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  1. Not half way through the year and heychicken seems a shoe-in for this year's Via Chicago MVP (in the MWINB* category of course). * Member Who Is Not Bbop
  2. No harm done - no one looks here much any more Nobody here but us chickens, to apply a phrase apt to your username. Hope this is out before August, as I've kind of got into a mindset that I won't see them live again until there is a more upbeat album. Hoping this is it.
  3. Probably https://wilcoworld.net/music/cousin/ following the pattern for other albums on the website. The difficult 13th album . . .
  4. Ta Radio King Reminders me of the first JT solo shows I got to hear via traded CDs back in the day, when they were quite rare. It was all about songs like that, and Gun, etc.
  5. Jojo Rabbit The Stones and Brian Jones Half way through each. The first is different to say the least, and pretty funny. The second is in contrast to the set of Stones bio-flicks last year that practically ignored Brian and Bill. Bill talks and seems to be involved in this one.
  6. Hit the nail right on the Ed, to continue today's theme. Ta to Bbop as per contractual obligation. Now back to bed.
  7. Ta. Yes indeed. I can remember back before the internets when Athens Georgia was a far off mystical place only associated with R.E.M. album covers, but now you, in the words of Steve Forbert, make it all so real. EDIT: Which to me, after listening to it on YouTube for the first time in a very long time, has the repeated riff feel of One Sunday Morning. Mildly interesting.
  8. Ta for the brief summary, and it was a welcome interruption, but now must get back to my dwindling.
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