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  1. Definitely a surprise they didn't come back for an encore. That must have been the shortest of all SBS sets from Wilco. Which is in no way a complaint from me. I thought the show was excellent with lots of unexpected tunes being very well played. Plus, down in front of the stage it was hot and humid as heck without nary a breeze and I had not much left in my tank. Looking forward to today and Lucinda tonight.
  2. Lucinda Williams tonight on my birthday
  3. Show I saw tonight: Tedeschi Trucks Band Garden Party, with Warren. Killer show.
  4. Died on the same day as Garcia. Seeing Ryan Adams tonight. I was counting on a Wharf Rat, now we should get some Band tunes as well.
  5. Yes! Four great shows, Tues-Sat. Tuesday was my favorite of the four.
  6. Somehow neglected to note I saw four Phish shows at MSG last week. Tonight, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
  7. I just watched the first released video for Everything At Once. Excellent tune! Jeff on acoustic and vocals. Really good.
  8. He did play. I liked him and his songs. I wish he was a better guitar player.
  9. Since it dropped before SS, I've already listened more than the last three albums combined. Can't get enough of Cruel Country.
  10. No doubt, I was surprised she didn't on Wednesday.
  11. TTB is still at the Orpheum tonight so that's where I'll be.
  12. Tedeschi Trucks Band. Hoping for a nice Christine McVeigh cover.
  13. One of the best and one of my faves. So sorry to hear this news. I'm seeing TTB tonight, expecting a good Christine cover to be played.
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