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  1. Oh shit, I was there too! Guitar wizard. Fantastic show!
  2. 2011 movie starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, Take Shelter. Very good. On Hulu if you're interested. Those two have now done this movie and George & Tammy together. Very different characters, but they really play off each other very well.
  3. Baby Reindeer, like the rest of the world, apparently. 5 episodes in. 4 wrecked me.
  4. MiB became one of my favorite pods during the pandemic. Roger Bennett is a truly special person. So enthusiastic, positive, empathetic, funny, smart, and hard-working. Check out his memoir (Re)Born in the USA. He spent a summer in his teens in Chicago. Changed his life.
  5. I became an Everton fan because of Tim Howard's presence on their side after the 2014 World Cup. I often rue that decision, but not last Wednesday. #UTFT
  6. I'll allow it since Dortmund is still alive in the Champions League.
  7. Last night. Living Colour in a high-end cocktail bar in Omaha, adjacent to a Bentley dealership which doubled as the band's green room.
  8. What's it called? I'm in Des Moines and find myself in Iowa City a few times a year.
  9. Lake Street Dive with Monica Martin opening. Listening to Martin now. Beautiful vocalist.
  10. Mike Doughty & the Ghost of Vroom
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/02/opinion/abba-dancing-queen-pop-music.html Sorry if it's behind a paywall.
  12. Before I realized they change their name I found an electronic artist on Spotify called Ohmme. I feel like I saw somewhere there was legal action involved. Neither name does much to capture the imagination. I do very much enjoy their music though.
  13. It never occurred to me that it might be on Imax in Des Moines (it's not). So I'm glad I got a ticket for tonight to our newly renovated arthouse. It's not showing at the other (slightly less artsy) theater where I saw it originally. Would have loved to relive the memory.
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