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  1. It was a bit of a tongue in cheek remark that the click bait press have picked up on him. Mind he's quite correct if only because it would have prevented Houston from warbling horrifically out of tune for 4 minutes.
  2. Just before I started getting interested in rugby. But yep an incredible player.
  3. Their last album was as "organic" as anything they've released in years.
  4. When I saw Durham I was thinking you were a couple of miles from me..... you're probably about 4000 miles from me ! I'm 5 miles from Durham in the UK
  5. Oh my word.....it's absolutely superb.
  6. https://northerntransmissions.com/wilco-cousin/
  7. https://www.altrevue.com/post/album-review-wilco-cousin
  8. Apologies, I realised after posting my comment it wasn't very clear. What I should have said was I wonder if they have had permission to reprint all or some the article that's in this months Uncut magazine
  9. I wonder if that's the article from this month's Uncut magazine. It's more of an interview/press release than any sort of review of the album.
  10. Doesn't worry me....YHF was rejected by a record label. Music journalists hated SBS. As with every Wilco record (except Cruel Country imo) the songs take multiple listens before they sink in.
  11. It has a repetitive 4/4 beat, that's the only thing I hear that's similar
  12. I was there as well. They were on top form and Spiders was the best rendition I've ever heard. Audience were a bunch of stiffs downstairs mind.
  13. It really was a splendid evening. I even bumped into Ed O'Brien. I thought Jeff's vocals were excellent....as good as I've ever heard him. Roll on Manchester.
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