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  1. I'll apologize if there's out of tune singing or shouting on that YouTube video....he was directly in front of me !!!
  2. It was quite a strange gig. The crowd gave the band a huge welcome, but remained quite subdued throughout until the encore. I couldn't work out who played the solo in Hummingbird....Jeff was guitar less and Pat was playing keyboards. Yet it sounded like a guitar playing. I thought someone off stage was playing it but my wife thought it was Pat on one of his keyboards. It was a great effort by the band to do the gig but having waited a couple of years to travel from Durham UK to San Sebastian to see them it's such a shame that NC was missing. Hopefully they'
  3. Yep. Wasn't at tonight's San Sebastian show unfortunately
  4. In San Sebastian about to go into the Kursaal. No Nels tonight....he's got the plague
  5. Anyone going to San Sebastian interested in a beer before the gig on 20th?
  6. Oh my word. What a beautiful song. Can't wait for 27th May....and Im fortunate enough to have tickets for San Sebastian. Driving all the way from Durham, UK via Rouen and Bordeaux, then Biarritz and La Rochelle on the home. Woo woo !
  7. I had tickets for San Sebastian, June 2020. That was postponed til June 2021. It's now been cancelled. God knows when Wilco will be back in The UK (or Europe)
  8. Just had notice that San Sebastian gig has been rescheduled to June 2021
  9. Black deer festival in Kent, UK has rescheduled from June 2020 to June 2021. Given France have already said no mass gathering until late July at the earliest, I think it safe to say the European tour is about to get scrapped/rescheduled
  10. Agreed, I've got tickets (and trains, hotels and car hire) booked for San Sebastian but don't want to cancel until they announce either alternative dates or cancel the gigs altogether. Just some info from someone would be good
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