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  1. Yeah certainly could have been even worse! Sounds like he should be ok but it will take lots of time.
  2. Not sure if anyone is a fan here or not? Anyway TMBG finally started their tour up two days ago after many tour cancellations from Covid. They have a stacked many month tour because of all the make up dates. After their first show was over John Flansburgh got into a serious car accident and broke many ribs 🙁. I feel so bad for all involved. It’s heartbreaking! https://www.brooklynvegan.com/they-might-be-giants-john-flansburgh-recovering-from-serious-car-accident-june-dates-postponed/
  3. They had a lot of fun and knew way more songs than I thought they would!
  4. Seen him a few times always great just really wanted my kids to see him too!! 😎
  5. First paid concert with the whole family including my two boys 7 and 10… Paul McCartney 😎
  6. Hopefully just rain 🥺
  7. Amazing show! They sounded great with the orchestra! Look for my name on yt you’ll find some videos and do tonight I’m seeing: Sylvan Esso Neko Case Ice Age Some band name Wilco?? Never heard of them but should be good ☺️
  8. Will do! Setlist looks good this run to me!
  9. Afghan Whigs cancelled tonight for being covid positive and now they rescheduled to my wife’s bday so guess I’m not seeing them probably 😕
  10. Nice! I caught them on the 1965 tour first hardly knew them but knew of them and they blew me away! Possibly one of the best live openings ever they played Superstition>Going to Town it was amazing!
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