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  1. My two-cents. From a sound-nerd perspective - and consistent with what chisoxjtrain alluded to - the mixing process of YHF is a bit of an outlier in Wilco's catalogue. So much of why the album sounds like it does is because of Jim O'Rourke's amazing editing work, where he stripped back multiple layers and paced arrangements and sections; essentially decomposing everything and rebuilding the songs back up with Jeff and (I think) Glenn present at the tiny SOMA studio. This is one of the critical parts of the making of YHF that regrettably never got a look in during the filming of I A
  2. So, my pre-order should arrive tomorrow here in AU, but in fevered anticipation (driven by the positive hype) I've been up tonight so it landed on Spotify at the crack of midnight. What I can say is that this is certainly their most interesting, complex and dark release since A Ghost Is Born, and for me that's a very, very good thing. It's deeply affecting as well. And, ohh..this is a very, very good album. Whilst it shares production similarities with Schmilco and Tweedy's WARM(ER), it's far more sonically rich and has a depth that was absent on those records. Furthermore, Ode To Joy represen
  3. Absolutely brilliant show - on par with some of the most enjoyable gigs I've ever been to. Given it had been 16 years since I last saw Wilco/Tweedy, my anticipation levels were pretty high and this was certainly worth the wait. The setlist was great and the banter with a *mostly* respectful and appreciative crowd was excellent and genuinely hilarious. Whilst there wasn't any heckling per se, I was right next to the woman (close to stage left) who made things a bit too much about her on a couple of occasions - requesting "Reservations" three times, telling Jeff it's just an "existential crisis"
  4. Really enjoying these reviews - thanks! A nice taste (perhaps) for what's to come in Adelaide tomorrow!
  5. At last! Jeff returns to Adelaide for the first time since Wilco's appearance in 2003 at the Big Day Out on a stinking hot January afternoon. Sydney Monday, May 20 Metro Theatre Tickets Brisbane Wednesday, May 22 Brisbane Powerhouse Tickets Meeniyan Friday, May 24 Meeniyan Town Hall Tickets Melbourne Saturday, May 25 The Athenaeum Tickets Adelaide Tuesday, May 28 The Gov Tickets
  6. Jeff's vocals didn't bother me so much when I was getting into it, but coming back to it lately this is probably the thing that grates the most with Schmilco - especially on the second side. I hear a similar approach on Tweedy and the quieter material on Star Wars. It works quite well with the Tweedy stuff, but by the time the Wilco releases roll around there's definitely something nagging about it. It could also be due to my opinion that some of the material on both of those Wilco releases is well below par.
  7. It's official hitting home on our turf as revelations emerge about the conversation Trump had with our PM, Malcolm Turnbull earlier this week: http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/feb/02/trump-told-turnbull-refugee-agreement-was-the-worst-deal-ever-report Predictably (and contradicting Spicer assurance that it's still on) Trump's now tweeted about this "dumb deal." Turnbull's currently in parliament trying to convince everyone the deal's still happening. FYI: this is likely the worst prime minister we've ever had (worse than the predecessor, Tony Abbot) - beholden to the conser
  8. Watching on with horror from Australia. Hard times, yet really inspired by the demonstrated resistance. My thoughts and support are with my American friends and colleagues. Stay strong. x
  9. Those Los Angeles shows are just wonderful, though if I had to pick one I'd go for the second show which contains so many highlights including a marvelous version of "Laminated Cat". Since the sale's on I'm going to finally get around to nabbing the 2014 Winterlude bundle. I remember catching a web stream of the final show and was totally blown away by it.
  10. I just can't fathom this (from Australia). I mean, we've got serious issues at the moment with our political system, but FFS - Trump is a construct of the media, acts like a maniacal demagogue and embodies everything about the world that is dumbed-down and post-truth. I literally feel ill watching this unfold.
  11. Astoundingly good - that's got to be one of the best sounding Wilco shows I've ever heard. I concur with the observations re: keyboards - they sound amazing and clear. Overall, the recent performances that I've heard sound like the best of their career - like a precisely engineered organism that's having a hell of a time on-stage. It's quite remarkable really..and weirdly life affirming too..I'm glad these guys are still around. Now, please come back to Australia. I will travel from Adelaide to wherever.
  12. Bugger - it better be legit...I just shelled out $16 for shipping to AU.
  13. I'll just say that the version of "Impossible Germany" on the night of the 13th is simply the best I've ever heard. Far out, Nels..
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