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  1. For those living in the northeast, it is a great time to be a Wilco fan. Solid Sound in two weeks, then another swing through in August. The closest show to me in August is in NH, but I am going to pass on that as it is a lousy venue that is run by and/ticketed through Live Nation. I won't pay their dynamic pricing if I have a choice. Looking at either Ommegang (saw Wilco there in 2012) or Shelburne, VT (2007). Both great places to see a show. Choices, choices.
  2. I had the same thought when I first saw the artwork.
  3. I loved that one, too. His writing has a directness and honesty that I appreciate.
  4. That was a fun read. I keep thinking that the next SS will be June of 2022 - that it will be put off a year.
  5. I'm liking the Parquet Courts mashup - it's pretty bold. I'm also liking the safest one on there, Twin Peaks' Spiders (Kidsmoke). The only one I did not like the first time through is Low's take on War on War. I like Low; I do not like what they did with War on War.
  6. The Carpenters were huge at that time. My older sisters were big fans then.
  7. First one with parents - Grand Old Opry in 1974 (then again in 75, 76, etc.) First one by my own choice - The Kinks, June 1983, Portland, Maine.
  8. Promising was a highlight for me, as was Can You Get to That. The Schmilco songs sound better as solo acoustic numbers to me. I think this is because I do not care for the full band versions on the record. I did not think that the band added much to the songs, other than on Locator and Someone to Lose. I know there are lots of fans of the record, though, and that I am likely an outlier on this.
  9. I frequently alternate between fiction and non-fiction as well. I read this one back in April. I love his writing. If there has been a silver lining to having COVID-19, it is the number of books that I have had the time to read. I have read north of 25 books since I came down with symptoms on March 21st. I recommend the new Anne Tyler book (Redhead by the Side of the Road) for those who like her writing style. As you all have likely read, some people who are symptomatic (5%, 10%?) have symptoms that wax and wane for months. I have been on a roller coaster of symptoms since 3/21. Upward tra
  10. It is a great rock record. I like it more now than when it came out. I realized recently that Peter Buck is turned up to 11 on it - what's not to love?
  11. I thought about it being the first song they play in their first show after the pandemic. I will be surprised if it is not.
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