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  1. Thanks. Hopefully this thread eventually starts filling up with others, that will likely be much better than mine.
  2. Bumped my head In bed Cobwebs Crank up Least That's What You Said Uncle took a bat- Crap crazy to my ass Sing to the birds? Pass Handshake Drugs Oh that bass! Like a hug Scatters the bugs Mind races Chasing sun Walk the dog Wants to run She won't go far I'm on a star iPod's playing She's A Jar
  3. What might Wilco's FIRST post-Covid concert song be? The Wings' "Venus & Mars/Rock Show" would be fantastic, but that won't happen. Will it be a Wilco classic, or something brand new? Getting closer & closer to finding out.
  4. How confident should we feel that the August shows in the States will go off okay? I'm feeling optimistic, with COVID slowing down & vaccinations increasing daily. Got my fingers crossed!
  5. I remember when mp3's of final versions of YHF songs began popping up online. "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" was the first mp3 I heard. The Big Star "Kangaroo"-like drum intro had me mesmerized. I musta listened to it 15 times straight over the course of that day & night.
  6. Dry Cleaning's "New Long Leg" is a keeper.
  7. I saw the Pitchfork write-up, then listened to their album on YouTube. Bought the CD the next day. For me, the record is 35 minutes of indie folk/pop bliss.
  8. Anybody familiar with this trio from Philadelphia? "New Music and Big Pop", their brand new album, is quite stunning. Mellow, pretty, breezy, fresh...a WONDERFUL 35 minutes of indie/folk/pop.
  9. Another Michael, a trio from Philadelphia, just released "New Music and Big Pop". Folky. Breezy. Fresh-sounding. 10 tracks run 35 minutes. Really great to these ears.
  10. Songs not mentioned yet that are highlights: Taste The Ceiling, Standing O, Wilco The Song, Country Disappeared, Just Say Goodbye. I'd agree with TCP that Star Wars might be the most "inspired", though Ode To Joy could make the claim.
  11. Flaming Lips - American Head (I didn't see this one listed, so threw it in. I liked some of those mentioned, including Tweedy's solo record & Soul Asylum's newest. The Summerteeth & Pleased To Meet Me reissues nice as well.)
  12. I'm not hearing it either. Been awhile since I last listened to Steal Away....pretty great tune.
  13. I like the sound of "Pecan Pie"...comfortable. Food musta been on the mind of Jay or Jeff when naming "Pieholden Suite". "Spiders singing in the salty breeze"....?....that's a stretch. Chinese Apple. Hey Chicken (....hanging on a sour grape vine) A Slim Jim is referenced in "I Might". That's all I got. I think it's high time Jeff writes a song or 2 about food he loves. Chicago pizza, oatmeal with bananas, that Strawberry Pretzel salad that's popular around Thanksgiving....just throwing some ideas out there.
  14. This was from Bateman's "Smartless" podcast with Sean Hayes & Will Arnett. Darius Rucker was their guest, whom I found to be an entertaining listen. Bateman said how much he loved Wilco, and I believe it was Arnett who chimed in that Tupelo was one of his favorites as well. That spurred Rucker to say how much he liked Son Volt, namely their first record Trace. SIDENOTE: In the podcast, Rucker said how much he loves Barry Manillow. Not as a guilty pleasure, but just that he thinks he's damn good. I like that. And agree with him.
  15. Impossible task, but what the hell. I'll attempt: Black Eye Passenger Side Another Man's Done Gone Remember The Mountain Bed Dreamer In My Dreams All The Same To Me She's A Jar Pieholden Suite At Least That's What You Said Either Way
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