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  1. First off, Glenn’s shirt needs special recognition. Perhaps enshrinement of some kind. 🤠 As for the show, one of my biggest memories will likely be how chilled out and in tune with the music the crowd around us was. No talkers, no flash photographers, no soon-to-be Tik Tok legends and their 15 second videos. Folks just there listening and appreciating what they were hearing (or at least that they were getting to hear it). I’ve connected quickly to the album but know that others, both hardcore and casual fans, haven’t. So getting to enjoy what will almost certainly be the only cover-to-cover sp
  2. “young phenom”, eh? I’d be happy if just half of that were true. Either half! 🤣
  3. Apologies abound for this recap, as it's been a while since I've gotten on this horse. Thankfully I was at least slightly prepared to put my crude scribe skills to work, as a little birdy told me that bböp might not be in attendance at the show. And, one song into the set I was both reminded of the effort it takes to do a show recap justice and thankful that we're so often able to read bböp's wonderful reviews. I also cursed him under my breath a little for skipping the show knowing I'd have to post my feeble attempt at journalism.... The show marked the first time Jeff has visite
  4. For the first time in a long while, I was actually giddy for a show, largely based on the potential of covers and collaborations. And I’m quite grateful I wasn’t let down. Despite the brevity of “sets” as noted by our fearless scribe above, there were several standouts. Jason Isbell doing justice in earnest to I Envy The Wind, Margo Price “rescuing” a legend, and everything that was Roseanne Cash were all beautiful moments. And, trying to describe the vibe of seeing Alejandro Escovedo’s set while sitting next to his family and cheering section that was easily 30 people strong wouldn’t capture
  5. I’m waiting with eager anticipation to hear more about the person with their fingers in their ears for the majority of the show. I’ve been to a few concerts over the years and don’t think I’ve ever seen that move.
  6. Not much to add to the masterful commentary above other than a note on the general chillness of the crowd. Other than what was seemingly an alcohol fueled (and possibly other substances) violent yelling outburst by a guy about 3 rows back, there were no shenanigans of note, which is always welcome at the end of a long, hot festival day. And kudos to the event security for quickly dealing with said nitwit. As for the show, all I can really say that it was a great way to end the summer!
  7. As a native Houstonian, I can safely (and sadly) say that last night’s crowd was about as predictable as they come. Most of the crowd remained seated with a general level of polite interest but no real commitment. Game 3 surely contributed to the vibe to some extent (we’re also one of the most bandwagon-jumping set of sports fans you’ll find), but I’ve seen that dynamic unfold at dozens of seated shows in that venue, so it wasn’t really a shock. Unfortunately the alternative would have been a super chatty, “phones up” crowd, which is what nearly all GA shows turn into in town. So, it’s sor
  8. Despite the wasteland of a venue and the grim surroundings (at least the neighbors are quiet), it was definitely a fun show. Glad I was able to make the trip over and do a little Polska pogo at the end!
  9. Jesus, etc. is playing in Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. As we’re waiting for our flight to head to Solid Sound.
  10. You And I in the Dan Accadia hotel in Herzylia, Israel at breakfast this morning. A pleasant way to start the day, especially when I’m 7,000 miles from home.
  11. Hopefully bböp’s connectivity issues will resolve themselves soon (possibly on an upcoming train ride), so I won’t offer too much detail on the evening. That being said, having been fortunate enough to see Jeff and/or Wilco more than my fair share of times, I’m still amazed by the surprises that can unfold. On the surface, the show seemed like it was setting up to be similar to the previous two nights’ shows. Not that those shows were bad by any means (are they ever???), but I wouldn’t necessarily categorize them as memorable for the music alone. Last night, however, was one that will stick
  12. I'm definitely convinced that Glenn does the braiding, and that he and Jeff trade juicy gossip about the crew and band while he's doing it. "Did Nels get some new socks?" "Did Sansone throw in an extra windmill last night?" "Does Matrix secretly love the French?" Oh, to be a fly on that wall...
  13. I'm really not even sure where to begin in describing tonight's show, so I'll start with the positives. The Schnitz is a beautiful venue and the sound was terrific. The entire stage production from the backdrop and lighting to the instrument arrangement is pretty fantastic. And, of course, the band was outstanding as always. But, on the flip side, there were a bunch of idiots in the front row that kind of put a damper on things by being rude to the point that Jeff really lost his cool on stage. Mind you, it was assigned seating and not GA, so the randomness of having such a concentration of
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