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  1. The Jayhawks @ Space in Evanston
  2. bcdoc

    The Who

    Just came across this. I do love Pete’s voice. It’s always a great complement to the songs. His section in songs such as Naked Eye, Bargain, and Baba O’Riley, and his Who songs ( I’m One, Eminence, However Much I Booze) solo albums are some of my favorites.
  3. A Wilco t-shirt appears in the opening episode of the latest installment of True Detective.
  4. They freaking played all of Z tonight…in reverse order!
  5. We were in 211, near the wall. Frankly the views were A+ and the sound amazing. To give you an idea, three days have passed, and my wife and I are still talking about it.
  6. U2, too. Trying not to be hyperbolic, but it was the best show I have ever seen (not concert, but show). Amazing. Go if you can.
  7. Peter Gabriel in Chicago. Scored a great ticket at a great last minute price!
  8. I agree with comment on Evicted. Anyone else hear “Raspberry Beret” in it?
  9. Son Volt at Space in Evanston
  10. They will play it throughout the day, via the Audacy app. It sounded like a Whole Love-era tune.
  11. Great shows. Managed to be up front, too. Jon Langford and Sally Timms from The Mekons joined Eleventh Dream Day.
  12. 12 hours late: Eleventh Dream Day and Superchunk
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