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  1. He may not have done much on his own in a while, but he's doing just fine as a member of Blue Rodeo: http://www.bluerodeo.com/
  2. In all the shows I've seen at Massey, including the last 3 Wilco shows, I don't ever recall that being the case. FYI. It does, thanks!
  3. Anyone take a look at the merch table? Were they selling the new album? Any nice posters or new t-shirts? I'm trying to decide how much cash to bring on Saturday.
  4. The order confirmation said to expect them about a month before the show, so I would suspect they'll show up soon.
  5. Hyperbole much? If you think that's true, you: 1) haven't listened to much by the Dead 2) are completely unaware of the entire genre of Jam Bands Either way, run along now.
  6. My God, is it really? I'll have to watch it again. In my defense, I lost a bunch of CDs in a break-in about 5 years back, and I never got around to re-buying AM.
  7. Not sure who it is, but it's definitely not Dulli.
  8. Damn. I knew that polka-dot shirt looked familiar!
  9. So RollingStone.com is doing their occasional bit where they tease out images of the next cover and ask people to guess who it might be. Today's clip has me thinking perhaps it's the band? Here's both: http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2009/08/18/guess-the-next-cover-of-rolling-stone-the-second-hint/ http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2009/08/17/guess-the-next-cover-of-rolling-stone-the-first-hint Maybe?
  10. Word is a second show will be added on October 15.
  11. I was lucky too, and got Row E, but, I'm not at all surprised that it sold out that quickly. This is the first Wilco presale I've participated in, but I work for a company the operates websites for a vast list of bands and musicians, and our presales often sell out pretty much instantly. You have to keep in mind that hundreds of people were likely attempting to get tickets at the same time, and that bands usually get 10% or less of the house to sell. Chin up though, there's still Ticketmaster on Friday. I'm sure you'll get good seats.
  12. Did you really just include albums by the Decemberists and Fugazi in a list with Dylan, Miles and the Beatles? I'm a fan of both, but WOW.
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