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  1. Paul is right. missing one of these 3 shows in melbourne would definately make you kick yourself, cause you're bound to miss out something special. some of the songs played on the 3rd nighjt, even Jeff admitted that they haven't played in ages. i think there were 11 new tunes from the night before and i think it's a total of 44 different ones that they played over the three nights. I'm always in love was an unexpected highlight that the aced through i cant decide if the 2nd or 3rd nights were the best shows, but it really finished on a high. both band and audience really looked l
  2. There'll be a full report soon, but there quite a few (11, i think) songs that werent done on the first two shows.
  3. Personally, i think the 2nd was better than the first. its only a matter of opinion, but i think the setlist was better on the 2nd night. it did feel like it went longer, but its was actually a couple of minutes shorter! i had a sore back, so i was sort of hoping they would skip Spiders for that night. the floor was vibrating during that on the first night! . oh and with the wave to sing along, he said it was an open invitation to sing , NOT to come up on stage "We dont want you up here!" Let's what they have in store tonight for the final one. the venue does have an 11
  4. Great show as Paul said. Its true that they increased the standing room to 2000. They last played there in 2010. The banter was great, and asking "is that Froggie here" and especially the quip about played in the capital and sorting them out! He took a pop at me as well, squinting and asking "is that Froggie there? . Nice to meet some new people there, including our Chief, Paul! Jeff also was amused by the staff there that were handing out water to the people near the front in between every song. he kept on stalling until they finished handing out the water and told us
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if there's a simple way of capturing the video stream of the chicago webcast?. I captured the audio, but can the video stream be saved as well?
  6. it made #60 down in australia
  7. i've seen them at the Forum before - no harm in doing it again!
  8. There's a bootleg dvd of that show, is that the one where jeff wearing white tracksuit?
  9. it was a better show than thursday night. it was more relaxed and comfy, instead the feeling that we were having a party in a bungalow and jeff was singing. jeff repeated some of the jokes from the night before. the audience was less rowdy but there was a funny part between songs where some girl decided to have a conversation with him, to the point where most in the audience groaned and you could hear a "oh, shups" from the crowd. jefff palyed along with her and i think she said he is uneducated! another person that i couldnt really maker out and he responded with a confused saying, saying "wh
  10. thanks!. cant wait for Melbourne! (or Jeff pronounces it 'Mel-born')
  11. froggie


    i wonder how much of it he'll play in Australia this week, (considering we're not supposed to hear it). i prefer it over Warm with its country-ish feel. we miss you Jeff!
  12. Perfect - i'd love to do the same with him since he knows me, but not enough guts!
  13. managed to get into the 2nd melbourne one. i've been there before an will see ed kuepper there soon!
  14. there better one. i was bang on 10am and got row H... what did you get?
  15. still here occasionally... getting to buy tickets!
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