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  1. Avett Brothers. After Ayer another fighting Phillies win!!
  2. Lighting out shortly for Brooklyn, and in the morning North Adams. Can’t Wait. It’s been a minute since I last pointed the car towards WesternMass. Safe travels to all my fellow fans. See ya at Joe’s.
  3. Got it. Thank you! also - SOLID SOUND APP UPDATED for 2022
  4. Got the email, but app still only playing the two single releases 🥺
  5. Grabbed some GA for New Haven at 10 sharp…. for now???
  6. Agreed wholeheartedly! Was not familiar with Rosali, but commented was most impressive opener I’ve seen in years. And Destroyer- what a band- 6 piece that was locked in the whole show. And sweet sweet Bejar! A really beefed up sound compared to the records!
  7. Same for tonight - local show. Hope ya had a good time!
  8. Son Volt (hometown show).
  9. Nice. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/wilcos-sky-blue-sky-2022-in-pics-stephen-malkmus-kurt-vile-spoon-thundercat-more/
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