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  1. I haven't heard that either. How's it compare to Kicking At The Perfumed Air? Thought that was a pretty great record to remember Bennett by.
  2. Nice review in Pitchfork. I really like this line from Stephen M. Deusner: "On Summerteeth Jeff Tweedy and Wilco sound jumpier and nervier than they’d ever sounded before, as though they’ve been struck by lightning" https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/wilco-summerteeth-deluxe-edition/
  3. Agree. I might have played Soft Bulletin, Summerteeth & Deserter's Songs (Mercury Rev disc out in late '98) every day for all of 1999. Pavement, Built To Spill & Sigur Ros also had really good albums out that year.
  4. Summerteeth came out two months prior to SB, amazingly. What a couple months those were!
  5. "American Head" is out today. Beautiful record. I got thinking...has there been a better American band the last 25+ years? Yes, of course it's subjective. And yes, Wilco has a very good argument. I lean that way myself. There's something about the Flaming Lips quirkiness and resiliency and Wayne Coyne's optimism and hope that feels like the American spirit. I like his new quote in Rolling Stone: "I think the world is a wonderful, beautiful, insane place. I don’t think of the world as being this great punisher that’s here to teach us horrible things. Surely, there is a lot of injustice and there’s a lot of pain, but the world can really only be as beautiful as you see it. Two people can be standing in front of the sunset, and one of them just sees it as a waste of time: 'What are we standing here for?' And the other one sees it as the greatest experience they’ve ever had." Anyhoo. Music fans are lucky to have both bands creating good music for so long.
  6. Tweedy Show thread reveals Jeff talks of Summerteeth demos out in November. SWEET!
  7. If the 5 released songs are an indicator, this record's gonna be a MUST buy. Giving me Soft Bulletin vibes, but yet sounds really fresh. Out September 11th.
  8. Thanks for reminding of this. Of course, it's on Westerberg's "49:00" record, which is SO good. My favorite is a 4:00 song near the end, "It'll Never Die". The guitar on "Devil Raised A Good Boy". "Goodnight Sweet Prince", so powerful. The disc starts with 2 classic-sounding Westerberg jangly pop songs, and ends with his son singing some sort of non-sensical lyrics on a great, blistering 2:00 track.
  9. "Smog Moon" - Matthew Sweet "Breathe Some New Life" - Paul Westerberg "Dinosaurs On The Mountain" - Flaming Lips * * The Lips have 3 songs out now from their upcoming new album. They all have a Soft Bulletin-ish sound. Sounds promising.
  10. And....thinking of the Eels...I'll add another: "Bone Dry".
  11. "Lights" - Jayhawks (Victoria Williams cover) "Climbing To The Moon" - Eels "Mountjoy" - Morrissey
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