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  1. if anyone has bothered to do lossless rips of either the demos single or the cover, please get in touch! i think i have every other Wilco rarity (and every official show) to trade. i'm just not able to do vinyl rips and there is no download code for these. thanks!
  2. anyone gotten the single(s) and done quality (lossless) rips?
  3. anyone done a rip of the single yet?
  4. i for one don't like when albums are remixed. i feel like they are futzing with the historical document. i'm thinking of The Beatles expanded editions, All Things Must Pass, The Band, etc. the way i see it, if they are going to do it, okay, fine, but at least make the original album (remastered) a part of the box. don't just release the remix and tons of bonus material in a box. obviously, they won't remix it. even if it were possible, they haven't remixed the past three reissues and i don't really care if they remaster it. as far as if the bonus material is new to
  5. a live disc would always be excellent, but i have all of the deluxe editions, the front of house and roadcase shows....and that's something like 120+ live shows? i'm sure it will be like the Summerteeth, where there is a disc of outtakes/demos and a live show. i remember people raving over the demos that leaked around that time, but i haven't listened to them in 15+ years outside of "Venus Stopped The Train."
  6. i've never really heard of an album that can't be remastered, but they wouldn't necessarily have to remaster it for a deluxe reissue. i know they remastered Summerteeth, etc., but as the album reissues get later, i don't even know why they would necessarily need to remaster them
  7. I was in the shower and "Venus Stop/Stopped The Train" popped into my head randomly. Been waiting almost 20 years for an official release of that track. I just realized that this could be out this year. Summerteeth deluxe (though delayed a year) was announced in early September and released in November. Could we be approaching an announcement? Has anyone heard anything?
  8. Hi all - just sorting through some files that I lost partially in a hard drive crash some time ago. At some point, years ago, Wilco offered a free download of this show (and also the April 3 show). I realized I actually have the April 3 show because it was eventually released as a Front Of House show. Can anyone please provide a link to either the first track (I think the only one I'm missing) or ideally the show show (since it was free). If you can be convinced to dig it out, I can trade any officially released show in lossless (I think that I have them all).
  9. ‘Songs From Quarantine’, features Jeff's song "Even I Can See (demo)" and is available on Bandcamp until Friday, February 19. Proceeds benefit Music Health Alliance. was only up on Bandcamp for a week or two.
  10. Did anyone grab this set? I had been refreshing Bandcamp hoping for the page to reappear, thinking it was an error only to find out that it was only available there on Bandcamp for a limited amount of time...
  11. so, despite ordering the vinyl and CD box sets, my vinyl set e-mail came with an mp3 download of the show with the CD. after going back and forth with Kungfu, they said that was the intention (to match the digital release). anyway, i can't rip vinyl and was wondering if anyone had done a lossless needledrop of the show from the box set? unfortunately, there is no download coupon the box.
  12. yeah, but that one is part of the Roadcase show too, right? -justin
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