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  1. Funny how time slips away. 18 years here as well. I don’t visit too much but it’s so cool to see some familiar folks still participating and that makes me feel good. I wanted to drop a few lines to agree with you, TCP. This site has blessed me in so many ways. From new music to old music, tablature to file sharing, disagreements to agreements and everything in between. I wonder if some of the newer cats know how crazy this place used to get. Hahaha When I take in how the world seems to be operating these days it’s nice to visit a familiar place like this and reassure myself that what I see on
  2. Wow. It’s such a trip to get on here and look around after being gone for so long. So much time has passed and so many things have changed. With that being said, Jay Bennett is still such a unknowingly huge reason I fell in love with Wilco. This documentary is long overdue and I don’t mean that in a “what took you so long” way. I mean this man is worthy of more respect and gratitude than he’s ever received since being kicked out of the band This doc (although I’m super late to the party) is so good. I wish I had known about it and the opportunity to pitch in on the kickstarter. I’ve recently
  3. Capital City has blown me away. I love it. Jeff’s voice, the change in lyrics, the solo guitar. I long for that era of Wilco.
  4. Interesting question. I don't remember ever seeing that posted in this forum.
  5. I just found it peculiar l when you stated you don't like name calling since I've noticed over the years you throw out names. Asshats, idiots, rubes, cowards? You don't have to praise a non-voter. And I don't think if someone chose not to place a vote for a presidential nominee that it makes them a coward.
  6. For someone who mentioned he doesn't like name calling you sure have been good at it.
  7. College has increasingly become more fun and interesting to watch than pro, for me.
  8. I don't think I can bring myself to vote for either one of the presidential candidates. On the other hand, we have some city propositions to vote for. That's exciting....
  9. It's such a beautiful thing to watch The World Champion Dallas Cowboys beat up on the eagles.
  10. Stooooooka!You're right!
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