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  1. Heard Mavis and Jeff's "Ain't No Doubt About It" before Nick Offerman's show in Hammond, Indiana tonight. Pretty sure there was a @bböpsighting as well!
  2. Talked to a Reverb rep at Solid Sound 2019 . He told me it was a joke.
  3. My wonderful amazing wife allowed me to get tickets for all three nights!
  4. Relieved the Democrats still have the Senate and it looks to be close in the House. Who knew taking away rights and young voters who grew up with school shooting drills would reject the Republicans?
  5. It was a birthday surprise for the co-host Matt Spiegel (for those who don't know he is in a great cover band called Tributosaurus).
  6. Also Impossible Germany and a scene that plays Spiders in its entirety (really great scene too).
  7. Looks like they closed the main set with Many Worlds.
  8. "As bad as it seems, it's worse than expected" is how I'm feeling as an American.
  9. Right. And a huge part of the lack of thoughtful discourse is people don't know how to have that discourse without insulting/putting down previous works (that many people do love). There's a way to say you liked this album without putting down Ode to Joy, Schmilco, Star Wars, etc.
  10. I like the album, and I respect people's opinions that they don't like the album. To jff's post, I really think the invention of social media has made people feel like their opinion is extremely important when in fact it really isn't. I would care for my friends' opinions, but I don't give a shit what a random person thinks about something I didn't make or I am not involved in.
  11. They did, tomorrow afternoon. I’d miss the second Wilco set.
  12. My flight was canceled. I am crushed that I’m missing this weekend.
  13. 7th grade teacher here. I don't see my students until 9:10 and I still can't figure out what to say. I just can't look them in the eye and tell them it is going to get better when I know it won't. Nothing is going to change. All bets are off once tragedies like Sandy Hook became acceptable in our country.
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