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  1. It's not that I don't like it, I am very tired of it. There are other songs that I would much rather hear live then California Stars for the millionth time.
  2. Never started one of these before and always relied on the kindness of strangers for the a recap, but I may have been the only VC'er at the show. I am not the greatest at remembering the show and the full details, so bear with me. Something is better than nothing, I suppose. Anyway, a fun, light and breezy show, outside of the book tour. A pretty standard Jeff Tweedy performance with the witty banter one would expect. My buddy and I remarked, after the show, seeing Jeff these days is like putting on a comfortable sweater, it feels nice, warm and just makes you happy. Playing
  3. Mr. Jeff Tweedy at the Stoughton Opera House.
  4. Where are you going to see him? I got tickets to the show (non book related) at the Stoughton Opera House 11/12
  5. not so much still life, but still autographed CD. This is when I saw the band perform at WMMM (Triple M in Madison WI) early 2002 iirc
  6. I assume Friday it will be available on all the streaming services, no?
  7. Mine is somewhere outside of Durham NC and set to be delivered Friday.
  8. Here is mine (via Spotify so y'all can listen) Also is it cheating to have three Jeff Tweedy songs on there?
  9. Saw this on the X machine (aka known as Twitter). Interesting idea. What you all got?
  10. His goal had become to be an echo The type of sound that floats around And then back down like a feather But in the deep chrome canyons of the loudest Manhattans No one could hear him Or anything
  11. Me and a friend of mine where having a discussion about Jay Bennett and we got to talking about the song "Watching Junior drive." So we went to find it and couldn't. I couldn't even remember what album it was on to go see if my long forgotten CD collection had it somewhere. Does anyone know where I could track this down?
  12. I demand nothing less than perfection from your After the Show reports
  13. Nudie Suit Days! I was hoping they would break those out for the Cruel Country Tour.
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