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  1. I just gave it a re-listen. Certainly a great version. I can never say any one version of a GD song is the best without listening to all of them lined up (except maybe the 2/13/70 Dark Star), but this one is certainly in the mix. This was the night before my first GD show at Roosevelt Stadium, a barn burner of a show for sure. I've always wanted a full release of 8/6/74, instead of the combo Dick's Picks with 8//5/74.
  2. Thanks for the update. I've seen some vids, Jaggar is incredible. I've been hearing that Keith hasn't been doing too much so glad to hear you had a Keith show. I'm hoping for the same.
  3. What did you think of the Stones show? Seeing them here in MA later this month
  4. Probably my favorite concert movie. Have watched it dozens of times. Perhaps you are just not into the Band and the other performers?
  5. I haven't listened to many new releases this year, but of what penetrated my ears these are what I liked the best: Wilco - Cousin MJ Lenderman - And the Wind (Live and Loose!) Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Weathervanes Margo Price - Strays Grateful Dead - Here Comes Sunshine box set Lucinda Williams - Stories From a Rock N Roll Heart
  6. Definitely a surprise they didn't come back for an encore. That must have been the shortest of all SBS sets from Wilco. Which is in no way a complaint from me. I thought the show was excellent with lots of unexpected tunes being very well played. Plus, down in front of the stage it was hot and humid as heck without nary a breeze and I had not much left in my tank. Looking forward to today and Lucinda tonight.
  7. Lucinda Williams tonight on my birthday
  8. Show I saw tonight: Tedeschi Trucks Band Garden Party, with Warren. Killer show.
  9. Died on the same day as Garcia. Seeing Ryan Adams tonight. I was counting on a Wharf Rat, now we should get some Band tunes as well.
  10. Yes! Four great shows, Tues-Sat. Tuesday was my favorite of the four.
  11. Somehow neglected to note I saw four Phish shows at MSG last week. Tonight, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
  12. I just watched the first released video for Everything At Once. Excellent tune! Jeff on acoustic and vocals. Really good.
  13. He did play. I liked him and his songs. I wish he was a better guitar player.
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