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  1. Mods please remove if this isn’t allowed, with my apologies. I was gifted a Cousin SnapBack cap but I wear hearing aids which don’t make it possible for me to wear that style cap. If anyone in the UK is thinking of getting one please message me and I can save you cash and waiting time. It’s unworn and boxed up ready to ship. Thanks!
  2. I told him I played drums but left it at that! A lovely bloke and a delight to meet him 😊
  3. Apologies, I’ve not been active here for a while. I’ll get back in my box full of letters 😊
  4. I think there was a reluctance to stand up because of the venue being quite formal? I was surprised when this venue was announced but couldn’t fault the performance.
  5. After a panic over a family illness I was so glad I was able to make it to this one. Fantastic performance and some good natured banter from Jeff about it being a seated venue! Nels, as ever, was on fire. And it was already a great night an hour before the gig started because I bumped into Glenn outside 😊 Setlist here courtesy of somebody more organised than me https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/wilco/2023/the-bridgewater-hall-manchester-england-3ba28884.html
  6. Hello everyone, long time since I posted. I really enjoy a lot of CC, if I'm totally honest I've more than heard enough of the whispered vocals, but there's tons to enjo I hope everyone is keeping safe and well 😊
  7. Just had an email to say it's shipped, finally!
  8. Another week goes by. Still waiting, I'm in the UK. Bingo merch have replied to my two enquiries but not with anything more informative than it will ship to me once they get their stock..
  9. Now married 9 years... It's been fun to revisit this thread!
  10. First post in a long while. Hope all are keeping safe and well. Disappointing that there's still no sign of the EU store shipping this.
  11. http://www.gigwise.com/news/103450/wilco-return-for-uk-tour-november-2016-tickets Just London and Manchester announced so far...
  12. Manchester UK announced for November 2016! https://www.facebook.com/events/498854363616400/
  13. drummer here! recording, new band, original stuff, hopefully stuff to share soon
  14. Such a perfect start to a two week holiday! downloaded but saving until I'm sat down in my holiday location with a beer. Over the moon! Not on UK spotify yet though
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