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  1. Have since added SBS, Mdou Moctar, string cheese, and Modest Mouse.
  2. Can’t Wait! There were off site daily morning excursions/ tours subject to “reservations” and additional fees plus an event for Positive Legacy doing environmental clean up with Jeff. Should be announced later I’m thinking. Many non- alcoholic offerings from very skilled bartending crews across the resort. Also saw a sign for recovery meetings on resort- Hard Rock should have info. Pumped (more pumped) to see Ms. Mavis added to the fun!!!
  3. Ditto! DITTO (gulp).
  4. Dang it, it seems I have too many friends with fear of commitment (for now....). Looks like I might be booking a room this week and finding a roomie later!
  5. Am I dreaming or am I sleepwalking or am I..... (I must be...)
  6. Meriweather, Des Moines and, and, and.......
  7. Just heard love is everywhere (beware) in a Corona commercial. On tv. On account of I’m still not hardly going out. On account of the virus.
  8. I just heard an acoustic “I Got You” during a Feeding America/ Bushs baked beans commercial carry on.
  9. Berman and Hunter (sigh) agreed, though I bet they might be sardonically pleased in a way with the omission. gotta admit, Grammys are appointment television for me every year- love the (over) production, the train wrecks (looking at you this year Aerosmith, karmas a sweet emotion), the fashion, collabs..haha all of the peacock pageantry. and Alicia Keys once again, wow. An aside: my daughter and friend busted their asses to get to the Anthem (in Washington) this past fall to see Billie. I gave her permission to call off from her job at the pizza shop. “Just tell them the truth”, I lied
  10. Thank you so much for the excellent review and phenomenal shots, Tim. After a long Monday (not to mention last Thu/Fri) back in the trenches, your review really makes my day. And the additional photos at the end of the article are not to be missed. Most excellent!
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