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  1. Hey Y'all. I am looking for 1 ticket for Princeton show. Please let me know if anyone can assist with this. Thanks!
  2. Been waiting for this since I heard the Misunderstood. N.J. Representing!!! Wish I had known about this I would have gladly given a muzzle of bees or poor places or anything for that matter. It all sounds great! Thanks for posting this.
  3. Best part Paul was Jeff stopping I'm always in love in the middle and telling the crowd" you guy's have no idea what's wrong here" or something to that effect. He asked the boys if they were playing it in d. They quipped about it for a moment and broke back into it. I do believe it was a step down but sounded awesome!
  4. I just read the Vulture review and the reviewer mentions Graham Coxon in this quote "Nope” crams stuttering bits of riffs into the margins, the lead guitar coughing and spitting over the tune like Blur ax-man Graham Coxon did on “Coffee & TV." On my first full listen to Schmilco I mentioned to Via member Linclink that it reminded me in many ways of Blur's 13 album which has always been a favorite of mine. I would love to know if anyone else hears similarities in the sonic balance between these two albums. Hope all you West Coasters are enjoying this wonderful run.
  5. Hey bbop I was listening to an early spiders last night from 9/4/03 and commented to my better half that as much as I love hearing this being fleshed out live with this lineup, the current lineup puts you into a tear your hair out pogoing frenzy when the breakdown finally comes. Although I think I may actually enjoy listening to Jeff building to the breakdown with those beautiful notes drenched in just enough feedback that you know rapture is on its way. Kinda like the pause right after the "at least that's what you said". That small moment before Jeff crunches the first baump...bawdawdababaum
  6. God i love youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tiAZgyOx-M
  7. This is a great post! I would say the first show would have been U2 and The Alarm at the Pier '83 and it was a great show. I was 13 and my sister was awesome! I saw a bunch of U2 shows from '85-87 and then kinda moved on. The first time the hair really stood up on my neck though and electrified the crap out of me was Bad Brains at the Ritz in '86. HR had that kinda effect.
  8. Hey y'all I was in the kitchen listening to albums this morning and pulled out an old favorite. Karate the bed is in the ocean. Does karate do anything for anyone else here? I absolutely loved this band and one of my fondest memories was a double bill of karate and gbv mid 90's. If anyone enjoys them Let me know. I would love to hear about it. Thanks! Sent from my LG-H810 using Tapatalk I meant farina. Stupid phone! Sent from my LG-H810 using Tapatalk
  9. I have seen Robyn Hitchcock here twice and it is a very good time. I will definitely go see the boys there. Mark and Elaine are big Wilco fans and have tried to get Jeff there. Nels and the Singers have been there though I believe.
  10. Where is Mike's Owl? I really miss it blinking at me during art of almost. I loved Jeff's "So that was Star Wars".
  11. Hello I p.m'd you about these would be very interested. Thanks.
  12. From the way it sounds I bet jeff woulda torn up "at least that's what you said". My personal favorite tweedy face melter.
  13. Listening in on the radio both panthers and dark neon were so well performed you would never think they first full band debuts but with this band any height is obtainable! Who was ripping though leads on acoustic during im the man? Nels was on dobro so was it john or jeff? In portchester john was slinging 12 string. Would someone let us know? I ask because they were ripping through that tune with a fervor. Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for reports.
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