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  1. I did get to see Elton solo at one of the Neil Young Bridge shows. Amazing how great it sounded stripped down with just him and a piano.
  2. This happens more and more as I get older. Just rise above the noise and confusion.
  3. Enjoyed Ozarks much more than I expected.
  4. Just picked up tix for Elvis and the imposters at Fillmore in Denver. Never thought I would get the chance to see him.
  5. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
  6. Reykjavik airport has great bathrooms. Like little suites. But other than that, not much experience as it's always just a stop on the way to Scotland.
  7. Have to admit that Slowdive did nothing for me on 1st listen but it's on enough lists I think I will revisit.
  8. Guided by voices in Denver.
  9. Radiohead Cars RATM Dire Straits Judas Priest It's very simple and non subjective.
  10. That Nixon fella was quite a piece of work.
  11. Drove 20 minutes to the record store to buy this and found out its not out until next week. But I picked up a sealed original Husker Du album so no loss.
  12. Well that song is all kinds of good.
  13. It's a very quick read. Non stop action.
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