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  1. That was a pleasant surprise this morning. SBS has crept up on me without me really being aware - suppose as someone who's never going to go that happens. So on autopilot out of habit just checked by and saw it. Ta.
  2. Indeed. And to think that F.O.N.Y. is getting cancelled now as snowflakes say it is offensive. Feckin eejits.
  3. Careful - 2 commas in the thread title. 'Someone' may be getting mad :-)
  4. Like it. More for the lyrics after it was found on a cassette labelled ‘for Paul’ rahther than its inherent greatness, but glad that it is out there and better than I was expecting after hearing the original demo (if what was on the internet can be trusted). My real favourite part is the quintessential Beatleness of 1min 08 sec. You will know what I mean. P.S. And thank God no Jeff 'Chugga-crash' Lynne after those poor 90's efforts.
  5. You must be a bit cream-crackered yourself? Hope you have a rest too and get a fresh jotter and the lead back in your pencil, so to speak.
  6. You've pretty much got me down to a tee there matey. And it would be proper telly not streaming even for that, as Welsh TV would always show it. Old school rules. Ta.
  7. I think what they are doing with that live experience is incredible, but the new Atomic City (or whatever it is called) single sounds to me like the most phoned in piece of tat I've heard in a while.
  8. You cannot exclude the other possibility Sherlock - that he did wet his pants and decided not to do it again. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth", and "the truth is out there". Ta
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