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  1. I agree 100%. I cannot see any compelling or logical reason to disagree with this assessment.
  2. Enjoy! I saw him 3 years ago in Madison, WI. A nearly 3-hour show with no opener. Probably the best arena show I've seen.
  3. 7th grade too. Exactly my sentiment. Man, I hadn't thought about that song in a long time. Will have to fire it up later.
  4. Just awful. I teach. Earlier this year, right before winter break, some kids spread rumors about an upcoming shooting in our school. Half the parents came to pick up their kids. Then, the nationwide tik tok threat (most of you probably don't even remember that in our current shitstorm), lots of kids missed several days before break. A renewed call to arm teachers. The same damn politicians who don't trust us with our JOBS want to arms us.
  5. I thankfully live in a state (Iowa) whose court had legalized same-sex marriage before Obergefell. While both may fall, I can't imagine too many legislatures wanting to ban contraception. Jesus, my gay daughter takes the pill to regulate her cycle.
  6. I had trouble sleeping last night doomscrolling on my phone, then just in my head. Reminiscent of the night Trump won and directly caused by that. This is the first of many setbacks under this 6-3 court.
  7. A friend has really been pushing me to get to Everything, Everywhere, All At Once while it's in theaters.
  8. I had a Chicago-based friend pick both up for me!
  9. Episode 4, The Big Payback is a stand-alone episode. None of the regular characters or plotlines are involved. You can watch it if you've never watched any of the other episodes. They do this from time to time. The same was true with episode 1. I encourage you to watch it. As someone whose bloodline is 50% Kentuckian, it made me incredibly uncomfortable. It's a great allegory on reparations. Unrelated, immediately after watching that, I watched the season finale of Severance. They were probably the two best episodes of television I've ever watched back-to-back.
  10. Man, I get that. It appears, though, that Russia is stalled right now and that this isn't going as he planned. Right now, one of the few prospects scarier than what's going on in Ukraine is it going on with U.S. boots on the ground or jets in the air.
  11. Was anyone on here there? I know of at least one friend who was. Sounds like it was a good time! https://www.thecurrent.org/feature/2022/04/04/review-golden-smog-reunite-to-celebrate-first-avenue-52nd-birthday
  12. I'm not a paying subscriber. Yesterday's entry about opening for Warren Zevon at the Blue Note was my favorite of the free content so far.
  13. Atlanta Season 3... FINALLY! Both new episodes are so good.
  14. Does Alton Brown count here?
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