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  1. SSL certificate didn't update correctly. Should be fixed now.
  2. @kidsmoke, you want to take this one? I tried to look into it myself but the wayback machine doesn't go back far enough.
  3. Relaxing at home with the wife. Cooked and ate a nice early Valentine's dinner together (she works late tomorrow night), and we finished up season 5 of The Expanse. Pretty great weekend so far. 😀
  4. Clearly photoshopped. There's no way you all got to go to the loft.
  5. Probably won't be awake to catch it live (my wife works afternoon/evening shift at a covid processing lab, so we're on a weird schedule), but I'll honestly just be relieved if I don't wake up to an ongoing crisis megathread in r/politics. Maybe we'll open a bottle of wine or something tomorrow night though.
  6. (On the next Science Friday:) Are spiders filling out tax returns?
  7. Why does your television have a foot-sized hole in it?
  8. Sorry about that....uploads were previously capped at 5 MB per post, so you might have been running into that limit. I've bumped it up to 30 MB per post to avoid similar issues in the future. Bear in mind that there's currently a max upload storage limit, across all forums, of ~2 GB per user by default (this quota may change in the future depending on server resources). If anyone finds themselves running into this ceiling, please contact one of the admins and we'll see what we can do.
  9. I think today's admission may be the closest we ever get to an actual "concession" from Trump. Even if he announces it more formally at a press conference or rally, it'll be couched in terms of illegal voting, rigged elections and probably some good ol' fashioned racism for good measure, because he's literally incapable of admitting actual defeat or failure. Hell, he's still sore that he didn't win the popular vote in 2016, an election he actually did win overall. Whatever. He can keep bitching about it, filing frivolous lawsuits and making vague mafia-style threats, his congress
  10. Yeah looking at the current percentages, I think you might be right about Warnock, but it's still going to be a tough fight. Loeffler would actually have a plurality right now if it wasn't for Collins splitting the vote. With Collins out of the race I worry his supporters will shift to Loeffler instead. In any case, I wouldn't want to live in Georgia the next couple of months. I don't even live in a swing state and I've gotten probably a hundred different political calls and texts in the last couple of weeks, not to mention the political mail. I can't even imagine the bombardment
  11. Nice to feel a bit of relief for once after the past four years. I wish I could actually feel happy about it - I thought I would be ecstatic about a Biden win, but without the senate it feels like a bit of a hollow victory. Obviously the two GA seats are still a possibility, but even winning one of those would be extremely lucky and we need both for a majority. I suspect Biden will have to issue a ton of executive orders to make any progress at all over the next 2 years minimum.
  12. I'm following the reddit live thread and hoping for some good news. Intentionally avoiding news sites and FiveThirtyEight because I'm terrified of what the updated projections might show. Trying to brace for the worst but I have to admit, I'm not ready for it. Not again.
  13. Love the DeVos one. Reminds me of those decorative throw pillows you can buy with phrases like, "Eat a bag of dicks" written in big curly script. I'm also a big fan of the "Fuck Trump" kitten in the corner. *Edit: Does she sell these anywhere, or are they just for personal use/family/friends? I would definitely pay for some of those. And they'll still be relevant for a few months no matter what happens tomorrow.
  14. That was a heartwarming read and the pictures they sprinkled in are adorable. I also appreciated the self-awareness. From the title I was expecting the article to harp on about the unique things Jeff did as a parent that really drove Spencer's creative development, but they make it clear from the get-go that it was a combination of good parenting and Spencer being extremely lucky to grow up immersed in the music scene. Which makes sense of course - Jeff's parenting style/philosophy is certainly admirable, but not at all unique (at least not by modern standards?), and there are surely millions
  15. Pelosi's press conference today implied that the 25th amendment might be under consideration, given Trump's "altered" mental state. If so that could explain Pence's sudden change of plans. Supposedly she'll be discussing it more tomorrow.
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