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  1. Much obliged to you both. Appreciate the info. Oh, definitely not a completist here. Happy at 95% for Wilco!
  2. 18 years later, are those live versions of 'Someone Else's Song' and 'Kingpin' available anywhere else besides this EP? They aren't on AMF and the only other release I've seen them on is a reference CD-R version of this EP with the title Promisin'.
  3. Joined up just to ask this since I can't find the info anywhere online - where were the three live tracks from the Ghost Is Born bonus EP (At Least That's What You Said, The Late Greats, Handshake Drugs) actually recorded? I can't find any reference to their origin. It may be in the Alpha Mike Foxtrot booklet, but I have the vinyl version without the live songs, so it's not in there. And as a bonus question, are the live versions of Spiders and I'm A Wheel from the same show?
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