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  1. seconded. you are the same guy that likes the silver jews a lot, and that makes sense to me.
  2. i thought this was gonna be a Guitar Hero thread. anyone played that?
  3. in 27 years, I drunk 50 thousand beers and they just wash against me like the see into the pier has anyone else read his book of poetry?
  4. If we can see the progress of Wilco's albums, then I think we can see where this album is coming from- a very soulful, almost primitive response to the previous albums- the ones that were shrouded in puzzling complexity, where themes seemed hidden under cryptic messages and experimental sounds- but this album takes a much more straight forward approach to grasp at something that is so simple, he has to speak so straight foward to let you understand his emotional honesty. If I remember correctly, when Jeff was being interviewed after AGIB about what to expect next, he said he was sick of
  5. JesusEtc

    Sky Blue Sky

  6. If I remember correctly, I think Jeff said that he didn't think he was ever going back to digital, and that he was sticking to tape from now on, since he is all natch. Also I read somewhere (can't remember where), that right before they stopped mass producing analog tape, Jeff bought a bunch of it, for future use, because he had heard it wasn't going to be mass produced anymore.
  7. I'd like it to be known my post was from October, times have changed, and at this moment I dont have any.
  8. you can tell it was staged, because when Borat bags her somewhere in her struggle her shoe(s) fall off, and then when she is running outside she has her shoes back on, so they obviously did a take or two.
  9. The Mission is the best place as far as stuff to do thats not so touristy. Visit the Pirate Shop. I saw Dave Eggers there a few times. And go hang out at Dolores Park at 18th and Dolores, it is one of the best parks with a great view of the city. I highly suggest Taqueria Cancun at 19th and Mission. Or Naan n Curry at Haight and Filmore (i think) I would also suggest Golden Gate Park, its an incredible park with lots of hippies and bums hanging out, especially on Saturday afternoon when they bring their tribal drums out and go crazy. And when I lived on Haight this summer, it didnt
  10. Silver Jews Akron/Family Animal Collective M. Ward Neko Case Songs: Ohia Spoon
  11. david berman and i are on the same page. this book is FILLED with great lines, and new perspectives. its the catchiest poetry ive ever read. anyone that loves silver jews has to check this out.
  12. i like it when he starts threads. they're hilarious.
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