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  1. Anybody able to share this free download?
  2. Did the Carols Pub show on Wilco radio ever get release in one of teh digital live formats? Is there anyway to get a rip of this broadcast?
  3. are the tweedy shows no longer stored on the instagram page?
  4. Jeff Tweedy Rivets Stadium Loves Park, IL July 3, 2021 intro I Know What It's Like Love Is The King A Robin Or A Wren Opaline Half-Asleep Don't Forget You Are Not Alone (Mavis Staples) Bombs Above Some Birds Having Been Is No Way To Be Gwendolyn Evergreen Low Key New Moon Guess Again Love Like A Wire (Danny Izzo) Family Ghost Natural Disaster Let's Go Rain Don't Bring Me Down (The Beatles) Give Me Back The Key To My Heart (Doug Sahm) California Stars The band sounded great. Night was perfect. (Lots of space so c
  5. Great show . Last couple of tracks seemed to suffer from drop-outs or was this just my connection? Was hoping for a replay to check
  6. Whole set - intro Wilco(The Song) Bull Black Nova You Are My Face I Am Trying To Break Your Heart> One Wing A Shot In The Arm One By One Either Way Company In My Back Sonny Feeling Handshake Drugs Impossible Germany It's Just That Simple California Stars Poor Places> (Acoustic Set) Spiders(Kidsmoke) How To Fight Loneliness You and I Forget the Flowers Someday Some Morning Sometime Laminated Cat When You Wake Up Feeling Old War On War Passenger Side I Must Be High Airline To Heaven End of Acoustic Set Via Chicago Theologians You Never Know Jesus Etc Hate It Here Heavy Metal Drummer I'
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