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  1. Last night. Living Colour in a high-end cocktail bar in Omaha, adjacent to a Bentley dealership which doubled as the band's green room.
  2. What's it called? I'm in Des Moines and find myself in Iowa City a few times a year.
  3. Lake Street Dive with Monica Martin opening. Listening to Martin now. Beautiful vocalist.
  4. Mike Doughty & the Ghost of Vroom
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/02/opinion/abba-dancing-queen-pop-music.html Sorry if it's behind a paywall.
  6. Before I realized they change their name I found an electronic artist on Spotify called Ohmme. I feel like I saw somewhere there was legal action involved. Neither name does much to capture the imagination. I do very much enjoy their music though.
  7. It never occurred to me that it might be on Imax in Des Moines (it's not). So I'm glad I got a ticket for tonight to our newly renovated arthouse. It's not showing at the other (slightly less artsy) theater where I saw it originally. Would have loved to relive the memory.
  8. I'm going to say you nailed this perfectly. No notes.
  9. Holy crap is the Ed Stasium mix of Tim brilliant! Give it a listen. It really pops out of the speakers. The keyboards on Here Comes a Regular are throughout the whole song, no just the end. I can see why Ederlyi wanted them at the end for a climax, but it's really so much better now. Every song truly is. Bob Mehr's liner notes are great too. Maybe a reason to not just rely on streaming.
  10. The Abba Voyage Hologram show in London tomorrow!
  11. Saw Nora O'Conner, Uwade, and Andrew Bird at Out of Space in Evanston last night. A truly sublime night of music. I've listened to Bird lots but never seen him live outside of sitting in during Wilco's 2008 Winter residency. Unbelievable. A feast for ears, eyes, and soul. Uwade is a young singer-songwriter. Only a few things out there online, but check her out. I hope she goes places.
  12. Hemming and hawing on Willie Nelson
  13. Spent a lot of time outside in DC Tuesday-Thursday supervising a school trip. I felt it. NYC looked 5x worse.
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