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  1. Great recap! He may have told it other times, but he told this story at his solo show in Sydney in 2019, that's maybe where you heard it before, except he used the name Mark! See my recap of that show
  2. I remastered the recording of this show that was put up on Dimeadozen and etree a few days ago, here it is for anyone interested. It sounds really good to me. Link good for 7 days from time of posting https://we.tl/t-RsS5PIcTCQ
  3. I saw the incident with the gentleman falling and hitting his head hard on the concrete, it happened during A Shot In The Arm not after the encore, it just took Jeff a while to notice the commotion. He handled it very well when he did notice. I am happy to say the person's partner posted on the Sky Blue Sky Facebook group that he is doing ok and is going home today. I was really worried it was far more serious as it did not look good. But good news.
  4. The official title of the new song is 'Untitled (Play It On Repeat)' - it's been released on her recent MTV Unplugged release under that title. I thought she was great, but a full band show would have been awesome.
  5. So to address the demand for Warmer on vinyl, they're releasing it only bundled with Warm, with a bonus track exclusive to the vinyl so those who already got Warmer on RSD will want to buy it again. But it's only available online in limited quantities (already sold out), or at Solid Sound. Yeah, that helps address the demand issue. Good luck those attending SS, I'd be lining up at the merch stand as soon as gates open Friday night!
  6. That was a fun thing to write up after every show, hope people enjoyed reading them. If nothing else, it'll serve as a great reminder for me of what was a really special tour. I never imagined we'd ever get to see Jeff on a solo tour in Australia in small venues. It was a rare treat.
  7. The final show of Jeff’s first ever fully solo tour of Australia, and his first time in Adelaide since Wilco played the Big Day Out festival here way back in 2003. The choice of venue is The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, or simply ‘The Gov’ as it is commonly known, one of Adelaide’s best venues for gigs, a large rectangular room that holds around 750 people when in all standing mode, but tonight the show isn’t sold out, so the left half of the venue has tables for people who would prefer to sit. My estimate is around 400-500 people were there. Being a cold wintry Tuesday night probably didn’t he
  8. I'll fill in the back story later, but Jeff's last words to us last night were 'Wish me luck in Adelaide!'
  9. Jeff’s final show of his 3 Victorian shows, and the first all standing GA show of the tour didn’t disappoint one bit. Howler is a small 400 capacity venue in the northern Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, essentially a large rectangular room out the back of a bar. I’ve seen a few shows here before and I really like it, it’s nice and intimate. Having Jeff play in a Melbourne pub is something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime, so I was really looking forward to this one. No Jen Cloher opening tonight, she was otherwise occupied, so instead a singer by the name of Leah Senior opened proceed
  10. A great show in Melbourne on a miserable wintry wet evening (let's go rain anyone?). The first venue of the tour to be an properly all seated theatre (nice to not have to sit on plastic chairs but proper cushioned ones!), the Athenaeum (correct spelling, despite what's listed on Wilco's website and my subject line) is one of Melbourne's oldest buildings, dating back to 1839, and the 1,000 seat theatre itself going back to the 1920's in its current form. It's a great choice of venue for Jeff's show. Melbourne's musicians are out in force tonight, with me spotting Henry Wagons and Batts in atten
  11. I will try and put aside the difficulties I, my partner, my friends, and some others nearby experienced with some very rude inconsiderate talkers, who went out of their way to make our lives a misery for this show, despite our pleas for them to be quiet (in fact that seemed to spur them on to behave worse). I'll instead concentrate on what a special place Meeniyan is and what a special show this was. If I do refer back to these people forgive me, it is still somewhat traumatic for me writing this just under 24 hours later from the show. Meeniyan is a very small town approximately 2 hours eas
  12. Jeff's second show on his Australian tour took him to the Queensland capital of Brisbane. A lovely, fairly intimate all seated venue (700 or so capacity), set on the river in a fairly quiet inner city suburb, i'm pretty sure the venue took its name from the fact it used to a power station once upon a time (guessing, but it definitely had that structure). The show kicked off with the same 3 songs as Sydney, before we got a lovely version of One Sunday Morning, which I was not expecting, and was met with cheers from the crowd (and possibly a 'woo'). We got our first lengthy Jeff chat after
  13. Yes Jen played solo for about 30 minutes. She was on at 8:10pm, Jeff on at 9pm, over by just after 10:30pm.
  14. Phew that was a long write up, trying to live up to bbop's reviews isn't easy but I gave it a go!
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