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  1. Nice 🤓you from Brooklyn? I’m coming from NJ
  2. Ah yes read about that if you go let me know how it was ☺️
  3. Pet Shop Boys and New Order
  4. I’m seeing them next week… enjoy! Tonight Father John Misty W NY Pops
  5. He was from my home town. I saw his last performance ever at my town hall. I’m glad I got to see him once…
  6. Do you still have your eyebrows after the shoot?! I have seen some of their show pics looks intense!! Seeing Smithereens W Marshall Crenshaw and Max Weinberg 10 min from my house for free nice and easy show tonight 😏
  7. Thanks checking out a new club in my home state too so excited! Down in ac for a few days so this will be a nice break ☺️
  8. The Mountain Goats don’t know much about them but I can walk to the show so it is hard to say no ☺️
  9. Taking my 7 year old to see his favorite: Imagine Dragons and Macklemore is opening what a wacky week of shows for me 😅
  10. Rage Against The Machine and Run The Jewels
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