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  1. Listening to Stereolab makes me feel both smarter and cooler. I can't explain it. Probably all the French lyrics. Going to see them tomorrow.
  2. It was great! I'm not a fan of the Chicago Theater, but I kind of get the band's "Gold Coins for Gold Soundz" mentality. Can't blame a band for cashing in on a reunion tour. That said, they sounded great and I loved the setlist - heavy on "Brighten the Corners" - my favorite Pavement album. I went to the show with one of my sons - my other son saw them kick of their tour in San Diego and my daughter saw them last week in Denver. So my family had the full court press on Pavement this tour.
  3. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
  4. Anyone have an update or inside information on when the vinyl and CD versions of Cruel Country will be released? I've not seen anything on the interwebs.
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