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  1. I remember '74-'75 being played heavily on the adult alternative radio station in Des Moines when it came out. I liked it enough to buy the CD. Listened to it a few times and it didn't really click. I had completely forgotten about them, until a few years ago and re-listened. Still really love that song, but nothing else has soaked in. I will give Fun & Games a spin soon.
  2. I was thinking Monkey Man and Sympathy are in mine too. Monkey Man because I discovered late in my life. My brother put it on a mix tape for me when I was nearly 30. Not sure how such a rocking song didn't make it on the radio more. Sympathy because it's Sympathy, right? Also, the history major in me appreciates it. My third might be Waiting on a Friend. Weird choice? I was a product of the MTV age and liked that video much more than Start Me Up. Also, I became a big jazz fan in my 20s and had the chance to see Sonny Rollins live, so when I learned that he
  3. Turner and King just getting in now is a travesty.
  4. It's a shame he and ___ couldn't get along better could be one of Lou's epitaphs.
  5. For September in Des Moines, making up a show scheduled last September with Trampled by Turtles.
  6. I've been watching Ramy on Hulu. Can't believe I haven't heard more about this show. It's funny, emotional, dark, weird. Good stuff!
  7. There are some good songs on this, but it's so uneven it's unimaginable to me that he followed it up with New York.
  8. Also, everyone needs to see this. Andrew Bird live from the Great Room feat. Jonathan Richman Maybe his only voluntary venture onto the interwebs via video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6dBDc82om0
  9. This is such an underrated gem. You can get a CDR from Twin/Tone or through other methods if you message me.
  10. While laboring on the elliptical at my gym this morning, I glanced up at the TVs and noticed Jeff Tweedy. Glad to CBS News amplifying his plea. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/wilcos-jeff-tweedy-calls-for-music-industry-reparations/
  11. They definitely hit their stride in season 2. Currently in season 3.
  12. I haven't thought about this movie for a long time. I loved it as well. IIRC, it was kind of marketed as a quirky comedy, so when Ray Liotta's character was introduced, I was taken on an incredible, and completely unexpected thrilling, intense ride. Watched it several times after my initial viewing. Haven't seen it in a LONG time.
  13. Iowa is truly the wild west. Teachers and other school employees became eligible February 1. I lucked into an appointment at the pharmacy nearest my house February 2. Our district has tried, and thus far failed, to coordinate a large clinic. I have a bit of something akin to survivor's guilt. I hope the distribution becomes more efficient and equitable soon!
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