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  1. I'd argue it's Wilco's most timeless record. A true classic. On the days that Summerteeth isn't my favorite Wilco record, Being There definitely is.
  2. Haven't upped my subscription yet, but I really like getting little notes & updates from Tweedy. Like how he thinks & he seems to have a really good heart.
  3. Torn & Frayed: Gram Parsons-ish. Like how it feels. Emotional Rescue: The bass line, drumming, Mick's falsetto....it grooves. Backstreet Girl: Beautiful sound. Like Mick's vocal.
  4. Wall Of Death is worth having, as is Love Is All Around, but I agree...hard to justify. Michael Stipe has been in the studio recording. Who knows when we'll hear it, but always exciting to hear whatever he creates. Stipe will also have the opening track on the Velvet Underground tribute album, out Friday, singing "Sunday Morning". Ten years ago, R.E.M. released their final song, "We All Go Back To Where Belong". Pretty wonderful, in my opinion. As is the video for it, starring Kirsten Dunst.
  5. Can't wait to be able to see this. Exciting to know that a talented filmmaker is helping shine a light on Jay Bennett.
  6. Wilco fans reading this who were at the KC show 11 days ago, and didn't get to see their favorite band play even ONE song: (I'm mostly joking. If I had the ability to see the guys for multiple shows, I'd likely quibble about some things as well.)
  7. I was at the KC "show", so I'd be happy to have seen ANY setlist. Wilco has a tough job pulling from a deep catalogue of great music, while also trying to please most fans that show up, and also pleasing the 6 band members. R.E.M. was similar. On their Up tour, I'd rather have heard Belong, Flowers Of Guatemala & Fretless than Man On The Moon, Losing My Religion & It's The End Of The World As I Know It. I'd like to see a song of just Jeff & guitar...Future Age, Lonely One, Solitaire, etc. Die-hards would go bonkers if Dreamer In My Dreams was pla
  8. Sleater-Kinney was GREAT. They really did make the most of their short set & their outward joy & enthusiasm in how they played was the highlight of the night. Love the guitar riff, drumming, and vocals of "Jumpers". Fun song. Credit for Wilco for the mini show on Instagram. It was noisy inside where we were, so really couldn't hear much from our phones, but 'A' for effort to the guys. At the end of S-K's set, soaked head to toe, I rushed to the merchandise table to buy a dry shirt, but for whatever reason the 2 workers said they weren't selling any longer.
  9. For an upcoming Virginia show, this true, but don't think it will be required tonight. (I could be wrong).
  10. Ditto! (No offense to Nnamdi & Sleater-Kinney, of course).
  11. (Hoping Wilco's management sees this)... Tonight's forecast shows heavy rain & storms creeping in from the North around 10:00. It'd be a bummer if Wilco's set got cut in half, so just throwing this out there...maybe the bands' start times can be bumped up?
  12. Ok. Great. Thanks for the fyi.
  13. Also, Google & Twitter provide zero info on last night's concert in Montana. Usually I can find at least a mini-review from a local attendee.
  14. Thanks. Hopefully this thread eventually starts filling up with others, that will likely be much better than mine.
  15. Bumped my head In bed Cobwebs Crank up Least That's What You Said Uncle took a bat- Crap crazy to my ass Sing to the birds? Pass Handshake Drugs Oh that bass! Like a hug Scatters the bugs Mind races Chasing sun Walk the dog Wants to run She won't go far I'm on a star iPod's playing She's A Jar
  16. What might Wilco's FIRST post-Covid concert song be? The Wings' "Venus & Mars/Rock Show" would be fantastic, but that won't happen. Will it be a Wilco classic, or something brand new? Getting closer & closer to finding out.
  17. How confident should we feel that the August shows in the States will go off okay? I'm feeling optimistic, with COVID slowing down & vaccinations increasing daily. Got my fingers crossed!
  18. I remember when mp3's of final versions of YHF songs began popping up online. "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" was the first mp3 I heard. The Big Star "Kangaroo"-like drum intro had me mesmerized. I musta listened to it 15 times straight over the course of that day & night.
  19. Dry Cleaning's "New Long Leg" is a keeper.
  20. I saw the Pitchfork write-up, then listened to their album on YouTube. Bought the CD the next day. For me, the record is 35 minutes of indie folk/pop bliss.
  21. Anybody familiar with this trio from Philadelphia? "New Music and Big Pop", their brand new album, is quite stunning. Mellow, pretty, breezy, fresh...a WONDERFUL 35 minutes of indie/folk/pop.
  22. Another Michael, a trio from Philadelphia, just released "New Music and Big Pop". Folky. Breezy. Fresh-sounding. 10 tracks run 35 minutes. Really great to these ears.
  23. Songs not mentioned yet that are highlights: Taste The Ceiling, Standing O, Wilco The Song, Country Disappeared, Just Say Goodbye. I'd agree with TCP that Star Wars might be the most "inspired", though Ode To Joy could make the claim.
  24. Flaming Lips - American Head (I didn't see this one listed, so threw it in. I liked some of those mentioned, including Tweedy's solo record & Soul Asylum's newest. The Summerteeth & Pleased To Meet Me reissues nice as well.)
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