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  1. Can't believe I hadn't seen this before. Watched it today (HBO/Max) and it's fantastic.
  2. Oh no. He was a staple on Outlaw Country. Loved listening to his show. RIP.
  3. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was not what I was expecting. I had assumed that it was going to be a play with the actors breaking into songs off the album (like in a musical). Instead, there was no spoken dialogue at all. There was an excellent hybrid band/orchestra with three singers. They played the entire album faithfully (quite well IMO) and there were about a dozen characters/dancers who kind of danced the "story" as told by the songs. I left hoping that Sufjan gets the chance to see this either in Chicago or in NYC (where it is headed next). I think he would be happy with how it ca
  4. Watched Maestro last night. Incredible performance by Bradley Cooper.
  5. This afternoon I'm going to see Illinoise - a theatrical adaptation/musical based on Sufjan Stevens's album of the same name.
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