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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. On a more serious note: That was a heartwarming read and the pictures they sprinkled in are adorable. I also appreciated the self-awareness. From the title I was expecting the article to harp on about the unique things Jeff did as a parent that really drove Spencer's creative development, but they make it clear from the get-go that it was a combination of good parenting and Spencer being extremely lucky to grow up immersed in the music scene. Which makes sense of course - Jeff's parenting style/philosophy is certainly admirable, but not at all unique (at least not by modern standards?), and there are surely millions of other parents who are just as supportive and encouraging. But of course most of those parents aren't career musicians.
  2. Pelosi's press conference today implied that the 25th amendment might be under consideration, given Trump's "altered" mental state. If so that could explain Pence's sudden change of plans. Supposedly she'll be discussing it more tomorrow.
  3. I realized recently that I may have incorrectly set the notification settings during our recent software upgrade, and many of you may not have been getting notifications for topic replies and/or other followed content. In the interest of making sure everyone is getting notifications by default, I've reset the default notification settings and set all user notification preferences to these defaults (I apologize for any inconvenience this causes to those of you who have already modified your notification preferences since the board upgrade). With the new default settings, you should now be automatically "following" (subscribed to) any topics you create or reply to. "Bubble" notifications (red markers over the bell in the user panel) should now be enabled for almost all categories, including topic replies. In addition to bubble notifications, email notifications will also be sent for: new PMs, "@YourUsername" mentions (e.g. @Neuroglue), and new content in any followed forums or topics. You can customize these settings on the "Notification settings" page, which is on the right side of the "Account settings" page (or at the bottom, if you're on mobile). Please note that the "New content for things I follow" setting controls notifications for new forum content, and topic reply notifications are controlled by "Someone comments on something I follow." As always, please contact us if you have any questions/problems.
  4. Well this seems to be escalating quickly. I was definitely was in the "this is just a political stunt" camp when I first heard the diagnosis, but this might be the one time he's actually telling the truth.
  5. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. During the upgrade there was an option to show members' "display names" or "usernames", and obviously I chose the former to keep everyone's settings the same, but it sounds like that also affected the login info. @RainDogToo, can you confirm that @theashtraysays' solution works for you also?
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    Possibly a browser cache issue, at least with regards to @Analogman's problem. Not sure if it explains @uncool2pillow 's problem, but it's the only thing I can think of at present. We applied a major software update to the board last night, so some browsers/devices are probably getting confused because of leftover cached data from the old board. For anyone else who runs into this issue, try clearing your cache/browser data first (on Chrome, this would be: 3-dot menu -> History -> History -> Clear Browsing Data). Any other issues (or suggestions, or complaints), please send us a PM, post on the "Speakers Speaking..." forum, or just use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page (if you can't log in at all).
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