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  1. Seeing Georgia, Ira, and James tonight for first time since Sky Blue Sky. 250 capacity 160 year old hall in area that is giving me serious “The Village” vibes.
  2. Random (non music) thoughts from dagwave: transpo to resort was kinda long and dry. Prepare accordingly. Might have been bad time of day. Transpo to airport- great - check in pain free - don’t fail to be aggressive with room service - delicious and quick - many walk up options throughout the day and night with easy bites as well as multiple serve yourself mini buffets ( pre COVID) - convenient bar locations and quick service. Multiple non- alcohol options too! - size of resort great- big enough to get a little lost, close enough to any and all events moder
  3. Has anyone checked on Paul since the Cubs ⚾️dismemberment??? Paul, breathe, just breathe.
  4. Well said! By the way there’s a great downtown breakfast place right on the little downtown bridge. Fine lunch, dinner, and service. Stayed in Williamstown 2 Solids ago. Oh wait that’s Wilmington VT. Never mind…..
  5. It was lovely and lively. Enjoyed w/ daughter- great vibe, super playing, great TEMPO. A lot of energy and smiles on stage. James Casey sang lead on one of 2 JGB songs. Saxophone and keyboards really filled the sound. Fine playing - hope a tour after respective summer commitments.
  6. Billy and the Kids (w Billy strings) first live music since SkyBlueSky!
  7. And Billy and the Kids (w Billy Strings), Deer Tick and Yo la Tengo
  8. Have since added SBS, Mdou Moctar, string cheese, and Modest Mouse.
  9. Can’t Wait! There were off site daily morning excursions/ tours subject to “reservations” and additional fees plus an event for Positive Legacy doing environmental clean up with Jeff. Should be announced later I’m thinking. Many non- alcoholic offerings from very skilled bartending crews across the resort. Also saw a sign for recovery meetings on resort- Hard Rock should have info. Pumped (more pumped) to see Ms. Mavis added to the fun!!!
  10. Ditto! DITTO (gulp).
  11. Dang it, it seems I have too many friends with fear of commitment (for now....). Looks like I might be booking a room this week and finding a roomie later!
  12. Am I dreaming or am I sleepwalking or am I..... (I must be...)
  13. Meriweather, Des Moines and, and, and.......
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