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  1. Surely at least one of 93, 94 or 95 will be YHF in full?
  2. Excellent show as ever. Regarding the "audible", Jeff spoke to the whole band during IATTBYH, but that didn't seem to mean a diversion from the current standard-ish setlist.
  3. Yep, just listened to it. It is magnificent. Don't need the box set now
  4. Some interesting opinions here, thanks. Those suggesting also another studio is a good one. I am not saying Jeff is necessarily complacent, but getting him (and the band) out of their comfort zone could provide dividends.
  5. Talking about a name one e.g. Nigel Goodrich. One who would stand up to Jeff and occasionally say these lyrics need a little work or that arrangement is not too exciting. May lead to some difficult times in The Loft but could mean we get a record with a bit more light and shade than the likes of Cruel Country. I think in general the songs are there, but someone who occasionally told Jeff some hard truths could help produce a much more interesting record
  6. Yes. I am a vinyl person, but personally I find for these archive type sets with demos, alternates and live tracks that a digital format is much better. Easy to skip tracks and one doesn't have to get up every 18-20 minutes to flip them over. I wonder how many plays in particular these huge vinyl sets actually get or do they mostly sit in the corner of the room looking like the monolith from 2001. Prince's Sign O The Times super deluxe vinyl set had 13 LPs. Great album but who's going to get through that more than once?
  7. Really not doing much for me, it is more an ordeal to get through it right now. there's a good EP in there I think. Took me about a year to like Exile on Main street though. Try and find your electric guitar, Jeff!
  8. Not with those who say it sounds more like Wilco. To me it is Love is the King part 2 (which was Warm pt 3). Hardly any backing vocals, keyboards almost non existent, virtually no Nels and Glenn doesn't seem to be playing much that Spencer hasn't probably already played on these songs. There are a few good songs, but the whole thing is just so downbeat it makes me hope that Jeff is getting some professional help, he sounds so depressed. I am sure songwriting is part of his way of dealing with it. After I listened to it in the car I switched to the Sirius/XM 60s station
  9. What I expect except Jeff said, "see you next year". I imagine they may take something of a break next year though after intense activity this one.
  10. They are booked for festivals in Europe late June this year. This would not have been the case had it taken place in 2021, I would expect them to return to the normal weekend. Whether next one will be 2023 or 2024 remains to be seen.
  11. Jeff acknowledged the unusual repeats saying it is a new album and they want to play it. Also Saturday night is the biggest crowd of the weekend, not all were there on Friday. But maybe 3 or 4 would have been better and that is what I expected when he made the announcement.
  12. SKy Blue Sky being featured was something I am in favor of, was a great set, but not sure we needed 7 Cruel Country repeats after the whole lot 24 hours earlier. Having said that I thought they generally came over better than Fri night, maybe because I was more familiar with them.
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