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  1. Finished the Hemingway documentary on PBS (Ken Burns and Lynn Novick) and started The Imposter (Netflix).
  2. Got my second shot yesterday morning. I'm lucky. Other than a sore arm, I haven't had any side effects.
  3. I pretty much wore out my vinyl copy of this one in college.
  4. I have tickets for the Wilco/S-K show in Chicago on Aug 28. With apologies to Lou Reed, I am "fully vaccinated, gassed, stoked and ready to go!!" I also have tickets to see Drive-By Truckers in September and Jason Isbell/Lucinda Williams at the end of July.
  5. Agree. Picked it up last week and it's been in heavy rotation.
  6. I agree with you. Following Rock and Roll Heart, Lou's put together a streak of six good to great studio albums (starting with Street Hassle and ending with New Sensations). But he made up for the unevenness of Mistrial with New York - one of his best!
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