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  1. Good to have them back. I mean Bbop's epistles, not that poxy band.
  2. Sammy can be the new Gladys Pugh
  3. To be honest I have had enough of acoustic guitar. arrangements at the moment. I need something loud, upbeat/popish and exciting.
  4. Ta. (Though I haven't sent you an email for a download and am not sure I will, I salute your effort for the community)
  5. Glenn Richards says yes (he had a solo album recently too but I prefer the full band). You got the last one Bootikins? Really like "I Hurtle Back to a Conservative Locker" from that one too.
  6. Just a few minutes ago had my Earth Day 1990 t-shirt in my hands. A friend sent it to me from the US - I had never heard of Earth Day then. It was still seeing good service until about 18 months ago when there were a few too many holes. It's now in pieces as a general purpose garage rag/paint brush cleaning cloth P.S. That is not me or my actual t-shirt, but same design.
  7. Augie March e.g. from the last one, just poignant & gorgeous:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6iTNv0p-Do
  8. "All hands on neck!" shouted Capo Jack Sparrow. etc.
  9. Twin/Tone CD arrived to day. Ta!
  10. https://program.expochicago.com/performance-solo-sets-by-jeff-tweedy-glenn-kotche-and-nels-cline/?fbclid=IwAR3QfpF8ehLB0eFAgMGU5Sjf0j5nBatQI_OO4sXqijsNZUO0Y7PmYqL2mro
  11. That's great - thanks! "Scholarly too much and not playing music enough" - love it. And I will check out that Twin/Tone link with you as my Plan B
  12. Found one of my reviews from way back when people wrote reviews other than Wilco reviews. I miss seeing Ms Yvon around the place. Wonder what happened to that Doris Day and bacon aficionado. She too enjoyed partaking of the JoJo magic.
  13. I LOVE Jonathan Richman. Few people in this world make me smile just at the mention of their name. And the next minute he can have me welling up. Rockin' and Romance is one of my favourite albums, even though I don't own it anymore. I can still sing it to myself.
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