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  1. I have to say, it was a rather poignant experience watching The Tweedy Show on my phone -- my primary source for "live" music for the past year -- just moments before the show came to life before us. It was an emotional experience, for sure. Just two stray thoughts: 1) I'm digging the new one, Story to Tell, which is a real doozy: "I've been through hell / on my way to hell / I only fought with myself / so I'd have a story to tell" and 2) I'm much too lazy to substantiate this claim with actual research, but a reaction I had after the show is that the set was largely comprised of
  2. I'll be there! And no, Joe was involved in a fatal car accident with a motorcyclist. "Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Stuart Weissman said the state believes Thompson's vehicle was traveling in the wrong lane before the collision. He said physical evidence, including the position of Fortier's body and the position of his motorcycle and other debris, support the state's theory." https://www.berkshireeagle.com/archives/judge-rules-vehicular-manslaughter-case-against-mass-moca-director-to-continue/article_634acc3c-96f8-5a7d-9b16-4cee278307dd.html
  3. I'm really on the fence w/r/t the Mass Moca show. I don't like that 1) members will get a "preferred viewing area in front of the stage," and 2) the allegations against Joe are fairly strong at this point and it's strange that Wilco HQ have continued to sing his praises and collaborate with him as though those allegations don't matter.
  4. Thanks again for the recaps, @u2roolz! I had been maintaining a Spotify playlist of all of the cover songs played during TWS but had neglected the whole thing for the last month and a half. Thanks to your recaps I've gone back and added all of the songs I'd missed.
  5. knotgreen


    I finally got around to listening to the LPs. They sound nice, despite being warped (signature GZ quality control). Cool gatefold, though. Were the little blurbs from Jeff and the contributing musicians in the magazine when the CD was released? To be honest, I'm not sure I ever opened the magazine.
  6. Sure is nice to be reading one of your recaps, Paul! Sounds like it was an enjoyable evening.
  7. So how many of LitK songs have we heard? Links below. 01 Love Is the King (official release) 02 Opaline (on the Tweedy Show) 03 A Robin or a Wren (on the Tweedy Show) 04 Gwendolyn (on the Tweedy Show) 05 Bad Day Lately (on the Tweedy Show) 06 Even I Can See (on the Tweedy Show) 07 Natural Disaster (on the Tweedy Show) 08 Save It for Me (on the Tweedy Show) 09 Guess Again (on the Tweedy Show & official release) 10 Troubled (on the Tweedy Show) 11 Half-Asleep
  8. My memory is that the only song that was played was via someone’s iPhone. I think it was a new one which we’ve since heard again. Jeff didn’t get out of the tub!
  9. Agreed. I just assume get a refund and have the option to buy tickets at a later date.
  10. From The Vic's website: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED Information regarding a rescheduled date will be announced as soon as possible. Tickets purchased for the originally scheduled performance will be honored on the new date - no need to exchange.
  11. That spreadsheet is awesome.
  12. Curious to see if they'll reschedule the benefit shows. I'm a bit surprise there hasn't been an update on that but I guess we've still got four weeks. I've canceled my flights, and so I'm sadly out if they continue as planned for mid-May.
  13. Thanks, U2Roolz, for the recaps! The Tweedys have played many new-to-me songs, and so I've started a Spotify playlist with all of the covers. In case anyone else is interested, the playlist can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1YVA5ge5ZAPP3wxnIvMfkK
  14. A combo quarantine boredom and Roadcase sale has me trying to compile a list of all of the Jeff Tweedy solo Roadcases that have been released. Maybe you're equally bored and can help verify that the list below is complete? They don't always differentiate in the KungFu store in a way that's obvious (or at all, in some cases).... ROADCASE 87 / MAY 22, 2019 / BRISBANE, AU ROADCASE 78 / JUNE, 30, 2019 / NORTH ADAMS, MA ROADCASE 74 / MARCH 23, 2019 / CHICAGO, IL ROADCASE 73 / MARCH 22, 2019 / CHICAGO, IL ROADCASE 72 / FEBRUARY 28, 2019 / ST. LOUIS, MO ROADCASE 71 / OCTOBER 08, 2018 / LOS ANGELES,
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