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  1. I had Palace 1919 and it is freaking amazing, but it was stolen and I never made a digital copy.
  2. I just do not get the stream of consciousness / straight up narration that his music has become. It would be one thing if it was interesting or was trying to say something, but damn this just stupid.
  3. Anyone else notice Glenn was wearing a Late Night with Seth Meyers shirt?
  4. Your take is bad. Here is a example using my county in WI So it is not about you, or the majority of Americans who will get this and be fine, it is about protecting the most vunerable amongst us.
  5. I was wrong, he won American Samoa. At least we no that billionaires can’t buy elections
  6. You misunderstood. My progressive friends are willing to watch the whole thing burn if Sanders is NOT the nominee. Which I agree is a pretty shitty thing to do. Bloomberg will not win one primary.
  7. I have heard from my progressive friends that it appears that if Bernie is not the nominee (especially due to some "Super-delegate" trickery), they are willing to sit home again in an effort to have the Democratic Party burn to the ground. Also there will be no way you will have two far left politicians on a ticket. Bernie is going to be saddled with the Socialist tag. He will need someone to even him out. Pete Buttiege is really angling himself for a VP slot.
  8. I know there are some fans here and Echo Mine, Califone's first new album in 7 years comes out tomorrow. Stereogum has a an article and preview https://www.stereogum.com/2069877/califone-echo-mine/music/album-stream/?fbclid=IwAR0cUjfjk6JBrL13tkOdxFThrRspHdrIRtiFrt5CfSQHZ8PWihASQIWxNTI Like what I hear so far. Califone albums, at least to me, take several listens to realize their brilliance.
  9. I'll take losing "2020 Democratic tickets for $400, Alex."
  10. If he were a Republican he might be a nominee for the 2024 election. Also Iowa, way to show the Democrats have a strong handle on the election and showing there will be no problems with the general. What a shit show.
  11. When there are potentially billions of dollars involved people will try to do whatever. Look at the players who use steroids. It is illegal, it damages their health, and can get them banned from the game. Yet every year there is a person who gets busted for it. It all comes down to dollars. The culture that encourages cheating is capitalism. Simple as that. And there is nothing MLB can do to stop it. If it is not stealing signs, it will be something else. This is the society we live in. It also appears that Carlos Beltran is now out as manager of the Mets because of this.
  12. Can a President be impeached multiple times? Asking for a friend.
  13. My dad has always said it is easier to fire the manager then it is to fire the whole team. Which I think is the case here. If you were to punish the players, it would have to be in the way of fines or suspensions, but trying to figure out who knew what and at what time I think would be extremely difficult. A world series championship likely brings in 100s of millions of dollars (billions maybe) to a club. Not only during that season, but merchandise, increase ticket sales in the future, new TV contracts, etc. So when we start talking money that large you will see people trying to get every advantage and yes even cheat. I highly doubt that cheating occurs all the time in baseball. The Astros and the Red Sox are not the only ones, they are the only ones to get caught. Teams will continue to cheat, it is a fact of the game. The punishments really will not do anything to curb the ongoing cheating. I love baseball, I love the game in all its aspects. Sign stealing is honestly a grand tradition of the game. I was honestly impressed with the system that the Astros came up with. Would I rather it not be done, of course, but my point is it will continue, unless of course MLB comes up with a nuclear type of option.
  14. Remember when misspelling potato pretty much derailed not only the political career of one man, but an entire administration?
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