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  1. I heard a few songs on xmu on Sirius I like it enough and only 25 min from my house so I’m giving it a go 😎
  2. Ah at least two of those are Jersey shows shouldn’t be as bad 🙂hope all else is well?!
  3. What do you have lined up? I am grabbing a waxahatche ticket for jersey city oct 9
  4. remphish1


    I’m down in Myrtle Beach now isolating in a beach house it’s not a bad place to be! Mini golf is also a good social distancing activity and the beaches where Im at are fairly vacant.
  5. I got kweller album on vinyl it’s good but so short! Since I was in the first 100 orders I got a signed note in my vinyl which was a nice touch!
  6. That’s a good one. I have been pushing for if that’s alright which I believe was also never played live!
  7. I got to start requesting expecting to fly 🤣 I’ll take it 😜
  8. Very happy he played it! Was my request! I’m batting pretty good on the show! Blue eyed soul and Too Far Apart were also played at my nagging towards the beginning of the run 😜
  9. Just got mine yesterday! Sounds good just put it on!
  10. No sense in lovin Watch Me Fall She don’t have to see you Too Far Apart Hotel Arizona Elt Pot Kettle Black Cold Slope Family Ghost One by One
  11. Awesome! She’s wild for sure had quite a great run of albums with debut, post and homogenic all perfect 10’s just about!
  12. Bjork Tori Amos Aimee Mann Beach House
  13. Ha ha I had a full head of hair too back then 😎. Nice that music can bring all of us here together for so many years!
  14. How did everyone get so old so quick!? Nice to keep up with you over the decades at least virtually! Sorry about your loss. This community has been great to share all aspects of life in general with and it really is a nice community. I had lots of positive encouragement when I lost my job a few years back and it was very touching. Met some great folks over the years here. I am pushing 20 years on here. Was on the board prior to the reboot in 2003. Crazy how much time has went by!
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