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  1. This is freaking amazing to me. I would seriously consider the trip from Boston except I'll be on Martha's Vineyard for Beach Road (WIlco on Sunday).
  2. I couldn't attend in 2019, so I don't know if this was new this year, Broccoli Man was a great addition to the food court!
  3. Memorial Day weekend is tough, I missed a wedding for Solid Sound. But ultimately I really liked having SS on a holiday weekend as it gave me the ability for the first time to stay Sunday night and spend a beautiful Monday without worrying about work.
  4. Nels set an incredibly high bar for this song at the Hunter Center with Jeff last year.
  5. Here's another: Wilco ‘Cruel Country’ Album Review (vulture.com)
  6. Steve Hyden is usually on the mark, and I agree, he is here as well.
  7. We spent parts of Friday and Saturday hiding from the rain, and all-day Sunday hiding from the sun! It was blazing.
  8. I was there and wasn't annoyed at all. I'm loving CC, and liked hearing what songs they chose to incorporate in a Wilco show.
  9. Yes, looking at the lightning bolts in tonight's forecast at this point I'll settle for just rain.
  10. From the Pitchfork article: "As the title implies, the album finds Wilco embracing the genre of country music."
  11. I'm confused about that. I will definitely want some physical version of the album. I don't want to have to pay twice. There should be some sort of credit if you purchase the pre-sale digital download but there is nothing to that effect on the website
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