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  1. Winter (This song doesn't have any Keith on it and it almost sounds like a Van Morrison track, but I love the mood and feeling of it. Used to play this song in one of my old bands.) Rocks Off (One of the greatest album openers ever. Pure, exuberant Rock and Roll.) Dead Flowers (A friend and I played guitars and sang this one so many times one late drunken night, we actually had a neighbor yell at us to play another song.) Bonus: Gimme Shelter (Merry Clayton's vocals on this just kill me.) Sympathy for the Devil (Always loved this song, and that guitar solo at th
  2. Hell Bent wasn't the first Judas Priest record I bought, but it quickly became my favorite record of theirs when i bought the cassette many moons ago during a summer vacation. It's still my go to JP record, probably because it is the most eclectic release in their catalog.
  3. I had a feeling his next book was going to be about songwriting. This should be a great read.
  4. Yes indeed, can't forget him. That reminds me, need to play some Weakerthans tomorrow, it's been a while. I think he might be a dual citizen. Win and Regine have a house a few blocks from me in New Orleans. I think they spend most of their time down here now.
  5. And we can't forget Joni Mitchell. Her, Neil and Leonard are probably my top 3 Canadian songwriters. We could also throw Gordon Lightfoot and Ron Sexsmith in there somewhere too.
  6. Man, I love this show. Remember watching it when if first aired, then years later bought the DVD boxset. It's been a while since I watched it, but I'm sure someday I'll give it another watch.
  7. He is one of my all-time favorite songwriters. This one hit me hard. I was so bummed when he had to cancel performing at the New Orleans Jazz Fest last year. I was hoping I'd still get a chance to see him perform... maybe one day.
  8. They were filming some of the new Bill & Ted here in New Orleans last summer. Not sure what to think of another sequel after 30 years, but I'm kinda curious.
  9. This came as a complete shock and left me devastated. I love the new Purple Mountains record, but I couldn't bring myself to listen to it today. David was one of my favorite songwriters, so smart, witty, unique and inspiring. This one is going to take some time to get over.
  10. Such a great musician, what a loss. I moved to New Orleans last year, had hoped to one day see him perform somewhere, though I knew it was a long shot from what I heard from a couple of musician friends that knew him and the state of his health..Thanks for the music Mac!
  11. Due to his multi-instrumental prowess and versatility I'm going to have to go with Prince.
  12. I'm an amalgam of a lot of the previous posters: Play guitar and a few other instruments/Write and record music Really love traveling to new places (recent trips: Iceland and Texas for work) I enjoy photography Collecting Musical Instruments (guitars, sitar, pedal steel, mandolin, bouzouki, kalimba...) Films (I sometimes go through phases genre-wise, but overall my tastes run fairly eclectic) Listening to and Collecting Music (Records, CDs, FLACs)
  13. Damn, that's a shame. I haven't listened to them in a while, time to rectify that.
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