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  1. Got my Deluxe Vinyl yesterday. Read the book that came with it, learned a couple of new things, but nothing mind-blowing, pictures were fun. Listened to it (sounds amazing BTW). Though I do wish I would have paid for the Super Deluxe
  2. My friend got his Super deluxe vinyl version in the mail the other day. I am still waiting on mine.
  3. Yep me too. Know anything about the opener?
  4. Via Chicago featured heavily in the new FX series, The Bear.
  5. This is a great project and idea, I might have to end making a mixtape playlist. With what comes out of this. Just some thoughts Side with seeds (third verse, last 4 lines, which kinda brings up my not apathy, but general frustration) But you and I will be undefeated By agreeing to disagree No one wins but the thieves So why side with anything? Country Disappeared (all of it seems especially apt) All You Fascists/Stetson Kennedy/I Guess I Planted (not necessarily Tweedy's words, but an influence for sure) Let's Go Rain (mor
  6. So back to the OP, what is a hit? What would constitute Wilco having a Touch of Grey moment? x number of streams? x number of downloads? radio play? Placing in the top 10 on Billboard Whatever? BTW Here is Wilco's Billboard profile or whatnot https://www.billboard.com/artist/wilco/. According to this they have had "hits." But what does it all mean? IMHO to label a song a "hit" is meaningless in today's world.
  7. As you admit it is a broken formula and a system that is easily gamed, so to categorize a song as a hit is inherently flawed. I guess to the OP question, will Wilco every have a top 10 hit like The Dead did with Touch of Grey. No they will not.
  8. What is even a hit any more? Gone are the days of top 40 charts.
  9. when will we learn about the vinyl release. thats what i want to know
  10. If no one has gotten John yet for the stuff he has said, no one will.
  11. John Oliver broke this down a couple of weeks back
  12. KevinG


    Anyone grab a box of Wilc-Os at the Foxtrot Pop up Market a few weeks back? I was able to get my hands on a box. The question is, do I open it and eat it. If so what do they taste like? Keep in pristine condition for all time and will it to my non existent grandchildren?
  13. Was going through some stuff in my office and came across this. Totally forgot about it. Damn.
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