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  1. I watched this last night and thought it was great. My only complaint is that they did not tell enough of the story, and now I have to wait years until the next installment is made. Both the cast performances and the cinematography were spectacular!
  2. Robyn Hitchcock - postponed from May 2020!
  3. It was SO great! So glad I went! Very glad I was sitting in the sparsely filled balcony where most people adhered to the mask requirement. Unlike down front up against the stage where it was packed and no one wore a mask. I felt more like myself last night than I have for the better part of two years!
  4. Lindsey Buckingham, if I don’t chicken out of going. This will be my first indoor concert since December 2019 (and only my second concert overall since then) if I do in fact end up going. I bought this ticket back in June, when I expected things to be very different now.
  5. All is good and dry at my house here in NJ. Never lost power (so far). But I am fortunate to live on a mountain. Surrounding highways were closed last night due to flooding. News reports are horrific. I am very, very fortunate to live in the exact spot where I live.
  6. “Heaven has a paywall” That was Jeff’s message to free subscribers today. Sorry Jeff, you’ve been way too prolific (every day!), saying not very much of interest. The story about the red crystal heart was very moving, I will admit, but this list has mostly been clutter in my inbox. Is it just me?
  7. In a heat wave! On a day with an excessive heat warning! Take care of yourself. And have fun.
  8. I watched the live stream of this show as well. It was well worth $20. And at this point in my life, I am no longer willing to pay beaucoups of bucks in advance for any outdoor show (Queens, NY, in my case), because I can no longer physically withstand heat or rain. My takeaway from last night’s Red Rocks show is that Nels Cline is one amazing musician and I’m not sure what Wilco would be without him.
  9. It’s only another nail in the heart if everyone decides to leave here and pay Jeff $60/year instead. I signed up for the freebie option too. Life is becoming an endless series of subscriptions and I have enough of them already. As for F U N E X, my uncle used to tell this joke endlessly when I was growing up (1960’s-1970’s). He was born and raised in the U.S. in the early 20th century, so there must be a U.S. source of this joke as well. I have never heard the name Ronnie Barker before, but looking at wikipedia, it appears he was not known in the U.S., and my uncle would have h
  10. Richard Thompson, for free, at a high school! First live show for me since 12/29/2019. Thanks to @remphish1for telling me about this.
  11. It’s nice they’re giving most of the money to the artist, but that doesn’t increase my concert budget. $83 for Guided By Voices? I laughed out loud at that one. I doubt I’ll go there, although it does seem reasonably accessible for a place in Brooklyn. I do like Richard Thompson. I’m guessing that show is outside? We’ll see what the weather brings. How did Woodbridge High School snag Richard Thompson??
  12. Thanks, I will! Lindsey is a life long fave of mine. I worry this may be the last time he goes out. Many of these artists are really getting up there in age now.
  13. I have nothing else other than rescheduled shows from 2020 that aren’t until Oct (Robyn Hitchcock in Montclair), Nov (Luna in Jersey City) and May (Hoodoo Gurus at Webster Hall). These shows have all been rescheduled several times now! I still have a couple that have been neither rescheduled nor cancelled! The prices at the new venue in Brooklyn (where Jeff is playing) are absolutely insane.
  14. Heh. I feel the same after scoring a $75 ticket (total) for Lindsey Buckingham today, Infinitely preferable to me than Springsteen! YMMV. Hope things are well with you, Craig!
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