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  1. Los Lobos... Nope, Omicron transmissibility strikes. Seeing my young grandkids this weekend and then my girlfriend's 91 year old mother next week. Decided to play it safe and stay home. And unpack. Ugh. Would much rather see Lobos but here's where we're at, again. Deja vu all over again.
  2. I think there was a little bit of One By One before Hoodoo. And Jeff asked if he had played that on the last show. He was playing it when Susie interrupted him.
  3. Comedy tonight: Whitney Cummings in Boston
  4. I'm also in MA, I'll check out the guide and see if it's playing again. As I think about it I'm pretty sure we paid for it when it first came out. Would like to watch it again.
  5. That's an excellent documentary. I watched it a while ago and now I forgot how I accessed it. Did you have to pay for it? How did you watch it?
  6. Richard Thompson. Outdoors with masks required.
  7. Back to Harborlights for Wilco! Can't freaking wait.
  8. Thanks for the reporting! Looking forward to Tuesday in Boston.
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