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  1. I'm pretty sure he mentioned that he wanted to get this record out there and the production of CDs and vinyls take time, especially now with COVID.
  2. Having listened to it twice, and I really hope this comes off as positive as possible, but this album is a comfort to listen to.
  3. Personally, I'm not in favor of expanding the Supreme Court, but: -Republicans blocked dozens of judges during President Obama's term. -McConnell didn't event bring up Merrick Garland for a vote. So, I think the Democrats need to start playing on the same field as Republicans. Get rid of the filibuster and pack the court, then for good measure, pass an amendment giving term limits to the Supreme Court justices, and abolish the ridiculous Electoral College.
  4. Mine too. Rahm's an asshole.
  5. On Schmilco, Locator is Drop D tuned a half step down, where live it is just Drop D.
  6. What Jeff plays on guitar acoustically on Locator (1:10 in the video) is the same as what he plays electrically on Can't Stand It (0:40 seconds into the video). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws6mjmDwj7o
  7. I always liked Badfinger's a lot more. It feels like it has more raw emotion and less glitzy production. (Someone in Chicago has to catch things better than Eloy--All the White Sox fans out there will get that joke)
  8. Isn't Without You originally by Badfinger?
  9. Hanson. I was 10 and didn't want to go.
  10. Well said, Jeff. I hope other artists and companies follow suit. It is really refreshing that someone I admire continues to be just a good, thoughtful person.
  11. I would love Blackstar with Spencer on drums. I adore that whole album.
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