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  1. Mouse Rat (not to be confused with) Rat Mouse
  2. Now - they fight it out on Twitter and in the courts.
  3. I have a lot of those on tape. I used to tape a lot of music stuff back in those days. One of the great ones being the Guns 'N' Roses/Nirvana feud.
  4. I think there is a 2/18 source separate from that folder. I should stick that show in that folder at some point.
  5. There in a folder marked as: Wilco 20080215_20.
  6. I was thinking that was the other one. The three colors must have been white, beige, and blue-gray.
  7. I would guess we will see some sort of boxset coming out this year.
  8. That's it. I think there were different colors.
  9. Does anyone still have the box that was around the jewel case? Mine is beige I think.
  10. Mr. Heartbreak - this you may already know about:
  11. I was surprised that where I work does not make it mandatory. I guess it comes down to some sort of legal thing. But - they did say there would be penalties for those who did not wear a mask at work. Had the 2nd one at 8:30 this morning Not feeling very well as the day went on
  12. The governor in my state found out the other day that the girl's basketball team he coaches had turned down the vaccine. He was not too happy about that. As he spends time everyday trying to get people to not buy into rumors or other such nonsense.
  13. Interesting how it varies - age/gender/physical condition do not seem to matter
  14. I get the 2nd one Monday. I've read a lot of people don't feel so good after that.
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