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  1. Sorry to massively bump this thread, but I was a photo contest winner and I have patiently waited for my prize but nothing has arrived in the mail. Is anyone else still waiting or am I a hiccup in the system? (And who's the grand winner, anyways?)
  2. Man! How had I never seen that!?! Awesome. Long live Napoleon.
  3. I'm partial myself to the part where Jeff is doing ab exercises (or something?) on the floor in the background with his legs in air while Billy Bragg is being all serious in the foreground. I always think of that scene when I hear: I'm working on my abs/I'm working on me
  4. Crumbling ladder tears don't fall, they shine down your shoulders. and You are not my typewriter but you could be my demon (Edit: my favorite Wilco lyrics moment was when I was singing along to Passenger Side at a stop light with the windows down, while the bicyclist next to me gave me very frightened glances.)
  5. I know I posted last night, but I totally just woke up from a sweet dream where Glenn and Jeff thanked me for coming to the show and well... it was a sweet dream. (It might have been my third Wilco dream this week... not that they've been on my mind or anything) I was also right-side-ish. Right in front of Pat in the front row. My ears are fine today though. I decided long ago that if I died with all my hearing I'd really feel like I missed out on life.
  6. Passenger side was at the end of the setlist, but they didn't play it. It was one of the ones I was really hopign for, too! And they skipped it last September at Stubb's too. But Airline, Forget the Flowers, and California Stars were all great. Great show. (But we need more AM!)
  7. By the way-- I am the photo contest winner who is wrapped in foil in front of the colliseum with the "Come With Me" sign. I'm the nicest chrome devil you'll ever meet, so if you recognize me come say hi
  8. Nope. I'm 20, I know a girl who's going who's 19 (or maybe still 18?). Anyways. You won't be the youngest. (I'm way too excited).
  9. I'm scared shitless of driving on I-35, so we'll see what my mental and emotional state is once I arrive in San Antonio.
  10. I'm planning on leaving Austin about 3:30. It's usually less than an hour and a half drive, but I'm scared of Friday traffic. :X (And Hoodoo Voodoo is terrific live!) I'm Exciiiited!!!! (but can't tell you guys what I'll be wearing yet--that's two days away!)
  11. What do you guys think the likelihood of Hoodoo Voodoo is, given that it's Friday the 13th?
  12. I'm driving in from Austin, have no idea where this place is or the best way to get there. Any one from San Antonio want to help me out, or is a simple map all I will need? Parking secrets? Maybe? I'm driving in with my friend who just moved here from Ohio, so he's even more helpless than I am. And even if you've got no insider tips for me, is anyone from VC going besides me and whatdisay and his wife? Hmmmmmm?
  13. Whatever, lame. Some guy paid me to take his red vinyl AM.
  14. What about coming to Texas? Tweedy routinely forgets us lonely southerners on his solo tours (and even left Austin out of this Wilco tour!)
  15. An article this week in the Austin Chronicle reads: The "Miracle Man," Elvis Costello, prefers a vanilla ice cream bar dipped in rich, dark chocolate with almonds. Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie has a sweet tooth for Bomb Pops, while Wilco songsmith Jeff Tweedy goes for shark-shaped Great White Lemon Ice Popsicles. Jim James's craving for fudge bars links back to My Morning Jacket's Chocolate and Ice EP. Kanye West, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, and the Dears all favor organic flavors of Julie's renowned ice cream bars. That's the only mention of Jeff, but it's a fun one, and you can fi
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