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  1. Unsure as to how many were there from the board, but it was a pretty good showing in terms of attendance. The movie really is a nice tribute to Jay. You get the impression that he was dealing with some issues, including substance use. He clearly made a lot of close connections. Good band footage. Ken Coomer, JP, and Ed Burch get a lot of air time. No one from the band, including Tony M are interviewed nor is Jay’s ex-wife. If anything, miscommunication and poor editing of the I Am Trying to Break Your Heart doc was a factor in the dismissal. I wonder if they just were able to sit down and clea
  2. I was at the Friday night show. It was great.
  3. Many thanks - I remember when there was a member number attached when you signed up. I think I was #141.
  4. I know Jeff played a few bars of the theme song on one of the Tweedy Show episodes, but we were watching the series and sure enough, Jeff sings the opening in this episode. Apologies if this a repeat…
  5. It is now a little after 8 AM, and I just got back from the beer line. What did I miss? Truthfully, agree with everything you said. Miss the spontaneity in their set list. Then again, loved the Doors/“The End” like vibe to Heavy Metal Drummer. I have been to nearly 50 + shows over the years, but this time I got way more goosebumps than in the previous ten shows or so. Part of it is missing live music; the other is reflecting on times when I first heard those songs and taking it all in at that particular moment. Good fun and well worth the wait.
  6. I just saw this thread - I completely agree with your sentiments. His band rocked and is often underrated compared to the other bands of the era. I was very fortunate to have seen them several times (pre-shlock), and I would always leave with a huge smile. I may have to toss on Tumbleweed this morning.
  7. First time hearing the “new” songs live. Drove back to Milwaukee after the show, playing the disc at near max level, and my buddy and I would look at each other and just shake our heads in amazement. Fabulous night.
  8. Why are you so short on long term goals?
  9. I hope we did not get “... from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo.”
  10. Taken from a Milwaukee independent newspaper: https://urbanmilwaukee.com/2020/07/29/sieger-on-songs-woody-guthrie-meets-wilco-and-billy-bragg/
  11. Been awhile since a Jayhawks post was added. Anyone pick up XOXO? The three cuts I have heard so far are solid.
  12. Scroll down and the director addresses Jeff and Spencer: https://www.bnd.com/news/local/article243464696.html
  13. I am glad someone else has it as their favorite. I always played it when I was a kid. Never thought I would hear it Live...until the went out and toured Quad again. Since then, I have heard it a few more times and always sang as if I were back as In my teen years: “Why do I have to move with a crowd of kids who hardly notice I am around. I work myself to death, just to fit in.” Great lyric, Pete.
  14. The Who - Cut My Hair The Beatles - It’s All Too Much Wilco - Feed the Man
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