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  1. Nice I’m 43 but age is just a number! Can’t wait for the show!
  2. I always feel old no matter what show lol! I have seen her maybe 4 times now biggest change in an audience in the shortest time. I saw her in 2018 and show was half sold (mostly 30/40 year olds in attendance) in a small venue. Saw her at radio city last year and was lot of teens. Not sure what changed but I still enjoyed it!
  3. Beck, Phoenix and Weyes Blood
  4. Sigur Ros with an orchestra! 😊
  5. Right on! Enjoy! Let us know what you think!
  6. I was at 5 of them! All but Sunday and the last night. Hope you enjoyed them!?
  7. Perfect outdoor day for late July to see a show 😎
  8. Ahhh sorry to miss ya! Hope to see ya at something this year πŸ˜„
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