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  1. 42 “Nothings” last night. I wonder what the record is?
  2. The lyrics are up. “A bowl and a pudding” is “Not saying anything” from Starship Casual.. https://wilcoworld.net/music/cousin/
  3. Oh great! I’ll get on that so! Thanks. Loving this show! Millions of Peaches😂😂
  4. Just listening now. This is great! Well done. Is that 2003 Chicago show (Jeff solo and the rest of the band joining him for encore) available anywhere? It’s not on nugs or roadcase from what I can see..
  5. Well I reached out to Wilco HQ and got it sorted.. Phew!
  6. I purchased the livestream (today so maybe a bit late). But I haven’t recieved a link?
  7. Is this available to rent/ purchase in Europe (specifically Ireland for me…)? that iTunes link is for US store only I think?
  8. Thanks @bböp for all these recaps. I’m over in Europe and over the years i have really appreciated the recaps/ reviews.
  9. Wow thats a gorgeous song! Thanks!
  10. They played Handshake Drugs as well. They were great but there was'nt a huge crowd for them. They were on the main stage but I suppose they are just not really really well known in Ireland.
  11. My band actually supported him in July in a village in Ireland. There are pictures on our myspace site. Brace yourselves when ye see him though. He's not in the best shape these days. www.myspace.com/vickersvimy
  12. Where did you get this info from? I wonder is there any word on that Irish Date?
  13. Ya, this seems to sum up what most of ye are saying. Wish me luck!
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