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  1. LOL. The first coupdl eo series were good. Have you tried Friday Night Dinner? https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/may/26/farewell-friday-night-dinner-the-joyous-jewish-sitcom-that-became-a-national-treasure
  2. 50 years ago today. Still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Best part is the lack of celebration on scoring. That's class for you. Barbars v All Blacks 1973
  3. Finally got a broadcast that coincided with my timezone. Nice radio voice and interesting choices (apart from the Peaches thing that I had never heard of). Good work.
  4. There's a repeat on Thursday that works out at about 11am I think for me, so will try for that (work allowing).
  5. Haven't heard it but just the idea that it happened makes me happy, so ta for that.
  6. Just giving you something to work with now you're in the entertainment business - recollections may vary. Hope you've prepared some appropriate jingles. 'Don't touch that dial' - as they used to say when dials were a thing.
  7. ! ! ! ! ! ! Don't forget your scuffle at Le Bataclan. P.S. Please ensure this is recorded and available for posterity and those who will not be awake at that sort of time. Ta.
  8. Your Ta basket has now completed checkout. A delivery date will be provided as soon as packing has completed at our depot (pronounced depot not deeeepot).
  9. Your incomplete Ta transaction has timed out. Please log out and recommence the payment request..
  10. But not me, since I am not just anyone. Partial ta deposit. Rest on full delivery of report..
  11. Half way through El Cid. Interrupted by pleasant sofa snoozes. Will finish next weekend. On a more gritty note: third and final series of Happy Valley.
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