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  1. Far Out - I was just watching videos about her on Youtube.
  2. Now that I did not know. Or remember anyhow.
  3. That was due to the dive/documentary on the wreck. They were able to prove that the unsecured hatch covers did not cause the ship to sink.
  4. That was one of the Kicking Television (live album) (plus film that never came out) shows.
  5. That's one of those movies I saw as a kid on a Saturday afternoon - most likely.
  6. Adventures in Rainbow Country (1970-1971) This seems to be some sort of an action adventure show for the whole family.
  7. I sort of find it hard to believe they would do such a thing. But I should not be surprised I guess.
  8. That's a story I have never heard before. I bet they could have jammed on some Chuck Berry songs together.
  9. I can't recall all the people I met that night. I was also the source for that show. I didn't even know how to do that at the time.
  10. There have been some I did not get - but thought about it: The Final Note (Painter's Mill 1971), Warner Theater 2005, Down in Texas '71, and Syria Mosque (1971). I have been by the place where the last one was recorded. It's a parking lot now. I did get the re-release of Bear's Fillmore East show (1970) and the Fillmore West '71 cd.
  11. When the world was in lockdown - I bought the box - The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings.
  12. When I saw that thing about Vegas I wondered how they would do that without Larry. The Black Crowes did a similar release some years ago. It is actually pretty good. We'll see. I read his book. But I had to read it quick - it was through a library ebook. U2 is the only band releasing new albums that I am still buying. I have pretty much gave up on everybody else.
  13. Mr. u2roolz - are you going to post about the new U2 album?
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