independent newspaper: https://urbanmilwaukee.com/2020/07/29/sieger-on-songs-woody-guthrie-meets-wilco-and-billy-bragg/
  5. Been awhile since a Jayhawks post was added. Anyone pick up XOXO? The three cuts I have heard so far are solid.
  6. Scroll down and the director addresses Jeff and Spencer: https://www.bnd.com/news/local/article243464696.html
  7. I am glad someone else has it as their favorite. I always played it when I was a kid. Never thought I would hear it Live...until the went out and toured Quad again. Since then, I have heard it a few more times and always sang as if I were back as In my teen years: “Why do I have to move with a crowd of kids who hardly notice I am around. I work myself to death, just to fit in.” Great lyric, Pete.
  8. The Who - Cut My Hair The Beatles - It’s All Too Much Wilco - Feed the Man
  9. This would make a great closing song of a concert. Everyone sings and affirms each other. Better yet, make it the first song of the first show. Then close it with a repeat performance. I know I can use a little cathartic release . . .
  10. If you have yet to catch the Freddie Mercury show from 1992, you have until tonight (May 17). They will stop streaming it. The Bowie/Annie Lennox version of “Under Pressure” is terrific. https://youtu.be/PN7oGo6qlMA
  11. Not sure where to park this one, but the Radiohead Public Library is a fantastic site. You can easily lose yourself, sifting through the collection. Jonny is curating today and he posted this beautiful video of Present Tense (you may have to scroll down to the third entry). Even more impressive is the Leinenkugel T-shirt. https://www.radiohead.com/library/curatedby/jonny/#amsp/present-tense-jonny-thom-and-a-cr78
  12. Another nugget: go the Chicago Athletic Association and head to the second floor.The lobby is pretty cool (The Drawing Room), but you want to hit the Gameroom. They have football, pool, darts, indoor bocce. Dad can get adult beverages. Best to do it during the day. Bonus points for taking them up to Cindy’s (top floor) for photos of the city.
  13. Check out the Museum of Broadcast Communications. They currently have an exhibit on Rock and Television: https://museum.tv
  14. bcdoc

    Winterlude 2019

    I snagged a T-shirt and the Civic Opera poster from 2011.
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