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  1. I listened this morning. It was a good talk. Not too much new, but a fun story from his childhood about how, as a toddler, he'd climb up on his parents' stereo and cry until they played a record.
  2. Posting this in this thread because Miller's podcast definitely covers a lot of the same themes as Tweedy's book. Jeff is a guest on the most recent edition of Rhett's Wheels Off podcast. Linking, but it's probably easier to get through whatever podcast app you use. Haven't listened yet. https://wheelsoff.libsyn.com/059-jeff-tweedy
  3. It's a Bowie day today. Probably all weekend. Happy birthday you wonderful alien!
  4. You and I Theologians Hummingbird Where Do I Begin Your Are My Face What Light Say You Miss Me The Lonely 1
  5. I now hear that song as sort of a prophetic glimpse of the coming Trump administration. I liked it, but now I really love it. It's maybe my favorite track on W(TA).
  6. What's this? I did a google search for Dume album and Dume Zuma and came up empty.
  7. A college friend is in the current Poi Dog lineup. Rick Gehrenbeck.
  8. Two female-fronted groups I love right now: The Beths Deep Sea Diver
  9. I really enjoyed this. Especially the debutante ball.
  10. Be careful out there, people. https://www.thedailybeast.com/why-are-so-many-grateful-dead-fans-being-murdered
  11. Deep Sea Diver - Impossible Weight
  12. I think Cardi B. could easily make a video playing a teacher.
  13. A great story. Positive vibes to you as you go through chemo! DLR Van Halen > Van Hagar, but DLR's personality leaves a lot to be desired. His interview on Maron was good, though. He comes from old Vaudevillians, IIRC. That makes a lot of sense.
  14. You don't realize how much those songs were with you if you grew up in the 70s an 80s. Took a spin with some of their best. So good!
  15. It was supposed to be a James McCartney show in Des Moines. I think I was confused because that show was booked around the time rumors began about them all forming a band. https://joshgill.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/james-mccartney-to-preview-his-us-tour-in-london/ https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/here-come-sons-will-beatles-kids-form-own-band-flna640243
  16. I think I remember them being booked into a venue in Des Moines. I don't know if the show ever happened. Sometime in the past decade?
  17. I could definitely jump on the conspiracy bandwagon but for Pence testing negative. He's still on the line to debate Harris who will wipe the floor up with him.
  18. And Scalia begged Obama to appoint her. She may be qualified, but Democrats should put every obstacle in her path. They need to play hardball. If Biden wins and turns Congress blue, I'd love to see them add two more justices. Hell, add 20.
  19. I'm making some calls for a local candidate today, a friend, but I'm right there with you. As a social studies teacher, I feel like my profession has failed our country.
  20. This is stil happening on my phone and 2 different computers. I cleared my cache and cookies for this site.
  21. Today, I had to reset my password to access this place. Anyone else?
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