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  1. Richard Thompson, for free, at a high school! First live show for me since 12/29/2019. Thanks to @remphish1for telling me about this.
  2. It’s nice they’re giving most of the money to the artist, but that doesn’t increase my concert budget. $83 for Guided By Voices? I laughed out loud at that one. I doubt I’ll go there, although it does seem reasonably accessible for a place in Brooklyn. I do like Richard Thompson. I’m guessing that show is outside? We’ll see what the weather brings. How did Woodbridge High School snag Richard Thompson??
  3. Thanks, I will! Lindsey is a life long fave of mine. I worry this may be the last time he goes out. Many of these artists are really getting up there in age now.
  4. I have nothing else other than rescheduled shows from 2020 that aren’t until Oct (Robyn Hitchcock in Montclair), Nov (Luna in Jersey City) and May (Hoodoo Gurus at Webster Hall). These shows have all been rescheduled several times now! I still have a couple that have been neither rescheduled nor cancelled! The prices at the new venue in Brooklyn (where Jeff is playing) are absolutely insane.
  5. Heh. I feel the same after scoring a $75 ticket (total) for Lindsey Buckingham today, Infinitely preferable to me than Springsteen! YMMV. Hope things are well with you, Craig!
  6. Ticket prices at that venue are insane.
  7. Hoodoo Gurus at Webster Hall Robyn Hitchcock at Outpost in the Burbs Luna at White Eagle Hall edit: Actually, they’re not as close together as I thought. The first two are a week apart, but Luna is a month later. I never heard of Waxahatchee....
  8. I have three rescheduled shows from 2020 all happening within a 3 week period in late October/early November. With my work schedule (teaching), I don’t know I could pull that off, even if it happens - 2 of the 3 are standing shows in clubs, one is a show in a church, with GA seating in pews. We’ll see what happens, but I am not optimistic about attending all of them. edit: none are for Wilco
  9. Teachers are not yet eligible in NJ, and even when they are, it’s next to impossible to get a vaccine appointment here. I have been teaching inside a school building, with students, for about half of the current school year. No vaccine.
  10. I am appalled. But sadly , I am not at all surprised. I saw a report from ITV where several of the insurrectionists were interviewed briefly on camera and these people really do believe all this crap. I am confused and don’t understand how so many people have become brainwashed and really believe that the government is out to get them. Or something. I’m not sure exactly what it is they are so angry about. I hope this is a turning point. It feels like it is. But then again, I’ve thought that before and was wrong.
  11. My holiday music is the new Calexico album, Seasonal Shift. It has perked up my spirits tremendously. Overall, it’s a weird and lonely Christmas. I took advantage of a warm day last weekend to visit my best friend and exchange Christmas presents from 10 feet away from each other on her patio. (I am a teacher who stills sees students on the occasional days when our school is not closed due to Covid, so no one I care about is willing to get near me.). What do I want for Christmas? I want my life back. My tree is possibly slightly embarrassing, but as it is just me here and I nee
  12. I think I have just fully exhaled for the first time in four years. I finally feel like there is some hope for the future.
  13. I was a regular customer there for many years and contributed a small amount to the Kickstarter campaign to get the film made. I am truly not am obscure music snob, and I never felt intimidated there. I saw a great live set by Calexico there years ago. I miss that place a lot.
  14. I just heard this on the news and literally gasped out loud.
  15. I think this is a very low point for our country, and I unfortunately do not hold out much hope. I will vote, but that’s really all I have the time to do right now, as I am teaching in a high school using hybrid learning and the stress and increased workload is killing me a little more every day. I would resign tomorrow if I could afford (and count on the continued availability of) health care. I believe the new justice will be appointed, but I don’t think that will be the biggest problem. I sadly believe that Trump will be reelected. And that is the biggest problem.
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