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  1. I was a regular customer there for many years and contributed a small amount to the Kickstarter campaign to get the film made. I am truly not am obscure music snob, and I never felt intimidated there. I saw a great live set by Calexico there years ago. I miss that place a lot.
  2. I just heard this on the news and literally gasped out loud.
  3. I think this is a very low point for our country, and I unfortunately do not hold out much hope. I will vote, but that’s really all I have the time to do right now, as I am teaching in a high school using hybrid learning and the stress and increased workload is killing me a little more every day. I would resign tomorrow if I could afford (and count on the continued availability of) health care. I believe the new justice will be appointed, but I don’t think that will be the biggest problem. I sadly believe that Trump will be reelected. And that is the biggest problem.
  4. The Carpenters, early 1970’s, Garden State Arts Center (now PNC Arts Center) in Holmdel, NJ. Yes, it was my choice. I honestly don’t remember the year, but with Google as my guide, I’m guessing it was 1973. I was 12. I really did love the Carpenters then!
  5. brownie


    I am in a similar position, and I have almost 10 years on you. I am still not sure what I’m going to do, but going back and hoping I get only a mild case is not one of the options I am considering. Hang in there.
  6. Musicians have to make money. Not many people buy their recordings any more, and now they can’t play shows. It has to be really tough when there is no real end date to this in sight. I say if a company wants to pay them for music to use in an ad, go for it. We all have bills to pay.
  7. Great stream last night by Dean & Britta from their L.A. home. Nowhere near the same experience I was looking forward to live in Jersey City four weeks from now, but the best that can be done under the circumstances. They charged $10 and it was well worth it. I worry about how artists at this level are going to support themselves.
  8. Loved it. Very touching sentiment for the current times. I have no idea when I’ll see any friends again.
  9. Very sad news. I saw him once about 30 years ago. It was quite a trip!
  10. It’s not only concerts. My streak of “every single thing I do for entertainment” has come to an end. Concerts, movies, museums,.... Lincoln Center Out of Doors has been canceled. That’s usually in late July to mid August. The Metropolitan Museum of Art said yesterday they’re not opening till at least September. Can’t see myself getting on a subway to get around NYC at this point anyway. I’ve been playing a game of crossing out every concert marked on my wall calendar with a big black X as they get canceled. I don’t think any sort of cultural event will be coming back for a good long time. Not sure what I’m going to do with myself when school gets out for the summer.
  11. Robyn Hitchcock has another one tonight for $5. This was a lot of fun the last time, 9pm EDT, 30 minutes https://www.stageit.com/robyn_hitchcock_with_emma_swift/live_from_sweet_home_quarantine/76993?mc_cid=9cc8a0145a&mc_eid=6c22feaf7c
  12. Beautiful. Thank you for posting. I wonder which came first, the sweater or the paint job?
  13. Thank you so much for telling me that! I saw NRBQ so often around that time that I lost count. NRBQ is one of my favorite live bands ever. Just saw them a few months ago and the band was as great (and wacky) as always. Although Terry Adams is the only one left that was there back in 1989.
  14. I saw them a few times early on in pretty rapid succession: Beacon Theater in NY, Capital Theater in Passaic NJ (filmed for something I can’t remember now), a gym at Drew University in Madison NJ, a field at Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ. I think the Beacon Theater was the first time, but I honestly can’t remember now. I think Rutgers was later than the other shows - I remember them doing Feeling Gravity’s Pull at that show, which was a new song at the time. (Wow, I am really stretching the powers of my memory here.) Saw them a few times later on - New Haven CT (can’t recall the venue) - Feelies were the openers, PNC Arts Center much later on. Radio City Music Hall at some point fairly early. Probably a few more times but I just can’t recall.
  15. So sorry to hear this. As much as I find teaching via computer to be overwhelming, I am so very glad 3/12 was the last day where I teach. The town I live in planned to stay in school all last week, but all the teachers started calling out sick. And then Murphy shut everyone down anyway, This is some seriously scary sh*t the likes of which I have never experienced in my lifetime. And I am pretty old! We have seven cases in my town, and one death.
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