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  1. Was at Dublin and Cork and loved the gigs. A few thoughts: -probably the best they’ve sounded, and that’s saying a lot. -weirdly I wasn’t mad about Nels solo in Impossible Germany in Dublin. Loved what he did in Cork. Just shows he never does the same thing twice. -poor Jeff and his hip, looks painful. - the fact they sold out 3 decent sized venues in Ireland says a lot. Hopefully they come back soon. -we said hello to Eric (tour manager) outside the Cork venue. He looked away and said nothing to us. I’d say he thought we were going to ask for a favour like getting somethin
  2. Weird they're listed as Sub Pop and not dBpm? https://open.spotify.com/album/20d5m4EhOkMvp0xQgS7RiZ?si=Di9_YyJPSfWtOQ1JYOg1Bg&nd=1 UPDATED > More info on Bandcamp - https://jefftweedy.bandcamp.com/album/cmon-america?from=fanpub_fnb “C’mon America” is the A-side to Jeff Tweedy’s single, and is from an unreleased group of songs with mostly sci-fi lyrics. Meanwhile “UR-60 Unsent,” the B-side, is a pitiful tale of an unsent lovesick mixtape, taken from a separate batch of unreleased songs with mostly pitiful lyrics.
  3. Anyone heard any indication on an Irish date? They seem to be hitting Europe in summer for a few festivals at least, at least one is in the UK.
  4. Got 1 this morning in Tower Records Dublin. Guy working there said they had about 8 or 10 and nobody else in Ireland did. He also said there was some sort of mess up so no UK stores got it? Is that true? Either way he said we were lucky. Had a good few listens today and love it.Family Ghost is obviously great. Its different to Warm I think. Definitely in a similar vein but a little more low key maybe. Evergreen, Sick Server are two great ones that jump out. Also there are some very raw lyrics about his past and parents. In particular Orphan, seema to be about how Jeff is an orphan now hi
  5. http://entertainment.ie/music/news/Wilcos-Jeff-Tweedy-announces-solo-gig-at-Dublins-Vicar-Street/396982.htm
  6. First year of this festival and a scorcher of a day. Wilco got about 1hr 30mins, maybe a little more. Jeff said some nice things about Porto, not tons of chat though. All seemed in good spirits, Jeffs really rockin the fuzzy Neil Young look with the long hair and hat. Things like Spiders arrangement were so great! Once again just always impressed with how tight the band are. Bit if a chatty crowd but seems to e a trademark of the festival. We foud the same down the front for Rufus Wainwright, Yo La Tengo and The Walkmen. Why push down the front to chat? Jesus etc seemed to get added on a
  7. Ha! I wish. I won't even get to FF and I live about 100mtrs from IMMA in Kilmainham. I do work in Irish media though, in TV and film stuff, not newspapers or blogs. Yeah I'm still seething from the 1hr set at electric picnic a few yrs ago- that sucked. I will see them in Porto though!
  8. I really liked this. Are you Irish? If so I presume you know what the Ticket is and that it's aimed at the general public. The article is also aimed at shifting tickets for the festival. This ain't an interview in Mojo or Uncut. It's read by a certain sorta person who buys the Times and on a Friday they get this free supplement. It needs to cater to the masses and unfortunately the masses probably don't know who Jeff Tweedy is. So unless The Weekend magazine do an in depth piece, this is the best you'll get. If you're looking for a bad article try the one in Hot Press this fortnight th
  9. I think the Belfast statement is meant about an actual gig as opposed to the festival they did.
  10. entertainment.ie did a Nels interview - http://entertainment.ie/Music/feature/Wilco-::-An-interview-with-Nels-Cline---Part-1/1/2731.htm
  11. http://entertainment.ie/Music/feature/Wilco-::-An-interview-with-Nels-Cline---Part-1/1/2731.htm
  12. a few years ago at Electric Picnic they just had an hour - so an hour and fifteen is an improvement! Plus I think the festival is getting choked by their 10.45 curfew which they didn't go over last year. It should also be pointed out - since somebody mentioned getting from 1 stage to another - that this place is tiny so there's about 30secs to get from stage to stage.
  13. Stage times announced! Wilco 9.30 to 10.45 - kinda short! I'd def recommend anybody heading along to go in time to catch Field Music - great band!
  14. for Wilco or the festival in general? For Wilco i'd say 9 or a little earlier, the curfew is 11 and last yr they kept to it. Since it's a bank holiday there's no reason they wouldn't start early, just depends how many more bands they add. They might pad it out with some irish bands.
  15. Not much info but..... http://www.recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/5432
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