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  1. So back to the OP, what is a hit? What would constitute Wilco having a Touch of Grey moment? x number of streams? x number of downloads? radio play? Placing in the top 10 on Billboard Whatever? BTW Here is Wilco's Billboard profile or whatnot https://www.billboard.com/artist/wilco/. According to this they have had "hits." But what does it all mean? IMHO to label a song a "hit" is meaningless in today's world.
  2. As you admit it is a broken formula and a system that is easily gamed, so to categorize a song as a hit is inherently flawed. I guess to the OP question, will Wilco every have a top 10 hit like The Dead did with Touch of Grey. No they will not.
  3. What is even a hit any more? Gone are the days of top 40 charts.
  4. when will we learn about the vinyl release. thats what i want to know
  5. If no one has gotten John yet for the stuff he has said, no one will.
  6. John Oliver broke this down a couple of weeks back
  7. KevinG


    Anyone grab a box of Wilc-Os at the Foxtrot Pop up Market a few weeks back? I was able to get my hands on a box. The question is, do I open it and eat it. If so what do they taste like? Keep in pristine condition for all time and will it to my non existent grandchildren?
  8. Was going through some stuff in my office and came across this. Totally forgot about it. Damn.
  9. Well finally got up to posting about this show. As other's said it was a great show. YHF sounded amazing and the encores were the topper. I did cry during Be Not So Fearful, mostly because that song has extra meaning for me and my son, who is graduating High School in a month and half. Really liked the energy of the crowd, the right mix of respect, jubilance and awe. Sometimes at Wilco (and especially Tweedy) shows the there is a segment of the audience that wants to be a part of the show by yelling stuff. It is annoying, I don't like. Also I was the guy who got the last po
  10. My assumption is this, shortly after the release this will be available on all the streaming platforms (Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube Music, etc.). So I fairly certain there is no need to buy the Digital Download. My plan is to buy the vinyl copy when it is available and stream or whatnot until I get my hands on that glorious disc.
  11. Bumping this. Really don't want these to go to waste. Can be yours for a steal.
  12. I got 4 extras for Sunday 4/24/22 looking for face plus fees (101.00 each). PM if interested.
  13. anyone got a link for those of us who are anti-amazon?
  14. i guess it is Jeff's vocals. It sounded so similar to the voice at the beginning of each track, which is quite annoying btw, I thought it was different. Kinda less impressed now.
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