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  1. That's a story I have never heard before. I bet they could have jammed on some Chuck Berry songs together.
  2. I can't recall all the people I met that night. I was also the source for that show. I didn't even know how to do that at the time.
  3. There have been some I did not get - but thought about it: The Final Note (Painter's Mill 1971), Warner Theater 2005, Down in Texas '71, and Syria Mosque (1971). I have been by the place where the last one was recorded. It's a parking lot now. I did get the re-release of Bear's Fillmore East show (1970) and the Fillmore West '71 cd.
  4. When the world was in lockdown - I bought the box - The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings.
  5. When I saw that thing about Vegas I wondered how they would do that without Larry. The Black Crowes did a similar release some years ago. It is actually pretty good. We'll see. I read his book. But I had to read it quick - it was through a library ebook. U2 is the only band releasing new albums that I am still buying. I have pretty much gave up on everybody else.
  6. Mr. u2roolz - are you going to post about the new U2 album?
  7. I did not know there was a 3rd series. I like that show she was in with Phil Davis - Rose and Maloney. Now if we could only get more of Whitechapel. I have watched that many times.
  8. Yea - Sunday afternoon also.
  9. That used to be a Saturday afternoon or late night movie back in the day.
  10. You can read about it starting on Page 3: https://viachicago.org/topic/53522-wilco-on-nugsnet-subscription/page/3/ I wonder why also. I don't think anyone has heard a reason.
  11. Below are all the shows we have collected and uploaded to The Wilco Live Show Archive from July 2022 -December 2022: It could be we are not going to see a lot of shows going forward. As Wilco no longer allows taping. I guess we will see as time goes on. (Note: There were a lot of old shows put up at The Traders’ Den, Dime a Dozen, etc. the past few months. We already have those shows up at the Wilco Live Show Archive. I don't think I am going to bother posting shows anymore that we already have and that have been posted on various BT sites over and over again. That is one
  12. I don't think I have ever got to see the last two seasons they made. I'll have to see if they are streaming somewhere here.
  13. I like that song The Kind of Fella I Am. It's a great album. I may get the new 2 disc version.
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