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  1. Sounds like that would be cool. So is/was Porchlight basically a dying star with no support, waiting to expire? There was maybe 15 of us participating although it was pretty much tumbleweeds and crickets until she toured or put out a new release. I actually keep in touch with some of my fellow Porchlighters outside of the forum (Hi Louie!) so it's no great shakes if it did indeed went 'poof!'. Just sorta sad about it, I guess.
  2. Anyone know what happened to the Neko Case web-forum Porchlight? It has vanished. It was the kid sister to this site (albeit a quiet one) for years.
  3. love your avatar. Yeah for Neko!!! oops, sorry to interrupt. Wilco Now.
  4. Thanks for your time-traveled posting. Ran a little late getting out of New Hampshire so I missed the first few songs. Having attended both the Concord and Hartford shows on the New England State Capitol Tour, I have to say sleepy little Concord did fall short on vocals for 'Jesus Etc.' That being said, 'In the Street' blew doors. I was NOT expecting that one. They absolutely crushed it. RIP, Alex. A buddy of mine who used to work for the Bushnell says that Mortensen Hall -- the room they played last night -- was the prototype for Radio City Music Hall and was constructed just before Radio City in the early 30's. You can definitely see the similarities. Beautiful, Art Deco styled architecture. And they let you buy as many beers as you could carry and take them right back to your seat. Thanks Hartford!
  5. pureguava

    7/11 Lowell

    hey, I think I got a hold of your pic and posted it as well (see above). Got it sent to me this morning by my buddy Brian who works at UMass-Amherst and who got it from someone named John. Did you take this picture? I was probably about 10 feet behind you. Anyway..thanks. And 7/12/90 at RFK? I was there too! Remember that lightning bolt that just about hit the stadium? That was a close one. And yes, Wilco basically had no cover while Jerry and the boys didn't appear to think twice since they had the coverage.
  6. pureguava

    7/11 Lowell

    Louie, it was a great show. Would have been great if you could have made it out. Abby's mom grew up in Lowell so we did a drive-by of her old house. 'I'm the Man Who Loves You' in the driving rain was just insane. (I really was surprised they actually came back out, even for one). Here's a shot of them having at it. Hope to see you in Chicago for the Bloodshot bash but the prospects are dimming. Must. Keep. Hope. Alive. Take care. -Glenn
  7. pureguava

    7/11 Lowell

    The boys were solid from the starting gun. Bit of a shame the encore got cut short. Certainly the most enthusiastic ITMWLY I've ever seen. Favorite part was was hanging with my cousin who'd never seen Wilco. They start into Via Chicago and I say, "oh, this is a nice mellow tune." So she's getting kinda lulled into the early mellowness when -bam- they start in with the gnarly dissonance and she must have jumped about a foot off the ground. Wasn't expecting that, I guess.
  8. yup, we'll be there with the boys. Big ups to Kristofor for the heads-up on the Lowell scene pre- and post-show. really appreciate it. -Abby & Glenn
  9. Beethoven's Sonata No. 8 "Pathetique", Op 13 II while they're walking in and Frank Hutchison's "K.C. Blues" while they're walking out. At the post-mortem bash later someone will need to request Neko Case's "Favorite."
  10. Hi Lou (and everyone else!), I'm new here and per LouieB's request, I'm posting the info on a nice little hotel in the Lake View section on the North Side of Chicago. It's called The Willows and it's at 555 W. Surf. It ain't cheap (although we did get a nice break on the price through priceline.com) but it is nice, clean, friendly, and in a killer location. It's about 2 blocks from the Days Inn on Diversey and a little over a mile from Wrigley. We were in town for the recent Hideout Block Party (a great time that I highly recommend). It was about a 20-minute car ride. And it was only about a 10-minute walk to the lake! In any case Lou, it's too bad we didn't hook up last time but the next time Wilco plays Tanglewood let's meet! -Glenn
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