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  1. Thank you! I can't tell you how much I appreciate having on-the-spot tech help.
  2. Yeah, San Jose is the only show I was planning to go to (originally had tickets for SF and Oakland, too...), but I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about going if it's not moved outdoors. But I had really good seats for the indoor venue! If it gets moved to a GA outdoor show, I'll need to think about it.
  3. Donna, I somehow missed this until now! Congrats!!! Yay babies!! That is one healthy looking little guy!
  4. One more click would have answered my question! Thank you! Now I just need to figure out which night is my Oakland show... edit: And now, as if out of nowhere, I've got an e-mail from Bandcamp with a "message from Wilco", and the dates are updated on the Facebook event for the Oakland show. But Ticketmaster still hasn't updated their dates.
  5. So, I finally got an e-mail last week letting me know that the Fillmore show was cancelled, and I'll be getting a refund. Still no word on San Jose or Oakland!
  6. Wow, this must have been a ton of work! I've only been able to watch sporadically, so I'm very much looking forward to hearing this. Thanks!
  7. My sister got her second (pzifer) yesterday. Said her arm is still crazy sore and she was awake all night with body aches. I'm getting mine this afternoon, so planning a weekend of Tylenol and sleep!
  8. I had tickets to three Wilco shows in the Bay Area for last March. They were all "postponed", not cancelled, so technically I still have tickets for those. Unfortunately, I have no idea when they're going to happen!
  9. One of the things I miss most is public transportation. My favorite Sunday morning activity was to walk to the ferry building, maybe go to the big library downtown on the way, eat breakfast down there, and then take the streetcar home. I haven't done that in a year, partly because a lot of the pieces of that trip wouldn't feel safe, but also because the walk home is all uphill! I'll be very happy to be able to explore my city again.
  10. Just got my first dose of Pfizer at Walgreens. The color-coordination with the flip-flops was a lucky coincidence! Shirt by TwistedAcres. 😷
  11. Sorry, that was thoughtlessly phrased on my part. I was referring more to an adjustment in the ways we listen to music, take pleasure in reading, etc. I realize that many people are struggling with much more fundamental issues, and I'm very sorry about your current circumstances.
  12. Reading was always my greatest joy in life, and I've had a very hard time reading anything at all for the past year. I'm considering this just a year out of time, we'll all adjust (or not) eventually, and learn how to live in the new normal.
  13. Yay! I love this thread already. I'm not expecting to get my jab for a few months, probably, but my mom and all my aunts and uncles have gotten theirs, so I'm thrilled about that. I wish they'd bump the teachers up the list out here (I'm not a teacher, but I know how much of a bummer it's been for the kids doing remote learning).
  14. My mom was very much looking forward to watching it, but... she'll be getting her vaccine instead! We'll take that trade-off. I've already got everything set to record on her DVR, we'll watch together tomorrow night.
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