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  1. yeah, i see that now... that's not as bad looks like it's a promoter thing, as they're doing the same thing for the Steve Miller Band show there. lol
  2. WTF is this $225 VIP Experience crap? When did Wilco become U2?
  3. Just announced: http://first-avenue.com/event/2016/08/wilco
  4. there is one in early '14, just Pac NW so far tho
  5. dig this album a lot, but i could do with a bit less flute...
  6. Denver was looser but even more fun than Toronto. Great to see/hang with you Sandoz p.s. they didn't actually play 'Ace of Spades', misreporting: https://twitter.com/timmpls/status/382744741919457280
  7. far as i've heard there will be no shows other than these 3. if they miraculously go well, there may be more in the future, but as of now, nothing planned.
  8. not sure what happened with the server on Thursday, but the easiest route was a full backup + reimage of the server, which usually takes less than 12 hours, but for whatever reason it got hungup during the reimage and didn't get restored until yesterday evening.
  9. the high yesterday there was in the mid 50's to low 60's most of the day
  10. Jeff even addresses this before And Your Bird Can Sing... "Anyone disappointed we're playing all covers?", to which the crowd overwhelmingly cheers no. i get being disappointed if you truly wanted to hear more Wilco songs, or rare Wilco songs, but I don't get walking away from a once in a lifetime show like this being disappointed in general. there's opinions and there's whining, you're more than entitled to your opinion, and we're more than entitled to feel your opinion comes of as whining . and that's all I have to say about that. amazing show, thank you NYCTaper!!! edit: he addresse
  11. My guess is the lineup will be Paul and Tommy plus Peter Anderson on drums and Kevin Bowe on guitar. I'll be at the Denver show, possibly Chicago too.
  12. didn't care for his last one much at all save for 2-3 songs. this is by far his best since his debut.
  13. New show announced in Dylan's hometown! Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth on July 9th. Tickets onsale Friday at 10am.
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