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  1. Awesome! Glad you went! When things were looking better in June I attended show at beacon sold out I was one of 5 people wearing a mask 😕!
  2. I agree I met him once albeit in the late 90’s he was super nice and chatted to me and a few other fans for several minutes.
  3. Where is our resident ABBA fan? First new project in 40 years was announced. http://www.abbavoyage.com
  4. Excellent. Glad to see you re back out there, making up for lost time. Are people wearing masks at shows now? No not really. Last night was 5% max tonight should be way more small venue and indoors need vax proof to attend tonight I’ll be wearing mine!
  5. Thanks I’m sweating but it’s all good happy to be back 😅
  6. They’re playing a 20,000 capacity outdoor shed tonight. It’s about 20% sold from what I can tell. I saw squeeze 2 years ago and it was highly enjoyable. I hope you get to see them!
  7. Cramming in those shows while I can Squeeze/Hall and Oates
  8. To quote Axl from the stage I’m old and don’t really get technology but at midnight you can download this song. Was not bad.
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