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  1. Oh It was Mr. Owl's decision to encourage people to support the band while they can not tour. It's all good.
  2. Below are all the shows we have collected and uploaded to The Wilco Live Show Archive from January 2 2020-December 31 2020: (The Wilco Live Show Archive link is still set to direct people to the Wilco Roadcase site. These shows will be there for you to grab in the future ...)
  3. I wonder how long it has been since Jeff played a T Rex song? (I have not seen any of the home shows).
  4. There is also the mystery of what happened to Adam Katz.
  5. I just found another British show on Amazon that I think I can get into: New Tricks (2003-2015).
  6. There is a lot of those FM recordings to be found on Amazon. There is some sort of legal loop hole that makes it possible for those to be sold. Those are probably just the same audio files we already have pressed on a cd and slapped together with cheap artwork.
  7. I'd say that cd/record is a bootleg or "grey market" release. There is no need to buy that.
  8. I wonder if this the same live UT album that suppose to come out years ago. The timing of this release is interesting - as someone just put out a upgraded version of the show.
  9. Aha. That would be something if they ever did that.
  10. I think that is right. I guess Paul's son James does solo shows. A Beatles blog I read had a write up about it. Dhani has a band I think. Zak is playing for The Who again. And Sean did that album with Les Claypool.
  11. I recall reading somewhere a while back that they (the Beatles adult children) were going to form a group. I am guessing that was just some sort of made up rumor.
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