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  1. 3 nights of Wilco!!! wooooooo- can’t wait!
  2. An Evening with Yo la Tengo! heard the tour can be a “drag” (me, letting myself out)
  3. Sadly about 2500. The old Electric Factory is not a great room, but the band sounded excellent (posted up by the mix) and Bucks new tunes (and band) were, of course, lovely.
  4. Big Thief w Buck Meek opener- just back!!
  5. Neal Francis- my first show of the year, I know I know I’m late, but promise I’ll make up for it!
  6. All set for 3 nights at the Cap with a st auggie chaser!!! wooooooooo, I mean WOOOOOOOOOO
  7. Other dates too! Wow this really makes my day!!
  8. GBV/ Dinosaur Jr. in Philly tonight woooooooooooooo
  9. Dang I forget to post Kurt Vile Friday night at a nice small PA club. Played two acoustic solo John Prine tunes and finished with "Punks in the Beerlight". Great set by the band in a crowded space. Even snagged a setlist!
  10. The National (last night). Always lovely and subtlety powerful.
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