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  1. Love that they're doing U.S. Blues regularly. They rock it. So much better than the snooze fest that is Dead and Co. (but that's a whole other topic).
  2. Fitting that the show included U.S. Blues at the site of many historic GD shows. However inadvertent that may have been.
  3. I was there! Love Courtney. Great rocking show. Nice to see you brought your son. My son turned me onto her when Avant Gardner was getting lots of play. Hope you both enjoyed.
  4. Sad news indeed. I got the impression from Hood's post that his passing was a surprise.
  5. I had a fantastic time, yesterday's Isbell>Wilco 1-2 punch to close it out was perfect. Wilco delivered the goods with this about 100 minute festival set. I thought they were right on from the first second until the last. When they started Spiders at 7:55 I was wondering how the heck are they going to do this in 5 minutes, expecting a very abbreviated version. But they just blew past the 8:00 line. Always love being with music friends who are seeing Wilco for the first time. There were several yesterday, and let's just say they are not missing any more Wilco shows.
  6. I will be on Martha's Vineyard for Beach Road, but I have extreme FOMO about missing this one.
  7. The Wild Hearts Tour, with Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen and Julien Baker
  8. Watched the first two episodes so far. VC in the first, haven't heard any more Wilco yet. I agree, excellent series. The chef was my favorite character in Shameless. Definitely give this a strong recommendation, even without Wilco in the soundtrack.
  9. This is freaking amazing to me. I would seriously consider the trip from Boston except I'll be on Martha's Vineyard for Beach Road (WIlco on Sunday).
  10. I couldn't attend in 2019, so I don't know if this was new this year, Broccoli Man was a great addition to the food court!
  11. Memorial Day weekend is tough, I missed a wedding for Solid Sound. But ultimately I really liked having SS on a holiday weekend as it gave me the ability for the first time to stay Sunday night and spend a beautiful Monday without worrying about work.
  12. Nels set an incredibly high bar for this song at the Hunter Center with Jeff last year.
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