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  1. "Nebraska" is the only Bruce album I own. What a great record.
  2. Now reading "Storm of Steel" by E. Junger. Very interesting WW1 novel from the German perspective.
  3. Watched "Dr. Strangelove" last night. It still holds up as a masterpiece. I wonder why Hollywood hasn't made a sequel for it yet.
  4. While I haven't read all of McCarthy's books, I do think that Blood Meridian could be the best of the bunch. One or two of his earlier books I started but had to drop. The writing was just way too dense.
  5. Oh damn, its so good! McCarthy at the height of his powers.
  6. In the spirit of brutality that is happening now in the age of the dotard, it's time to dive into "Blood Meridian" by McCarthy.
  7. NoJ


    We have a pretty open relationship with my son; all topics are on the table.
  8. Thanks Chez! Ok, here goes...................spoiler question ahead.. Outside of the obvious ones like Bob, Joan, Scarlet and Joni, I'm thinking all those other people interviewed were fakes. Agree/disagree? And that got me thinking...how much of the footage was faked as well? Not the concert footage but shots of the outside when people were buying tickets, etc...
  9. Anyone opposed to me asking spoiler questions about the Dylan doc?
  10. We watched most of it last night. Oh man, that "Isis" was awesome. I've listened to that version of the song for quite some time now. What a treat to see it performed on film. The fake stuff I found annoying. I can see Bob just loving it though so...I'll roll with it. At least he is consistent with never giving a straight answer. Also, I have loved Scarlett ever since I first heard her. That discordant "gypsy" sound of hers....and then to see her interviewed and realize she is a total complete freak....oh man!
  11. NoJ


    He did. He also said there was a tremendous amount of weed smoking going on. I said "yep".
  12. NoJ


    He better not be meeting any of those folks. Baaad influences, all of 'em. Correct, I will not be attending. I'll be working on deepening my indentation of a couch cushion tonite.
  13. You guys are lucky to have peers in your hood. I'm surrounded by super old people and crazy morons.
  14. NoJ


    Sweet! I just agreed to let my son attend the Dead & Co show tonite. It'll be his first GD related concert!
  15. Winston, you could always sit on the hill and grassy areas outside that venue. I saw lots and lots of people doing just that when the Beach Boys played there a few yrs ago. Its an option, just sayin...
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