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  1. Oh yeah, released an album back in August. My streak of being pretty awful at self-promotion continues! https://modernhistory.bandcamp.com/ https://music.apple.com/us/album/remember/1577982299 https://open.spotify.com/album/0a0jATTHheXP3TXbYpaLJ7
  2. Had an account here when I was 13 years old that got deleted. When my dad found out he went ballistic because of all you weirdos on the internet. When I was a little older, the wind blew me back. Happy birthday VC!!!
  3. RNG doesn't have an E shape of a chord in it as it is in Drop D. My guess based on the guitar and chord shape, it is either Red-Eyed and Blue/I Got You or maybe Impossible Germany if that is an Am not an E.
  4. @kidsmoke told me to post this (I'm not sure how to embed the video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EnEDEOQq-I
  5. I remember Jeff stating that YHF can't be remastered due to something with the tapes or something along those lines. Venus Stopped The Train was officially released by Jay Bennett.
  6. I can help! https://viachicago.org/topic/54303-bright-leaves/
  7. Here's the audio from 2006 of The Thanks I Get on Conan. https://soundcloud.com/rslblog-com/wilco-is-that-the-thanks-i-get
  8. Bo Burnham's "Inside" is a masterpiece.
  9. Once the sun set, it was a lovely evening, especially with a nice breeze. I teared up twice. The first time was when it started. Just a pure emotional release of this being the first “normal” thing I’ve done since March of 2020. The second time was seeing Jeff tear up. I really feel for him and other artists who haven’t been able to perform for audiences in over a year.
  10. This is one of those things I'll never be able to do due to my job. The lineup is so good.
  11. It's 19 years, isn't it? I was also at this show! It was my 14th birthday present from my parents.
  12. She was a grade lower than me and Wilco wasn't especially popular with high school students in the early to mid 2000s (shocker, I know). I think it was one of those things where someone said something along the lines of, "You know that one band you like? There's someone else here who actually likes them too."
  13. It's really funny to me that Sima asked Jeff to show how to play Chinese Apple when she showed me how to play the riff back in high school.
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