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  1. I get the 2nd one Monday. I've read a lot of people don't feel so good after that.
  2. There was a also mini-series made for TV in 1994. I think you can still find it on Youtube.
  3. They turned down the idea of putting the shows up there several years ago.
  4. I am fortunate here that the buses did not get shut down. The surrounding cities shut down the buses for a long time last spring. That is how I go to the store every Saturday morning. They only allow 4 people on the bus. And I am the first one on the bus coming and going. I finally got an appointment for the vaccine Monday morning. I tried several times and was not successful.
  5. Plus - Get a Life (which you can find on Youtube)
  6. I think the only Bottle Rockets album I ever owned was The Brooklyn Side. Which I gave away years ago.
  7. That's interesting. In the show she is shown to be small. Even wearing an FBI jacket that is 3 sizes too big for her.
  8. I like it. It is a Michael Mann film. I just watched the 3rd episode of Clarice.
  9. And there is now a TV show called Clarice and before that Hannibal. There is also Manhunter (1986).
  10. Stewart is quite something. Being a teenager of the 1980s - I was a big Police fan. I still am. He has some interesting videos on YT - showing off his studio and gear.
  11. You can find that Klark Kent stuff on Youtube.
  12. I guess he wants Stewart Copeland to do it. As - he came up with the name Foo Fighters - the same as Stewart made up the band name of Klark Kent to hide who he was.
  13. I think Dave is already planning who will induct him. I know he seems like a good guy - but the music he makes is terrible.
  14. It's offline at the moment.
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