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  1. This is stil happening on my phone and 2 different computers. I cleared my cache and cookies for this site.
  2. Today, I had to reset my password to access this place. Anyone else?
  3. Today I was supposed to see Wilco (w/ Trampled by Turtles) at an outdoor ampitheater here in Des Moines. Salving the wound by listening to the Ashes of American Flags DVD. Just heard Wishful Thinking. A perfect song for these times.
  4. I have it bookmarked. Haven't watched it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_P6ZWUJIa0
  5. They've been around forever. My college roommate 1990-1991 was very into them. I've never given them too much attention. Probably should change that.
  6. I just realized my damn podcast app (Podcast Republic on Android) hasn't been download podcasts I've recently subscribed to. Downloaded many, not all, of the ones I missed.
  7. So all the new music today.
  8. Lots of people without power around the Des Moines area. We were driving back from the North Shore of Lake Superior to Des Moines on Monday, well after the storm. There were at least 10 semis blown over in a 20 mile stretch north of Des Moines. Every corn field in that area was decimated. I had a couple of big limbs downed, but a friend with a chainsaw and I made very quick work of it. Lucky!
  9. Des Moines show is still showing 2020. I don't expect that to stay that way. #thanksobama
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