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  1. He's now performed on songs called Hate It Here and I Hate It Here.
  2. Hey you. June 16, 2003. Also: I love when it snows on VC.
  3. And I'm hoping to get his new one for Christmas: Recommendation for fans of music biographies, or true-life mystery (it's on a bunch of end-of-year Best lists): And for seasonal funsies, YA-ish Christmas-y rom-com (heavy on the rom) short stories:
  4. Maybe it's because it's a while since I've seen Wilco outside of California, but... who doesn't like that song?!? It gets a great response around here.
  5. If it had been Derry, those farmers waiting for the cattle auction to begin would have for sure been my relations.
  6. I didn't mean to make this into a political thread, but I'll take it! Thanks! I saw Wilco in a student union location much like bbop describes at Queens, I think it was in San Diego? bbop was there, he might remember it. I don't see anything on Wilcobase that looks like it matches my recollection. Hmmm... Edit: Price Center "Ballroom" at UC San Diego, which is technically in La Jolla! There it is!
  7. Did you know that Trish did her semester abroad at Queens? And a cousin of mine was President of the QU Student Union a couple of years ago. So I should be lodging my complaint about "Northern Ireland" with @Analogman, then?
  8. Unlocked link to the NY Times obituary, for anyone who's out of freebies
  9. gogo

    Fall 2023 Dates?

    I thought that too (about the California shows). But now I'm trying to figure out what Cousin references I'm missing!
  10. I went to college with the author. This one is getting crazy great reviews, recommended for fans of quirky music, mysterious disappearances, and obsessively-researched biographies.
  11. I will never understand how you manage this. But I'm always impressed, and always appreciate your reviews!
  12. He also said that the mourners were hurt that he referred to the church as a "musty" old hall. He later sang "rustic old hall".
  13. He changed several of the lyrics to The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald because he realized that as originally written, they were in some way unfair or hurtful to the crew or their survivors. I thought that was lovely, what a kind person he must have been.
  14. I got an e-mail from a local site called Do The Bay about an October show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley: https://dothebay.com/events/2023/10/14/wilco-tickets Wilcoworld is currently showing Ireland in September, then Monterey 10/8 and Berkely 10/14, then straight to Sky Blue Sky in December. I'm assuming there will be some other shows filled in there somewhere?
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