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  1. Couldn't agree more with this. Would LOVE to see a Wilco and Nigel Godrich collaboration.
  2. I rebought Nashville pit tickets over the weekend. Opted for the refund last year. Was able to swing by the box office and save $50 this time. Fingers crossed!
  3. lol negative, but I did comment "hate will save the dolphins" on IG a time or 2 during the Tweedy Show the night prior to him attempting it.
  4. The fact that he played any of message from mid-bar is very exciting to me. Genuinely love that track. Hate will save the dolphins, Jeff.
  5. Look at Radiohead...5 members (well, now 6 touring) with a MASSIVE production and their prices never exceed $120 (normally
  6. I wondered the same thing. Would seem likely that NYC or DC gets a second show. Unless they're playing Colbert that Monday or something.
  7. Please make this a reality. Was so bummed that he's co-headlining w Cage. Love me some Spoon, but Cage is meh...
  8. I wonder how much the limited rehearsal time (
  9. Along with an album announcement? I use Visualping. It's a chrome extension. I'll start monitoring the tour dates page.
  10. I wish Garlin's podcast had lasted longer. Agree that the JT one was great. Garlin is just hysterical. His laugh is so infectious. Saw him to his "standup" a few years back and highly recommend catching him live if you have the opportunity.
  11. 4th row balcony here for night 2. Can't wait.
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