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  1. Amazing Grace - film of the Aretha Franklin gospel concert.
  2. Finally, a pay-per-view idea that I could really get behind.
  3. The Serpent. Slowish scene setting couple of first episodes, but tension soon builds.
  4. The Hill My favourite Sean Connery film, or tied with The Man Who Would Be King. Don't think I've see it since I was a kid, when it had a big impact on me. Nice camera work. Paul McCartney at the Cavern Club Spiral Last ever series of the flic-nor starts tonight. Edit: Still so good. Auntie Beeb has all previous series on iPlayer now. May have to go through them all again if lockdown continues.
  5. Have you got a reservation?
  6. Enjoyed that sneak peek. I remember the days when someone taking a photo/cinefilm was infrequent enough to be an 'event' so people goofed around for the photo.
  7. And I can here JT's response in kind:- . . . And I-I-I will always be the man who loves you-oo-oo, always
  8. Heard about this via work, but the link seems to work for external viewing too. Hosted by Nile Rogers. A mixed bunch, but featuring Florence Welch @ 18 min Roger Dalton & Paul Weller @ 49 min Robert Plant @ 55 min Neil Young @ 58 min (Sugar Mountain) James Dean Bradfield @ 1 hour 4 min Simple Minds @ 1 hour 9 min Freya Ridings @ 1 hour 33 min Rod Stewart @ 1 hour 50 min and a couple of Chic songs of course https://www.lsegissuerservices.com/spark/stars-come-out-to-sing-nordoff-robbins-music-therapy P.S. Donate if you can.
  9. A suitable word could be: precis ?
  10. Maybe can appropriate the Welsh word 'hiraeth' which sort of sums up similar feelings.
  11. LOL I can just hear our Graham doing the voice over and Cilla wishing you a lorra lorra love.
  12. Diolch yn fawr. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM4mIlYKG9s
  13. What's the Welsh connection? (The flag - I am Welsh). Wales v England tomorrow and the omens are not good.
  14. No, thank you, or should I say, ta.
  15. Emmylou Maria McKee Poly Styrene Aimee Mann Eddi Reader Cerys Matthews My wife knows about Emmylou, but don't tell her about the rest.
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