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  1. Been a long time (a year of course) since I felt like that. What a gift. For us clients and looked like for them too.
  2. -- fried ravioli is a delicacy out of St. Louis, according to Jeff I went to college in St. Louis, ate a lot of fried ravioli
  3. I've been inexplicably absent from VC for way too long. Just checked back in today and thrilled to see this topic. Here's my list of favorite female rockers/singers/songwriters/musicians. I will limit to currently recording/performing women (sorry Grace and Janis). My list tilts heavily towards guitar playing women: Susan Tedeschi (more than a little surprised she hasn't shown up on any of the previous posts) Chrissie Courtney Lucinda Sharon Van Etten (not yet on a first name basis ) Nora Jones Amanda Shires
  4. I wanted to have a clip of just the opening, so here it is: https://youtu.be/MO0aXCxnSMs
  5. Garland was on the Tweedy Family livestream the other night talking about Curb. What I thought he said was that some of Tweedy's scene got cut but I didn't catch that all of Tweedy got cut. Disappointing!
  6. Hope Susie is OK. She was hacking up a lung last night. Sounded very worrisome
  7. Sorry, didn't mean to misquote you. Where's Deadbase when you need it? Sorry, didn't mean to misquote. I'll check Deadbase. Oops, wrong band.
  8. I asked the same question over in the SITA FB group, Diane replied he had not. Great tune! I first heard it when Jeff Daniels did it in the final scene of Newsroom (one of my favorite shows). https://youtu.be/QJzDKprFWGY
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTe0GE19wRg&feature=em-uploademail
  10. August 25th in Boston. I'm going to be on vacation on the outer Cape but I'm coming back for this one for sure.
  11. Today is the 51st anniversary of the show that gave us Dark Star > St. Stephen from Live/Dead. Play it loud! https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/grateful-dead-dark-star-st-stephen-2-27-1969/ And this: "The Grateful Dead have managed to accomplish a feat that’s almost unheard of in the music industry. The band that rose to fame largely outside the usual industry framework studio releases and album sales has now had 100 different albums land on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States. You read that correctly: the Dead, who took 22 years just to produce their first Top 10 hit single, h
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