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  1. I have not heard it. I suppose I will at some point. I was not really a fan of the other songs they did back in the Anthology days. It seems wrong to me. About the same deal as when they (Bruce/Stones) go back and add stuff to old songs.
  2. There is a 45 single (California/Sight Unseen). I've always hoped that whole thing might come out someday.
  3. Haha - I was in my teens. But not as much as I would be later. I've always been a Who guy really.
  4. That might have been the year I got Beggars Banquet/Let In Bleed/Exile on Main Street on cassette. I still have those tapes.
  5. That is right - I forgot about that one.
  6. Isn't funny how things have changed over the years -
  7. When I was reading about that elsewhere - (there was a 20 or so minute video about it - now gone) - I came across several unedited interviews that Bechard put up from the Color Me Obsessed documentary. There is some interesting stuff there. I suppose they must have a plan to do the rest of the albums at some point.
  8. I was just listening to the GD Podcast about Watkins Glen the other day.
  9. I've not read that one yet. But the other two that guy wrote (One Way Out. . .Allman Brothers and Texas Flood. . .SRV) are great.
  10. Aha - a bit of trickery going on.
  11. There was no cell phones the last time around. It did sound catchy.
  12. They were the last intact (famous) band (since Dusty - ZZ Top - passed). I have to wonder if that will be permanent. The same thing happened with Cheap Trick and now Aerosmith (stand in drummers that is).
  13. Oh - I only added a comma. I fixed it. The last time I saw Wilco was in the student union here where I work.
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