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  1. When I saw Durham I was thinking you were a couple of miles from me..... you're probably about 4000 miles from me ! I'm 5 miles from Durham in the UK
  2. Oh my word.....it's absolutely superb.
  3. https://northerntransmissions.com/wilco-cousin/
  4. https://www.altrevue.com/post/album-review-wilco-cousin
  5. Apologies, I realised after posting my comment it wasn't very clear. What I should have said was I wonder if they have had permission to reprint all or some the article that's in this months Uncut magazine
  6. I wonder if that's the article from this month's Uncut magazine. It's more of an interview/press release than any sort of review of the album.
  7. Doesn't worry me....YHF was rejected by a record label. Music journalists hated SBS. As with every Wilco record (except Cruel Country imo) the songs take multiple listens before they sink in.
  8. It has a repetitive 4/4 beat, that's the only thing I hear that's similar
  9. I was there as well. They were on top form and Spiders was the best rendition I've ever heard. Audience were a bunch of stiffs downstairs mind.
  10. It really was a splendid evening. I even bumped into Ed O'Brien. I thought Jeff's vocals were excellent....as good as I've ever heard him. Roll on Manchester.
  11. Someone get their tape player out and record it and upload it to YouTube.
  12. I saw them in Manchester shortly before the release of OTJ....they must have played 5 or 6 songs from it. Would love them to play Citizens more often !
  13. I'll apologize if there's out of tune singing or shouting on that YouTube video....he was directly in front of me !!!
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