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  1. it was a better show than thursday night. it was more relaxed and comfy, instead the feeling that we were having a party in a bungalow and jeff was singing. jeff repeated some of the jokes from the night before. the audience was less rowdy but there was a funny part between songs where some girl decided to have a conversation with him, to the point where most in the audience groaned and you could hear a "oh, shups" from the crowd. jefff palyed along with her and i think she said he is uneducated! another person that i couldnt really maker out and he responded with a confused saying, saying "where did that come from?" to shut her up, he said "SHHHH!, we can all gert together after the show" i yelled out for Airline a few times and he responded by saying there's 2 types of wilco fan - those part of a group and the ones that wait for to fall silent then have their go to set the road straight (or something like that). that was after the 3rd time i called out for Airline!. there was a jab about Warmer where he asked if we've heard it in a sarcastic way cause there was only a few copies of it pressed. one classsic quote was that he said during the night before he could hear people eating and drinking and a baby crying and assumed that we were eating babies asking for a singalong, someone yelled out for sunken treasure and jeff quickly said nope pit there was no mountain bed, but we got acuff-rose. i'm sure daryl will have more to say ona conspiracy note, we're in the midst of a drought but it rained the last 2 nights - while he was playing and the forecast for tomorrow is 'evening' showers!. today's show will be general admission, which could give a totally different atmosphere (the last 2 were seated)
  2. thanks!. cant wait for Melbourne! (or Jeff pronounces it 'Mel-born')
  3. froggie


    i wonder how much of it he'll play in Australia this week, (considering we're not supposed to hear it). i prefer it over Warm with its country-ish feel. we miss you Jeff!
  4. Perfect - i'd love to do the same with him since he knows me, but not enough guts!
  5. managed to get into the 2nd melbourne one. i've been there before an will see ed kuepper there soon!
  6. there better one. i was bang on 10am and got row H... what did you get?
  7. still here occasionally... getting to buy tickets!
  8. Airline to Heaven or Mountain Bed - cant decide!
  9. if you want to some live wilco, go online 7pm (AEST) and you can listen to parts of the Melbourne gig from 2013... or for aussies, switch your TV to Ch 200 at 7pm to hear it- more reliable. It's the Hamer Hall show from 2013... http://doublej.net.au/.../live-at-the.../wilco-hamer-hall hopefully someone will record it!
  10. here's a longer version of Bob sing to his old buddy.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPJ1PYYZRBQ he can sing tribute songs perfectly, but doent really care about his own
  11. that's probably why he released as a single!. When P&P released Most High as the first single from the Walking into Clarksdale album in 1997, it sounded like something from No Quarter - the rest album is forgettable and dated nowadays (a solo Plant album with a 'guest' guitarist)!
  12. here's robert's new single.. (may queen) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OPKSZyRPFQ
  13. a lot of people think that 'someone' is Jimmy. as for a reunion, Plant has a new solo album coming out next month, so it wont happen. and they title single is called "May Queen".... go figure
  14. it's been 5 years since whole band came down to Australia next year... hint hint!
  15. happy belated birthday from the the frogster downunder! - i'm turning the big 40 next month!
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