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  1. "All hands on neck!" shouted Capo Jack Sparrow. etc.
  2. Twin/Tone CD arrived to day. Ta!
  3. https://program.expochicago.com/performance-solo-sets-by-jeff-tweedy-glenn-kotche-and-nels-cline/?fbclid=IwAR3QfpF8ehLB0eFAgMGU5Sjf0j5nBatQI_OO4sXqijsNZUO0Y7PmYqL2mro
  4. That's great - thanks! "Scholarly too much and not playing music enough" - love it. And I will check out that Twin/Tone link with you as my Plan B
  5. Found one of my reviews from way back when people wrote reviews other than Wilco reviews. I miss seeing Ms Yvon around the place. Wonder what happened to that Doris Day and bacon aficionado. She too enjoyed partaking of the JoJo magic.
  6. I LOVE Jonathan Richman. Few people in this world make me smile just at the mention of their name. And the next minute he can have me welling up. Rockin' and Romance is one of my favourite albums, even though I don't own it anymore. I can still sing it to myself.
  7. The Whole Love - a lot of which I (rightly or wrongly) attribute to Pat's input to the production. Some of the other albums seem a bit muffled to my ears (so kill me).
  8. The Terror. Nicely atmospheric and I like the cool blue and blue/black colour palette
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/tvandradioblog/2015/aug/10/david-nobbs-reginald-perrin-drama-sitcom Some good soul has put them on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS7VWQfelyM&list=PLm-XJrnsc1Gq81E1kDjfB9cvALgEIbg9l
  10. The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin - Series 1 A very welcome reshowing on Auntie Beeb of the iconic late 70s surreal comedy starring Leonard Rossiter. The series that spawned the most quotable lines for schoolboys in the period between Monty Python and The Fast Show. ("I didn't get where I am today ...", "Great/Super", "Cock up on the ... front", etc.) Even stranger to me now that I live amongst some of the locations when at the time it was all off in that far off land of London commuter belt, not to mention now being of an age to appreciate a mid life crisis (Have never imagined my mother in law as a hippo though).
  11. Leaked? What with all that beer . . .
  12. Really not what I was expecting - I had you down for some kind of blue yodel. I must have you all wrong!
  13. Amazing Grace - film of the Aretha Franklin gospel concert.
  14. Finally, a pay-per-view idea that I could really get behind.
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