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  1. Ta That mariachi band looks the business. I love a mariachi band. Probably would have enjoyed that more than Wilco these days.
  2. My favourite (with a u) reporter since this guy:- (Sydney radio - the late Warwick Rankin live to air from a fire at the Firestone Tyre Factory) https://www.andrewhost.com/audio/radio/bloopers-2sm-03-firestone-tyre-factory.mp3 Safe journey home!
  3. People love Christmas But I am ambivalent New Year though: bollocks!
  4. Truly loved that guy, especially as a kid. Then loved a lot of his music too. No one rocked a bobble hat like Mike. RIP.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhyipsMVesA Pat sings the Beatles and demonstrates his musical versatility by mastering the bog roll. The Whole Love is probably my fav Wilco album - I like to think because Pat co-produced and gave it a fantastic bright but not over-polished sound full of aural interest - just like a good Beatles album.
  6. Nice to hear. I have looked for the snippets Disney have been releasing (and they looked brilliant) but did not commit to a subscription. May buy on DVD or something if there is a simple 4 DVD option without a ton of extras and packaging to bump up the cost. Suppose basically I am just so happy that a more positive vibe has been attached to that period after the downer of the original film.
  7. I remember when someone was trolling about plagiarism of lyrics from some (fictional?) poet and JT posted (under srmt) to defend himself. I always think that FB is about me, whereas VC is (perhaps unfortunately more like was?) about we.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to dig, and thanks to Narziss of course for all his efforts. Some of those names brought back memories. I think Stardog was always trying to spoof people with weird opinions. That was quite funny. I remember the Happy Busman and his recipes fondly. Wonder what happened to him? And if there's one constant apart from Kidsmoke, it's good ol' AnalogMan. Happy birthday us! P.S. In case anyone wonders at my user name, here is the explanation
  9. And number 2 on the list maybe but not scary so perhaps disqualified. But anyway. . .
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