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  1. There were two copies left on Friday when I went to Grimey's in Nashville. They were 69$. I didn't buy one because I don't love KT and it was a steep price. But now I'm thinking I should have bought them both and sold one for double on ebay and essentially get one for free.
  2. Hey im gonna be in st. louis for a week. what is there to see about wilco? ive yet to read the book...
  3. I bet WTA wouldn't be so low on people's list if it were marketed better as an album. By that i mean, having a more serious album name, better artwork and lack of the title track. There are great songs on there and it flows well together, but it's packaged more like a b-sides project and subconsiously fans are processing it that way. Marketing roots run deeper than you think.
  4. i second the notion that "impossible" is a beautiful song. easily my favorite wilco song with a dozen others tied for second
  5. this got me thinking. i know that wilco is not a band to support a greatest hits... but do you think there will ever be any sort of retrospective album, or "The Nonesuch Years" mix or any sort of rarities album released?
  6. i also actually thought of that moment, considering i saw that episode just a few days ago... so funny
  7. mind was blown. face was melted. highlights of the night: "poor places" "impossible germany" "reservations" "california stars" "box full of letters" "late greats" "hate it here"
  8. There is a olympics concert scheduled for 11pm on much music tonight. Much music is Canadas version of MTV. They are doing coverage of the entertainment elements of the games. I'm hopedfull it will be wilco tonight.
  9. these are great shows. im really digging the ball park one. i gave a tenner to oxfam for these...
  10. I previously owned wta, sbs and Yhf on vinyl. So... If anyone cares I got agib, summer, am and being there allmon vinyl for Xmas. Off amazon from my wife. Great gifts. Great inyls. I too love the single disc being there cd u get.
  11. Here is some artwork for these downloads;
  12. This Is the craziest thing ever. I have actually done this. And "country disappeared" was phenom at fast speed. I totally agree. It gives new light to the melodies
  13. not the case in hamilton. the front row is aa and it goes back to hh, then A starts as per seating chart
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