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  1. He's on more than just that song. https://pitchfork.com/news/taylor-swift-releases-new-album-the-tortured-poets-department-listen-and-read-the-full-credits/
  2. Just a perfect song. Hard not to listen to it several times in a row.
  3. I think we all need to hear the original, uncut drone from Less Thank You Think.
  4. chisoxjtrain


    By my count, Wilco has released 184 songs from studio albums, including Mermaid Avenue 1 and 2. That is a lot of lyrics/chords/arrangements to remember. I seem to remember listening to a podcast with Mikael around the time of Ode to Joy saying they are picking and practicing set lists based on how they want to present a show and the amount of gear they'd have to bring on tour. I'm just glad Wilco is still going strong. They can play practically the same set every night I see them and I'd be happy.
  5. Weirdly comforting to hear a Beatles song in 2023.
  6. Recommendation for any baseball fans (even non-baseball fans like my wife) who visit Kansas City: The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is a MUST see. So much history there. I was lucky enough to trail a tour given by the president of the museum to White Sox coaches a few years ago and it was incredible. A really cool music connection is that Geddy Lee bought and donated over 400 baseballs signed by Negro League players to the museum.
  7. “ Hi Ohmmies, We wanted to let you all know about a little change coming in the future-- we are still a band, still touring, still love each other, and are having a smashing time working on a new record-- but we are changing our band name. There is a long story but the short one is that we had to and we see it as part of our life as a band to evolve every couple of years-- kind of like a Pokémon. We're going to announce our new band name next week but we wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for your incredible and continued support these past 8 years. We love being Ohmm
  8. FYI (to everyone, not trying to sound like a douchebag) they are called Finom now.
  9. Not available as of 12:01.That was fast.
  10. Pretty glowing review here (no rating): https://www.spin.com/2023/09/wilco-cousin-feature/
  11. I pre-ordered from WilcoWorld. I got a notification email that it had shipped with a USPS tracking number. I also have the Shop app attached to my email which tracks all my orders.
  12. My vinyl copy is supposed to show up today! Anyone else?
  13. That doesn't matter to a majority of the people on the right. Same man, same. I don't think Kamala Harris is a very strong candidate either.
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