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  1. The opener last night was Brian Lopez, Calexico’s current second guitarist. The band (minus horns) played with him for most of his set. I thought he was fantastic.They played a Calexico-ized version of The Killing Moon! I’ve been listening to his music today and a lot of it is similar to things I liked in old Calexico. Sure enough, that version of The Killing Moon is on an album of his from about ten years ago. John Convertino plays drums and marimba on his current album, which explains a lot, but Brian is very, very good. I had no idea! You never know when suddenly something will come
  2. I, too, am sorry to hear this. I got to see him play a short set opening for Brian Wilson in 2015 (?) and he seemed pretty feeble then. He had to be helped on and off stage. The songs and his performance were great, though. RIP.
  3. I went and it was great! I have fallen out of love with this band somewhat based on their direction over the last ten years or so, but last night I loved everything they played! (Feast of Wire 20th Anniversary show.).
  4. I’m supposed to see Calexico tonight, but bad weather at exactly the wrong time may keep me home. We’ll see.
  5. You should have great weather!
  6. I could have written most of this post. I haven’t gotten to the point of not voting (don’t think I ever will), and I still keep up with the news (although watching Sunday morning political “news” shows is a recent deletion in my life), but I agree with just about everything else. Even people I know who I generally agree with get defensive and argumentative when I don’t agree completely. So I just cut it out of my life some months ago and as you say, there has been a big improvement in stress levels and salvage of relationships.
  7. I’ve basically stopped talking about politics because I just get upset when I do.
  8. I LOVED it!!! I thought it was epic!! I can’t believe I had never seen them before this!
  9. Wednesday was the worst day here. The sky was orange in the afternoon with visibility of feet. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. It looked like the apocalypse out there. I have lots of KN95 masks left from the pandemic, so wore one while I was out driving (!) and that thankfully eliminated the burning stench. It was much better yesterday and looks to be fairly normal out there this morning.
  10. I had a fabulous time! I could not believe my good fortune to get a seat in the front row right in front of Neil. The old songs were wonderful, and Neil’s voice was in absolutely great shape. The new songs, however - two from Dreamers Are Waiting and three I did not recognize - were unspectacular at best. Have a great time at The Cure!
  11. I agree that this will probably be the last time in the US. They are one of my favorite bands of all time. How was Crowded House?
  12. Hoodoo Gurus This was originally supposed to happen in 2020!
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