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  1. Pawpaw Rod.. anyone know him? My favorite new artist of the last 5 years!
  2. Ha ha 😂 yes January Feb are historically slow months for most touring bands. My spring however is pretty light at the moment too!
  3. I really hope Parquet Courts, The Cure, U2 come out with albums. Spoke with Andrew Savage on his solo tour and he said they’re working on something soon!
  4. I hear ya the next day is tougher than it used to be 😕good luck with the health!
  5. Good show but you have to keep in mind it is really about the choreography and dancing. She also gets on very late. She is playing a ton of hits which is unusual for her shows. It was entertaining but I’d say the hits were mostly from her late 80’s mid 90’s which is actually my favorite period of hers. She got on 1030 and played until 1245 🤪. If you get a good price and can get by on a little sleep the next night I say go for it.
  6. They added a very last minute show at noon it went on sale for that evening at TV Eye in Queens! It was 🤩! Sorry didn’t know you were a fan 😫
  7. Beach Fossils Bunny is my number one for the year! So good! also enjoyed Wilco Depeche Mode Blur A Savage Sigur Ros Slowdive
  8. Beach Fossils! New album is so good!!!
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