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  1. Interesting how AGIB-heavy these sets have been. Gearing up for Friday night's SSF show, perhaps? Safe travels, Setlist Jotter!
  2. World Within a Song book talk, in conversation with Amanda Petrusich. Should've Been In Love I Am My Mother In a Future Age You Are Not Alone
  3. Thanks for the recaps, Paul. Sounds like you got a great run of shows. Bummed to not have been there! Next time...
  4. really looks like a tour supporting the forthcoming album. i guess that they'll come east in the winter sometime.
  5. I tried searching various URLs related to their webshop with "/cousin" and couldn't find anything. A release feels imminent but it is fun finding these things pre-announcement!
  6. I have two tickets available. Best offer? Shoot me a PM. Trying to avoid listing these on stubhub!
  7. Venus Stopped The Train & Everlasting Everything. Geez! I'm sad to be missing these shows but am happy for you lucky attendees! Hope you're enjoying LA, Paul, and thanks as always for the recaps.
  8. Hilarious! So glad you got that hometown gig, Vince. And thanks for the recap. I'm really longing for a proper JT solo show!
  9. It really is crazy that the band shelved Kicking Television for so long given what a powerful and memorable late-set/encore song that it is. Even crazier perhaps is that it was left off of AGIB (& yet we get 21 tracks of Cruel Country... but don't get me started on that). Anyway, I appreciate the recaps, as always! I'm bummed to have missed the band on this tour and with no Wilco gigs on the calendar it's a nice consolation to follow along here.
  10. 100%. And they need to record outside of the Loft, otherwise we're in for more and more of the same. Which I think is partly ok, as I like the last few Wilco/JT albums, but there's no denying that their level of comfort is producing some ughh... redundancies? A personnel shakeup could be helpful.
  11. I did wonder if, in the spirit of the Cruel Country release, the band would come out Friday in their Nudie suits. I was browsing some of my old SSF photos and found this one of Glenn's shirt from a 2013 exhibit, which I believe is the same one he wore on Friday! Yee-haw!
  12. Now this is the sort of content that keeps your readers coming back show after show! (And I'll cosign these requests!) Hope to say Hi today.
  13. I have not felt terribly disappointed having missed out on Wilco/Tweedy shows over the last two years (and have opted out of most of the shows going forward too), but missing out on Jeff's solo run at Largo does sting a bit! It is a special room and it's been clear to me the few times I've been fortunate enough to be there that that's felt by both the performers and audience members alike. Paul - did Jeff make any indication that the new songs are on the forthcoming Wilco record, or did you get the sense that they are new songs are in their very early stages? I learned a lot about Jef
  14. Good afternoon. I noticed you were able to get a refund for your Jeff Tweedy tickets at BK Made. I was wondering if you could let me know how you did that since I am unable to attend that show. Thanks!

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