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  1. Thanks it was a very nice time!
  2. Thanks!! I have such withdrawal I am way more excited then I would normally be 😎. Bringing my kids too for their second ever concert after the Jayhawks 😏
  3. Finally after my longest live music break since 1995 I am seeing a show. My last one was March 12! Tonight in my home town for free a drive in concert of Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes
  4. Been a big U2 fan since the mid 80’s however I didn’t see them live until pop it blew me away. The songs were so good live. To me it took balls of steel the pivot U2 took from achtung to zooropa and pop. I give them a lot of credit as they could have continued in the pop rock vein.. I respect them for taking this course and I appreciate it!!
  5. and I’m pulling for the Pop one! Laugh if you must but pop is my third fav U2 album
  6. I’m very curious how these shows will impact the solo and full band setlist!
  7. No sense in lovin was so good! Should become a live staple!
  8. It’s great anytime Jeff pulls out an obscure Tupelo song that he hasn’t played in decades
  9. Cool that sounds like a lot of fun! Always great to have a chat with those who have a big influence and impact on you!
  10. Congrats I was waiting to see who the first post covid entry would come from! I was supposed to see Richard Thompson but it got rained out and I couldn’t make the make up date. Don’t think I’ll get another one in this year!
  11. remphish1


    Bought myself a new project x1 turntable
  12. I had the pleasure of seeing Lou twice he was a character. I saw him once at a benefit show and once as a surprise guest at a show and it was one of the wildest cameos I have seen live attached for viewing pleasure. https://youtu.be/wZ95a5csv6k
  13. First one I was dragged to was Tony Bennett in 1986 by my parents! First by choice R.E.M. 1995 MSG
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