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  1. Pretty glowing review here (no rating): https://www.spin.com/2023/09/wilco-cousin-feature/
  2. I pre-ordered from WilcoWorld. I got a notification email that it had shipped with a USPS tracking number. I also have the Shop app attached to my email which tracks all my orders.
  3. My vinyl copy is supposed to show up today! Anyone else?
  4. That doesn't matter to a majority of the people on the right. Same man, same. I don't think Kamala Harris is a very strong candidate either.
  5. I don't really hear it. IMHO it is by far the worst song on the album.
  6. It is being played again at 5 pm on XRT. Anyone can listen live here: https://www.audacy.com/stations/wxrt
  7. Nick Offerman is not a Sox fan!
  8. They did that as a joke for their manager who is a big fan of the show.
  9. Loft tour back in August. I don't know how to attach a Youtube video on forums, but there's a video of the song from the Tweedy Show called "Say You Love Me Again." It was hauntingly beautiful.
  10. ::whispers:: I may have heard one of the new songs
  11. Heard Mavis and Jeff's "Ain't No Doubt About It" before Nick Offerman's show in Hammond, Indiana tonight. Pretty sure there was a @bböpsighting as well!
  12. Talked to a Reverb rep at Solid Sound 2019 . He told me it was a joke.
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