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  1. Part of the towns shows they put on I believe he lives there now?!
  2. Yeah prices are high but venue is tiny and I hear they are giving almost all the money to the artist so they can get larger acts in a smaller club. Do you like Richard Thompson he is playing Woodbridge High School for free June 23. I got some shows coming up September Ben Folds in Morristown Devo at Radio City things starting to line up 🙂
  3. I was in nyc yesterday for a little and it was electric was a buzz everywhere. I know a few people who caught Bruce on the last run everyone had great stuff to say. So now I just got to wait til the end of august 🙂. I also did buy about 8 other shows last two weeks 😬and on top of that starting to book some trips but it is all good 🙌🏻Money is just paper right 🤓!
  4. I’m all good! Hope to see you at a show soon?! Let me know what other shows you have lined up? Hope you’re well too?
  5. Feel like I won the lottery scored a $75 ticket for Springsteen on Broadway! 🤓
  6. I saw them twice on the Yankee Tour saw the Philadelphia show in Sept 2001 and Pittsburg in April 2002. Was a Senior in college at Penn State no one there knew Wilco but managed to find someone to join me at both shows. Philly I got Jeff’s setlist. It was a odd vibe so close after sept 11. I remember how bare the band sounded which was good as Jeff had to play many of the guitar leads. I am glad and fortunate I have seen the band in almost every line up they had. Seen them every tour but A.M.....
  7. Sweet! In about a month I’ll put something up in this topic! Can’t wait! Enjoy tonight’s show very jealous!
  8. I heard a few songs on xmu on Sirius I like it enough and only 25 min from my house so I’m giving it a go 😎
  9. Ah at least two of those are Jersey shows shouldn’t be as bad 🙂hope all else is well?!
  10. What do you have lined up? I am grabbing a waxahatche ticket for jersey city oct 9
  11. I’m down in Myrtle Beach now isolating in a beach house it’s not a bad place to be! Mini golf is also a good social distancing activity and the beaches where Im at are fairly vacant.
  12. I got kweller album on vinyl it’s good but so short! Since I was in the first 100 orders I got a signed note in my vinyl which was a nice touch!
  13. That’s a good one. I have been pushing for if that’s alright which I believe was also never played live!
  14. I got to start requesting expecting to fly 🤣 I’ll take it 😜
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