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  1. One Night in Miami on Prime exceeded my expectations. More historical fiction than history, no doubt, but I enjoyed the dialogue and the performances.
  2. Just quoting Ford there. I'm well aware there's a shit ton of work to do now. It just feels good to have leaders in Biden & Harris that are worthy of respect.
  3. Ladies & Gentlemen, our long national nightmare is over.
  4. Unfortunately, the social studies classes I teach will not line up well with the ceremony, though I am worried enough about incidents that I'm not sure we'd watch it if I could. I probably would... Otherwise, I'm going to shave my beard and have some bourbon when I get home tomorrow, if it all goes smoothly.
  5. I listened this morning. It was a good talk. Not too much new, but a fun story from his childhood about how, as a toddler, he'd climb up on his parents' stereo and cry until they played a record.
  6. Posting this in this thread because Miller's podcast definitely covers a lot of the same themes as Tweedy's book. Jeff is a guest on the most recent edition of Rhett's Wheels Off podcast. Linking, but it's probably easier to get through whatever podcast app you use. Haven't listened yet. https://wheelsoff.libsyn.com/059-jeff-tweedy
  7. It's a Bowie day today. Probably all weekend. Happy birthday you wonderful alien!
  8. You and I Theologians Hummingbird Where Do I Begin Your Are My Face What Light Say You Miss Me The Lonely 1
  9. I now hear that song as sort of a prophetic glimpse of the coming Trump administration. I liked it, but now I really love it. It's maybe my favorite track on W(TA).
  10. What's this? I did a google search for Dume album and Dume Zuma and came up empty.
  11. A college friend is in the current Poi Dog lineup. Rick Gehrenbeck.
  12. Two female-fronted groups I love right now: The Beths Deep Sea Diver
  13. I really enjoyed this. Especially the debutante ball.
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