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  1. I’ll raise your Rolling Stones with a Rolling Stones in 2 weeks 😜enjoy can’t wait to see them both!! 😎
  2. Ah that’s cool! One of the best pop writers that’s a great experience!
  3. That’s cool, he is such a sentimental favorite of mine. If you can put in a word for me tell him 100% fun will be 30 next year tel him to tour it 😜how do you know him?
  4. Yeah was great! Light show was really cool and they changed up the songs a little from the album which was nice. Was a mostly mellow show wish the volume was louder but it was in an opera house so maybe they were holding back? Still really worth seeing.
  5. Pawpaw Rod.. anyone know him? My favorite new artist of the last 5 years!
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