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  1. I have thought about this a lot many a time. When most of us were teens, we had just enough money to buy a record or two per month. We truly invested in our few records because our hard earned money was not plentiful. We gave music time and hours. Now with digital formats like spotify etc, we don't have to truly invest in anything. We rarely have to sit with a record unless it immediately slays us, which things don't tend to do as much when you are not 16. Also with the interwebs and loss of big money record companies pushing artists, it has become in many respects a nameless/faceless
  2. I agree Holland, Carl & Passions are very cool. I like one or two songs on Love You and 15 Big Ones. Love all phases of Beach Boys but Brothers Records Years are really interesting and cool
  3. The 80's: ???? I swore both Ragged Glory and Harvest Moon were in the late 80's, oh well. Fuck, I liked two songs a lot on Hawks and Doves (of course they were leftovers from aborted 70's albums. Alright 90's: Good decade, Harvest Moon, Ragged Glory, but I LOVE Sleeps With Angels. Broken Arrow is ok and Mirror Ball is not okay. I like Silver & Gold. Harvest Moon is essential probably. 2000's: Oh here we go down the stupidity rabbit hole. Prairie Wind is not as good as it should be. What else is out there? I didn't think Greendale was very good. Terrible decade. 2010's:
  4. This seems very applicable to me as a 38 year old who tries to write songs now and then, especially the embracing cliches as reality part. As far as Neil, he is in my top 5 also, but in all fairness, i feel he has been good for one essential album per decade since the end of the 70's. Maybe 1 1/2. I loved Psychadelic Pil, but mostly he just annoys me these days. And let's not get started on the cost of his vinyl. Oh well.
  5. That one new song titled "Do You" is freaking amazing!!! I loved Transference, really loved it. I think I like them more with each new album, they started out a little cold and distant for me but right around Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga they hooked me.
  6. received my gimmie something good 7 inch today!!! The A side as you all have heard is a strong song, not amazing but very strong. The B side after a few listens is musically good but a little forced lyrically which is something that I personally have only started hearing from Mr. Adams on his last two releases. He always seems so natural in everything he does. Anyway, musically these two songs are more rocking than Ashes and Fire but not in a Rock n Roll or III/IV way, more like a late 70s early 80's classic rock way. Tom Petty etc. Overall cool release and nice to have him back after a
  7. I just feel the CRB is where it is at. I think for a rocker past his prime hippie burnout which is Chris Robinson, he has found a beautiful trip here with this project. To my ears Big Moon Ritual is the best of the three CRB releases, but they all are worthy, cool vibe, beautiful artwork, hippie/biker appearance. I will say something in all honesty…….I never gave hippie jams or grateful dead type stuff much focus until the CRB and now this is where i'm at. Maybe I'm getting older or something.
  8. you can't really put the beach boys on a list like this……………………………now that I've got that off my chest U2 Springsteen REM I like REM the most out of those three, but there is something about pompousness that comes to mind with these bands.
  9. Because beachwood sparks is freaking amazing!!!!
  10. haven't heard it, waiting on my vinyl, but crb channeled through beachwood sparks? you may have just inadvertently sold me on it.
  11. Cool read, he always comes off as a class act, especially in terms of handling tweedy/farrar personalities. Cool read, he always comes off as a class act, especially in terms of handling tweedy/farrar personalities.
  12. At this point the song hang on from thirteen is blowing my mind, the riff that was either copped from trex or nirvana, the way the melody falls in after the heavy intro, the lyrics, "of all the stars that I've seen you are the sun". Wowee zowee
  13. I just wanted to say that somehow despite believing I was the expert on early nineties alt rock , I somehow missed the boat on teenage fanclub. Last week I downloaded bandwagonesque after hearing the concept, and I can't believe it. They are like a Scottish lemonheads or Dino jr or modern big star or byrds or man every song is perfect I'm going nuts about this band!!!
  14. 95 percent of people I know, even some music listening buddies, have no sense of the black Crowes beyond Shake your money maker and most are dismissive. If you look at their first four records , especially during the time period when they came out, man what a freaking kick ass band
  15. why o why does no one ever give love to Blessing And A Curse? It always is a head scratcher when the album the started it for you is no one elses favorite. Oh well. All I can say that Space City and A World of Hurt art true tear jerkers. IMHO Patterson Hood is a one dimensional writer and the loss of Isbell killed that band. Cooley's latest seem to be lacking also.
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