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  1. Just got home from Yo La Tengo at the Paradise. A lovely way to cap Father’s Day.
  2. WILCO! Down from Boston for the night, with my best buddy, who hasn’t seen them since ‘03. Should be fun…
  3. Cortney Barnett! With my 13 year old son (who is a fellow obsessive). For Christmas last year I got tickets for us to see her at the Wang in February, and after band Covid cancellation, venue change, and many months of waiting, we’re finally here. First time seeing her since Solid Sound. 😎
  4. Wrapped up Beach Road Weekend tonight on the rail for a great festival set from Wilco. Spiders was a happy surprise for a closer, especially AFTER I Got You. Other standouts from the weekend for me were Beck, Lettuce, Jason Isbell, Emmylou Harris, Billy Strings, Shovels & Rope, Khruangbin, Bully.
  5. Karate and Helms at the Sinclair in Cambridge.
  6. WILCO!!! Also hopefully Sylvan Esso, if these thunderstorms could blow past. Neko’s set after her Substack hour in Courtyard D was also a very pleasant surprise. So nice to be back here- it’s been a long time coming. Have a great weekend, everyone!
  7. Hi friends (and siblings)! My wife and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this August (on Jeff’s birthday 🎂- we didn’t plan it that way, but it’s a fitting coincidence 😎), and we got passes as soon as they went on sale for the two of us to spend the weekend on the Vineyard with my wife’s brother and family, Wilco (and others). We can’t wait to celebrate… Which brings me to the hitch. We didn’t get passes for our two kids, anticipating that more affordable kids tickets would be available later (our relatives who live on the island told us that’s been the case for
  8. Also saw Gunn/Parker at the Sinclair last night. Beautiful show.
  9. Tim, how was TTB? And Dino/Lemonheads/Walker? My buddy and I were strongly considering the latter, but opted for Flaming Lips/Particle Kid at HOB a couple weeks ago instead. My long overdue first time seeing the Lips, and Wayne and Co. did not disappoint. Also thinking about TTB for Friday or Saturday- if anyone has face value tix they can’t use, please DM me. 😁
  10. It’s finally here!!! (well, the on-sale, anyways. 😁) Can’t wait to see all your faces again.
  11. JRAD! Just got home, actually. Quite a night. I’ve never felt so grateful to be under a giant tent. Can’t wait to go back there tomorrow…🤘🤩
  12. Bbop, stellar recaps on this run as always- you’ve got such a knack for putting us there when we can’t be. Rest assured, you still have a loyal readership, even when we only post sporadically. Thanks for all your hard work. 😁 Glad you got a rocking Casino Queen- the encore from Solid Sound ‘17 (when it was sandwiched between Hate it Here and Hoodoo Voodoo) remains one of my all-time favorite show cappers. I’m mighty excited to see the Boston gig next week, and so itching to see the band again that I don’t think I’ll mind much if it’s still a greatest-hits-ish setlist wi
  13. happy birthday, jeff! we wish we were spending tonight in boston with you and sleater-kinney (also our 18th anniversary ❤️), but instead we’re watching tweedy show reruns on the couch with our kids and our new puppy. it’s good to have a backup plan. we can’t wait to see you next summer...
  14. i am indeed- JP resident for 17 plus years now, and grew up just outside boston. last night was my first time watching live in a little while, and i was so happy to catch that beautiful rendition of muzzle. i know that jeff is no longer accepting birthday requests, but if anyone wants to help send out brainwaves through the series of tubes, i'd be super special if we get to hear either acuff-rose or gun on thursday. i know he's played them both already. i'm just sayin'...
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