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  1. I think Dylan's closest 20-year-in album is Infidels (1983) as his first record came out in 1962. I love Infidels. Way better than Empire Burlesque to my ears.
  2. I love the idea of not ranking things but instead sharing what we love. It makes so much sense!
  3. There is a lot to love about living in Maine. John living here makes it even better!
  4. Great story! And Dale Murphy should be in the HOF. His performance on the field gets him there, and his character puts him over the top.
  5. ^^^I kind of like seeing Impossible Germany, the Many Worlds coda, and At Least That's What You Said in the same setlist. It gives each guitar player a chance for extended soloing. I also just like all three songs. But I can see that others might like to see others in there.
  6. I did not mind the CC repeats. I was actually hoping for a repeat of Many Worlds.
  7. I was surprised by how many songs I was surprised that they played (list below). I thought we would get 2-3 that have not been in rotation for a while, but we got many more than that. You Are My Face Muzzle Of Bees Hotel Arizona Either Way She's A Jar What Light Walken
  8. For those living in the northeast, it is a great time to be a Wilco fan. Solid Sound in two weeks, then another swing through in August. The closest show to me in August is in NH, but I am going to pass on that as it is a lousy venue that is run by and/ticketed through Live Nation. I won't pay their dynamic pricing if I have a choice. Looking at either Ommegang (saw Wilco there in 2012) or Shelburne, VT (2007). Both great places to see a show. Choices, choices.
  9. I had the same thought when I first saw the artwork.
  10. I loved that one, too. His writing has a directness and honesty that I appreciate.
  11. That was a fun read. I keep thinking that the next SS will be June of 2022 - that it will be put off a year.
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