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  1. I just called and they said they were gonna process the phone orders (which I placed while the site was down) and also bought a pair online...I've yet to receive email confirmation about either order.
  2. Cool. I know Bridgeport is a dump but this venue is pretty neat and to see a lineup like this in my home state at a minor league park AND with General Admission is an absolute no-brainer. Pumped!!
  3. I just successfully ordered them over the phone. 203-345-4800. If you don't know the code word, it's "tenacious."
  4. I've been trying for 90 minutes and it still won't let me "check out." Each time I try, it (eventually) goes to the "problem loading page/Connection has timed out" page. Ugh!
  5. Thanks...lowercase does the trick. The site is very overwhelmed right now so I'm still waiting but it looks like I will be all set.
  6. Speaking of Bridgeport, I'm trying right now to buy them during the presale but it says I need an access code to get in; not the "TENACIOUS" one used to get into the ticketmaster presale either. Not sure what's going on. Anyone? http://www.bridgeportbluefish.com/event/details/150
  7. Are they really only gonna do 20 songs? And 8 of them are going to be off the new album?? Not meaning to bitch here but they've done 30+ songs almost every time I've seen them. Hopefully the sound quality is good. I've noticed by looking at the setlists from the past week or so and am shocked that they're not doing Jesus, etc. and California Stars every night lol. Maybe they'll do Kamera, Via Chicago or Spiders...that would make me happy. Driving 2+ hours from Connecticut; mostly hoping for minimal rain and a "solid sound" in spite of half their setlist being new songs...I'm a Wilco loyalist a
  8. Tarrytown is my sisters' hometown and I was shutout! That sucked! Hopefully he will announce some more tourdates.
  9. Sorry to hear about the death in your family.
  10. "Magazine," "Sunken Treasure" and "Box Full of Letters" were all solid!
  11. What an incredible show! I didn't write down the setlist but I'm sure someone will post it soon. Many highlights for me: Acoustic "Spiders," "Forget the Flowers," "Poor Places," "ITMWLY," "Via Chicago" and "Hate it Here." They didn't do "Not for the Season" which was a bummer, but that was the only disappointment for me. That was easily the best I have ever seen them play live and the first time I've seen them in my home state of CT.
  12. "Cars Can't Escape?" Seriously, Wilco?? My favorite Wilco song and you couldn't have waited until Hartford tonight to play it??
  13. The way I've done it in the past is to make a nice chronological disc, using my favs off each record. Then maybe burn the entire KT since its sound quality is good and the band is really on fire during this run. I stress turning people on to the live stuff since that's really what Wilco is all about.
  14. Not everyone has such great musical taste, like we do...that's a good thing. "Wilco Superfans" are so lame! There is surely no shortage of sarcasm amongst the indie rock geeks.
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