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  1. happy birthday, jeff! we wish we were spending tonight in boston with you and sleater-kinney (also our 18th anniversary ❤️), but instead we’re watching tweedy show reruns on the couch with our kids and our new puppy. it’s good to have a backup plan. we can’t wait to see you next summer...
  2. i am indeed- JP resident for 17 plus years now, and grew up just outside boston. last night was my first time watching live in a little while, and i was so happy to catch that beautiful rendition of muzzle. i know that jeff is no longer accepting birthday requests, but if anyone wants to help send out brainwaves through the series of tubes, i'd be super special if we get to hear either acuff-rose or gun on thursday. i know he's played them both already. i'm just sayin'...
  3. thanks for the kind words, guys. tim and vince, you have both always made me feel welcome in this community since i joined. monty, your level of deep appreciation and obsessive organization make you a welcome new friend- great to have you here. watching the tweedy show is also taking a little of the sting out of not seeing wilco and sleater-kinney in my hometown, on our anniversary (and jeff's birthday!), with my wife and brother-in-law and sister-in-law in august. i've never been more grateful that it's not an odd-year summer- i'm keeping myself hopeful with visions of joe's field next june...
  4. so... long time client here. i've been mostly watching episodes on youtube rather than live, so i haven't been as connected with all of you as i wish i were. i also wish i'd been a little less shy at past solid sounds and other shows, and said hello instead of just smiling in the background (though my kids and i are in the group photo from last year- if any clients have a decent resolution copy that they'd like to send along i'd be much obliged )... i tend to be more of a reader (lurker just sounds creepy) than a contributor on VC. i seem to only post here immediately post-show (when i'm soaked in good energy), or after major trauma in my life (i won't bore you all with details). i don't mean to get weepy, but i just watched the father's day episode (63), and i'm feeling all my feelings. peter, susie, jeff, spencer, sammy, casey, basil- thank you all for this beautiful gift. your show has been such a salve for the anxiety, uncertainty, grief, etc. that we've all been going through in these times. much as i've found jeff and company's music to be since i was 14 (uncle tupelo days), you have made it okay to be sad and happy and close and distant and fearful and hopeful all at the same time. 18 years ago this past tuesday, i lost my own dad to cancer when he was 49 and i was 23. much of my meandering, occasionally stumbling path through life since then has been shaped by that experience. we've gone through our share of other immediate family medical drama over the ensuing years, but i know it is no worse than that of many of the rest of you- we all have our struggles, and we would all be better off if we were more open to sharing them and finding common ground with one another rather than finding ways to define our differences and digging in on our opposition to those we disagree with. thank you, tweedy family, for opening your lives and hearts and songbooks to those of us who love you from afar. high school, college, my marriage, my kids' childhood- all of it has included your music, humor, and acceptance, and is richer for it. this family of clients loves all of you (and other clients we've yet to meet) so deeply, and yearns for the opportunity to gather together again in the amazing community we've all helped to build. also, forevermore, i will both laugh and cry anytime jeff starts playing one sunday morning, especially close to the one minute warning (it's so sad, and so beautiful... and so long). feeling all your feelings, isaac p.s. U2roolz, glad to hear you're feeling better. you've been doing yeoman's work with your recaps. and paul, and diane, and all the rest of you, of course. we'd all be lost in the dark without such powerful institutional knowledge on our side.
  5. any head who hasn’t yet watched the documentary “anthem to beauty” should seek it out. i haven’t viewed it in ages, but i still get chills thinking about robert discussing his lyric writing for american beauty. he was really tapped into some spring of eloquence that even he acknowledged “was not made by the hands of men”. that was my first dead album (dad’s old copy on my first turntable in 5th grade), and the gateway for years of amazing, ear-opening, soul-reorganizing music that has followed ever since. ripple, brokedown palace, attics- all still bring chills, but the most meaningful for me for a long time has been box of rain. it took on greater meaning for me when my dad died of cancer when I was 23, and I recalled robert talking about writing it for phil when his own dad was sick. “maybe you’ll find direction, around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet you...”
  6. such a long, long time to be gone, and a short time to be there… rest well, robert. your words will live on to inspire and console far beyond your time on this marble.
  7. iron & wine & calexico, andrew bird, at the (your bank here- currently rockland trust) pavilion in boston. too bad that despite 41 years of trying, i still can’t whistle. maybe i’m defective. i’ll still appreciate.
  8. julian lage trio, at the sinclair in cambridge. mind blown.
  9. it was a record release show for the new major stars album, in the tiny upstairs of the hong kong in harvard square. chris’ trio was tight and purposeful, mountain movers spun out some beautiful psychedelia, and then major stars came in like a guitar tornado. i can’t believe it’s taken me so long to see them live- i won’t miss them again (the new record is fantastic, BTW).
  10. chris brokaw rock band, mountain movers, major stars.
  11. poor research on my part- thanks for setting the record straight. also, clearly a sign that I need to add the winterlude roadcase to my collection. we saw one of the capitol theatre shows that fall (10/29/14) and it was magical. still, in all my years with wilco, i’ve never caught shake it off, and would love to hear it back in the live catalogue. you can also add me to the list of those who miss magnetized and you satellite. they were two of my favorites from the star wars tour shows we attended.
  12. i’m watching the “shake it off” DVD with the wife and kiddos as I type (first viewing in a number of years- i forgot what an awesome, intimate peek the film is into the band’s process at the time). i have always felt that shake it off (the song) has gotten short shrift in terms of live performances. the rhythm/tempo shifts, the awesome vamp, jeff’s vocal- all of it is so much fun. i’m assuming the reason they haven’t pulled it out much is the tricky synchronization, and not because taylor swift had a bigger hit of the same title several years after... regardless of the reason, i sneak a peek at wilcobase, and see it hasn’t been played since 2010? not even during the 20th anniversary residency and tour, with all the deep cuts? WTF?!?!? thus begins my new request crusade. anyone who wants to join me in stuffing the ballot box, i’d appreciate you considering either night in boston in october.
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